Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 317

Chapter 317 We Can Lose The City But Not The Flag

Johns and Kitazawa made their way toward the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. They were astonished to see the Ancient City and the eight Golden Crow phantoms pulling it.

"I did not expect the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor to be larger than some main cities, and even more extravagant! How much can we earn after selling this?!" Davies said in amazement once he entered the Ancient City and looked at its size.

"Haha! Regardless of how extravagant it is, the city would be ours once the World War ends. This would become one of our American Cities!" Johns laughed out with pride.

All the elite players from the five servers were extremely excited once they entered the Ancient City.

All of them had been killed by Jiang Feng at least a few times. They felt that they had their vengeance the moment they entered the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

"Attack! Kill all the NPCs and remove the flag!" Johns ordered.

Next, a group of players all headed into the Ancient City, and were prepared to kill the NPCs.

Kawaguchi Shinki rode on his steed, flew to the flag and cut the flagpole using the blade in his hand, then laughed excitedly as he threw the flag far away.

Ding. World Announcement: Warning! Warning! All five of Huaxia Servers Sacred Beasts have died and will disappear permanently. As the five Sacred Beasts had fused with the Bloods of Origin from the other servers Sacred Beasts, a new Sacred Beast has been born in Huaxia Server. All Huaxia Servers System Citys level +1. Capital of players cities +20%. All players stats +10%.

The moment Kawaguchi Shinki threw the flag out of the Ancient City, fifteen world announcements were made and could be heard throughout the entire Divine Dominion.

Johns and his group were pretty excited, but they were immediately stunned where they stood, and they looked angered.

Johns, whose power had been reduced by half, roared out angrily, "What the hell happened? Wasnt Yero looking after the Shifter Emperor? Why did he let him fuse the Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin?"

Most of them did not say anything at all.

The American Server had lost all their Sacred Beasts, and their powers were reduced the most. He was so angry that he almost went mental.

They did not know that Jang Feng was fusing the Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin as Jiang Feng fused them all together when he was in the Lianyao flask.

That was why they did not stop him.

In truth, even if they wanted to stop him, there was nothing they could do. They would only be committing suicide by entering the Anti-Magic Prison.

"No, we also fused our own Sacred Beasts. But according to the progress bar, they need at least eight to nine days to complete. It hasnt even been a week yet, the new Sacred Beast wouldnt have been born so early!" Adam said with a frown.

The five servers had fused the remaining Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin, and they would only be born in eight days. They had calculated this. But what they did not understand was why it would take less time for Jiang Feng to fuse together so many Bloods of Origin compared to theirs, which had fewer.

They could not believe it.

In truth, they did not know that regardless of the number of Bloods of Origin, it would take eight days.

The reason that Hundun could be born so early was thanks to Heifeng breaking the blood cocoon which allowed Hundun to communicate with Jiang Feng. It then used all the blood that it drank to increase the speed of its birth.

"Dont worry, even if he has fused the Sacred Beast, he should still be sealed within the Anti-Magic Prison. We should quickly finish this battle and take control of the Ancient City. Then, we would still be the victor!" Kitazawa Hinata said to everyone else.

"True, well have our players focus on DPS, and quickly finish the World War!"


Kitazawa Hinatas plan made everyone hopeful again and Johns also looked much better than before, and he began to command the players from the other five servers.

"Everyone, listen up! We know that the Shifter Emperor would fuse the Sacred Beasts, but he is still sealed within the Anti-Magic Prison. You need to focus on speed and kill those that are pulling players into the parties. James J, you lead a group of players and destroy the Respawn points on the Ancient City. As long as we could win the World War, victory would still be ours!"

His words managed to bring up the morale of the players of the five servers, just in time to fight against the players from the Huaxia server who were similarly inspired.

Many of the elites went toward the groups that were focusing on pulling players back.

As soon as the group was eliminated, players that were killed would take some time to rejoin the battle at the Ancient City.

Once James J and his group destroyed the Spawning point at the Ancient City, the players could only choose to revive in the closest Respawn Points.

And the closest Respawn Point would be at Canaan City, but it would take time to get back here from Canaan City. They would not make it back so soon.

Without teams pulling players back into the party, without the respawn points, their numbers would continuously decrease, and there would be nothing they could do.

James J led around 50,000 players toward the Respawn Point and attacked the players that had just respawned at the Respawn Point.


At James Js order, many of the players attacks all crashed toward the players that had just revived. Some of these players included Xue Haifeng and a few other Huaxia server elites that were waiting to be respawned.


The moment that the attacks would almost crash into the respawning players and the Respawn Point, a giant red flag with five shining stars flew over, and the flagpole became a steel pole and planted itself in front of the Respawn Point.


A cold voice came from the heavens, and the flagpole instantly enlarged and blocked all incoming skills and attacks.

"That is"

When James J saw the growing steel pole and the flag that kept on rising, he was stunned before realizing something. His face turned white and he looked toward the person on top of the flag.

He saw a silver-haired red-eyed man in white clothing standing on top of the flagpole. Next to him was a demon with black wings and a horn.

"Shifter Shifter Emperor! Impossible! Werent you imprisoned in the Anti-Magic Prison?!" James J could not even speak in a proper sentence when he saw the man on the flag.

That man was Jiang Feng, who rushed his way here.

Jiang Feng was already at the teleporting circle in the Shifter Emperors Palace when Kawaguchi Shinki threw away the flag.

He could bear losing the city, but not the flag!

Seeing that the flag was falling from the Ancient City, he chased after it as soon as he could. Once he had the flag, only then did he return to the Ancient City, and he was going to clear up all the players that were ready to invade the Ancient City.

He looked down at James J and Johns who were attacking the NPCs in the Ancient City, he took out the Lianyao Flask and let Xiao Longnu and all his followers out.

"Go and help Feiyu, leave this place to me!" Jiang Feng said to his followers calmly.

"Ahaha, your Uncle Black is back! Tremble, you worms!" Heifeng howled.

Hundun rolled his eyes at Heifeng and slapped him into the raging battle below the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, and said, "Black dog, kill 100,000 enemies and I will forgive you for stepping on me. Otherwise, Ill roast you alive!"

Heifeng, who was thrown off the Ancient City, shuddered and then pounced toward the players from the five servers without a care in the world.