Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 319

Chapter 319 Shifter Emperor Please Begin Your Performance

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After Jiang Feng had left the Anti-Magic Prison he immediately made his way to the Palace of the Shifter Emperor.

He had not met up with Ling Feiyu, so he did not get the item that would break his seal just yet. Therefore, his seal had yet been broken permanently.

However, when he was on the way, he had already eaten a Seal Breaking Pill. He was still at the peak of his power.

Johns and his group would not be able to defeat him at all.

Not to mention that he had Hundun, who was at Lesser Sacred Master level, to help him.

When Johns saw Jiang Feng attacking him, he raised the longsword in his hand to block in front of him, hoping to block Jiang Fengs attack.

Unfortunately, he had under-estimated the power of Jiang Fengs strike. He was slammed into the ground by Deicide and was instantly dazed.

Jiang Feng then swept at him with Deicide and immediately struck him away, throwing him to the Humans Citys walls.

However, that strike still did not kill Johns.

"Looks like he has a lot of survival items on him!" He mumbled to himself as he rushed forward toward Johns and continued the attack.


As for Hundun, his battle was much easier.

Hundun flew in the sky, and bolts of light were unleashed from this third eye, attacking the group of Inheritors and elites.

Each attack could deal 10,000,000 worth of damage. None of the players could handle that amount of damage and survive.

Some of the players that were going to use their survival items gave up on it. The differences between their powers were too great. Even if they did not die at this second, they would still get killed in the next.

After using survival items two or three times, even Johns had given up.

Their powers were not on the same level. If he kept on doing it, he would only deplete his survival items.

After clearing Johns and his group, Jiang Feng then headed toward the army that Johns had led into the Ancient City.

When the army saw Jiang Feng coming for them, they decided to escape. None of them dared to fight him head-on.

As they fled, Jiang Feng pursued and killed them from behind. As the number of players he killed increased, so did the buff on Deicide.

In a short while, its buff had reached 845%. Meaning that it would boost his attack 8 times and some more. His damage had become even higher.


Ling Feiyu, who was fighting against the assassins, had been paying attention to the Ancient City.

When Heifeng was slapped down by Hundun, and Yanhu, Xiao Longnu, Thunderclap Mantis, and a group of monsters making their way down, her eyes beamed with excitement as her eyes turned red.

"The Shifter Emperor is back! All participants from the Huaxia Server, counter-attack!"

As she finished speaking, the hundreds of thousands of players and NPCs that were in the World War chat room became thrilled. All of them had gone crazy, wanting to counter-attack.

Despite their want of counter-attacking the enemies, they did not have much power to back it up since the Huaxia Server only had around 400,000 players left while there were still around 4,000,000 players from the other Five Nations. The difference was too great.


At this time, all the players from the five servers that had entered the Ancient City all escaped with painful screams coming from behind them.

It was quite impressive to see around 400,000 players rushing out of the Ancient City.

When the players from the Huaxia saw this moment, they all screamed out excitedly

"Haha! The players from the five nations did everything they could to enter the Ancient City, but I didnt expect them to escape with their tails between their legs!"

"Of course! The Ancient City will be invincible with the Shifter Emperors return!"

"Haha! Shifter Emperor, please begin your performance!"



Just as the players were still discussing Jiang Feng, Jiang Feng rushed out of the Ancient City on the Monster Cloud.

After he rushed out, he did not pay any attention to the 400,000 players scurrying away. Instead, he flew directly toward Ling Feiyu.

While he had cleared up Johns and his group of elites, they were never the issue. The issue was the 5,000,000 players that could keep on reviving and rejoin the battle.

If these players keep on killing the players from the Huaxia Server and the numbers of players from their side had been reduced to less than 50,000, the Huaxia Server would still lose.

Even if he were to go and commence the slaughter, he would not be able to kill all 5,000,000 players in a short amount of time. Not to mention that once Johns and his group were revived, they would definitely avoid an encounter with him but they would be more than happy to attack the other players from the Huaxia Server.

In that case, the players from the Huaxia server would decrease even faster!

He looked very attractive and cool as he stood on the Monster Cloud, holding Deicide in one hand, with the flag behind his back as he flew toward Ling Feiyu.

When some of the players that were fighting saw him, and especially the flag behind him, their eyes turned red.


When Jiang Feng left the Ancient City and saw that his beloved was surrounded, he teleported next to Ling Feiyu and swept at the assassins with Deicide, killing all of them instantly.

Jiang Feng brushed aside Ling Feiyus messy hair as he stood in front of her, and said softly, "Thank you, Feiyu!"

"Yes" Ling Feiyu gave him a faint smile, but quickly shook her head and then took out a purple pill for Jiang Feng.

"This is the Unsealing Pill that Ive auctioned at the Nirvana Auction house. It can break the seal on you!"


He nodded, took the Unsealing Pill, and swallowed it.


The moment he ate the Unsealing pill, his Rank 3 Shifter Emperor Bloodline was instantly restored to Rank 16 Spiritual Level. All his stats had returned.

A powerful aura burst out from him to the point where Ling Feiyu was almost unsaddled from her steed.

"Feiyu, go back to the Humans City and release the Humans," Jiang Feng said to Ling Feiyu when his powers were restored. He also told Hundun afterward, "Hundun, protect the humans. Be careful of Shi Long and Black Widows sneak attack!"

Ling Feiyu looked at Hundun that was next to Jiang Feng curiously. Despite her surprise, she did not ask him about it because of her mission.

Next, Ling Feiyu and Hundun returned to the Ancient City and freed the Humans.

Once the Humans had been freed, Ling Feiyu sent Jiang Feng a message.

When Jiang Feng received Ling Feiyus message, he took out the Humans Totem from the Lianyao Flask that was the size of his palm and said, "Go!"

As he waved his hand, the Human Totem flew from the sky toward the middle of the group of Huaxia Servers players.

As it landed, the Human Totem began to grow larger and stopped when it was about 330 meters tall. It then planted itself within the battleground where the Huaxia Servers players were fighting.

He yelled out coldly, "Light of Blessing! Power of Faith!"

His statue in the middle of the Humans City began to emit a holy light. All of the Humans within the city knelt down and prayed to his statue.

At this moment, all the players from the Huaxia Server had their HP instantly fully restored. Other players within a thousand meters of the totem all gained a 10% regeneration bonus to their HP.

"Haha, this is great!"

Some of the players that did not have enough HP laughed out once they had their HP returned to full, and rushed back into the battlefield.

Boom! Boom!

At this moment, thirty cannonballs were fired toward him.

Jiang Feng was slightly surprised but quickly let out a quick smile. Deicide grew, and it blocked all the cannonballs coming his way.

Afterward, he quickly headed toward the thirty Energy Canons and he was going to destroy them all.

While the Energy Canons had little effect on him, they were still very damaging toward the other players. He could not allow them to remain.

The Huaxia Server only had around 300,000 players left. If they were to get blasted a few more times, it would be very dangerous for the Huaxia Server.