Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Hang On Huaxia Server

The World War continued in the Pacific Ocean.

The 1,000,000 Huaxia players were trapped by the opposing players from the five servers.

The players on the outermost layers kept on dying.

As there were enemies all around them, the players from the Huaxia server could not react quickly enough to them.

When Ling Feiyu saw that the players kept on dying, she frowned and quickly said to them, "Those that have died, put your name into the chat. Teams, ready to pull them back into the party!"


In the next moment, among the group of players, thousands of portals opened up and all the players that died had all been pulled back into the battlefield.

The reason she did that was to stop them from losing too many members.

Then, when Ling Feiyu saw that a group of players was riding toward her, she quickly used the Shifter Hierophants unique skill, Command, and yelled, "Shifters from all directions, heed my call!"

In the next moment, all the flying steeds that were carrying the players toward her suddenly roared out and threw their masters down to the ground.

Not only that, even the steeds of many players on the battleground all turned coat and attacked their own masters.

Ling Feiyu had already reached level 93, and her Shifter Hierophant skill had become even stronger. Her Command skill could cover a range of about 500 meters.

All the monsters within 500 meters would have to obey her command.

The happenstance caused some of the players formation to fall into disarray.

"Attack!" Xue Yingqi called out and led a group of players, and began to kill the players.

While they knew killing a dozen thousands of players could not change anything, at least they could slow down their losses.

"Ready the energy cannons!" Ling Feiyu called out.

In the next instance, three energy cannons carried by three gryphons appeared in the middle of the air. A group of players appeared and kept on pouring magical energies into the energy cannon, and used them to blast the players from the five servers.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three giant energy balls blasted into the formation of the American players and exploded. The area of effect of each explosion was 500 meters, and their damage had reached 3,000,000.

All the players that had fewer HP than 3,000,000 were all blasted into ash in an instance and disappeared into white light.

Three energy blasts from the energy cannons had cleared up three areas, a testament to their raw power.

"Continue firing!" Ling Feiyu called out again, and in the next moment, it once again shot at the American Players.

When Johns saw that Ling Feiyu was using the energy cannons to cause such a high number of casualties on his side, he frowned. But before long, he snickered.

"Energy Cannons!"

As soon as he had finished saying that, some giant steeds began to fly up into the air, and each of them had an Energy Cannon on them.

There were about thirty of them if one were to count.

"Impossible! How could they have so many Honor Points?!" When Ling Feiyu and the players from the Huaxia Server saw that, they began to despair.

Thirty Energy Cannons were devastating. When one energy canon could kill off about a thousand players, if all thirty energy cannons were to be fired at the same time, the first volley could easily wipe out 30,000 players, or even more! Adding that to the pincer attack by the five Servers, it would not take long for the entire Huaxia Server to be wiped out!


The thirty Energy Cannons began firing at the Huaxia Server, and wherever they were fired at, a large group of players died.

When Xue Haifeng saw what happened, he was furious.

"Those who invade China will be slain no matter how far they are!" He roared out, then used his Bagua to quickly intercept an energy bolt.

The moment he came in front of the energy bolt, he opened his hands and embraced it.


The energy ball exploded in his embrace and blasted him off. Luckily, he had more than 3,000,000 HP so he did not die because of that, but he was still severely injured. If it were not because he had taken a Coming of Spring Pill, he would have died from the bleeding by just lying there.

"Come on, brothers! Give the energy balls a hug! Its worth it even if we die when we can save thousands!" Xue Haifeng yelled to the other elites and then flew toward another energy ball coming toward them.

Qiu Si ate a pill that would make him invulnerable, stepped on the Divine Dragon Sword, and began to hug the energy balls just like Xue Haifeng.

"Haha, hugging a cannonball? Ive never tried it, so this is going to be great!" Ye Wufeng laughed and used his immense speed to hug an incoming energy ball.

Other than the male players, the female players also did the same bravely.

Mu Xi, Xue Yingqi, Canaan, Su Xingyu, Miaoer all went forward to block the energy balls.

Some of the players on flying steeds also actively rushed toward the energy balls, blocking them with their bodies.

The energy balls would explode the moment that they touched anything. When they exploded in the middle of the crowd, it would cause devastating damage. That was why Xue Haifeng thought of such a way to exchange for a chance for the others to live.

Idol, come out soon! We wont be able to stop them much longer! Xiao Yatou kept on playing the melody on the Fuxi Zither despite seeing what was happening. Her eyes were wet from seeing all the slaughter below her, and the elites sacrificing themselves by blocking the energy balls above her.


"Haha Look at those fools! Using their bodies to block the energy balls! How did they even come up with such a thing? Continue with the bombardment!" When Kitazawa Hinata saw what was happening, he felt excited. His grudge against the Shifter Emperor was slightly resolved when he saw the Huaxia server being slaughtered.

"Brothers, lets use this chance to attack the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor! If we can take down the Chinese flag and conquer the Ancient City, that would be even better!"

Park Eum-uk looked at the Ancient City greedily. Ignoring the resisting Huaxia Server players, he led a large group of players toward the Ancient City.

When Johns saw what was happening, he quickly led a group of players to follow suit. Kitazawa Hinata did the same.

"No!" When Ling Feiyu saw what was happening, she immediately used the Town Portal skill.

"You want to control the Ancient City? I wont let you!" But what she did not expect was that several assassins had appeared next to her, drawing her aggro and surrounded her, stopping her from returning to the Ancient City to organize her defenses.

"Die!" Ling Feiyu roared out angrily as the feathered fan became a feathered sword, and she attacked the assassins.


When the nearby Huaxia players saw Xue Haifeng and the elites blocking the energy balls using their bodies, and the many players that were doing their best blocking the armies of the five servers, all they could do was to grit their teeth and clench their fists.

They wanted to join the battle too, to help the players from the Huaxia server, but the World War had already limited the number that could join the World War, so, they could not join the war.

"Dont give up, everyone!! Dont give up!"

"Damn you, Kitazawa Hinata! Youre scoundrels! If it werent because the Shifter Emperor has been imprisoned, do you think youd have such an easy time?"

"Haifeng is so manly Hes the first one to block the bomb. Im so sad when I see him being blown up! Im becoming his fan!"


Other than the spectators that were watching from in-game, many of those who were watching in front of a television screen was similarly angered to the point where they were visibly shaken. And those included a group of old people.

"Damn it! Damn it! This is obviously bullying!"

"Players from the Huaxia Server, good job! Haifeng, good job! You have honored us! Everyone, just do your best! You did your best!"

"Shifter Emperor, where are you? What the hell are you doing? How are you imprisoned so easily? Come out, now! The Huaxia Server needs you to kill all of them!"


Regardless of whether they were those who had joined or not joined the battle, all of them had red eyes. Some of the female players and viewers began to cry when they looked at Xue Haifeng and the others blocking the energy balls like moths to flames.

"Dont give up! Huaxia server, hang on!"