Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 320

Chapter 320 : Come If You Dare

Skull Island, close to the World War battlefield.

When Shi Long and the Black Widow saw Jiang Feng use the Human Totem, they expressed happiness.

"The Human Totem! It seems that the Shifter Emperor has released the Humans. We can go over now!" Shi Long mumbled to himself excitedly.

Black Widow was similarly excited.

"Be careful, you two. He must have something up his sleeves since he dared to let the Humans out. Do not be careless!" Shen Ye said to Shi Long and the Black Widow.

"Do not worry. No one in the Divine Dominion Continent can defeat us!" Shi Long brought the Black Widow along as he left the Skull Island silently toward the Ancient City with great confidence.


After using the Human Totem, Jiang Feng then flew to the top of the American Server players.

He was going to destroy the five servers one by one. Only then would there be less pressure on the Huaxia Servers players.


He used the Meteor Swarm scroll, and the sky was immediately clouded by a dense layer of cloud thousand of meters thick. Meteors with tails of burning flames crashed into the players down below.

At this rate, the American players powers had been reduced by half. The Meteor Swarm scroll could deal 30% of his attack damage.


As the meteors fell, the American Server players HP kept on decreasing. In less than 5 seconds, there was no one alive within a thousand meters of him. Almost 10,000 players had been instantly slain by the meteor swarm.

And thanks to that, Deicides attack power and movement speed boost had increased by another fold and had reached 952%. Its boost would reach 1,000%, or ten-times, given a little more time.

Looking at all the items that were dropped, his eyes beamed as he quickly flew down and took out the Lianyao Flask, and put away all the items on the ground.

"My Honor Points have reached 5,000,000! I should use them now!" After killing the wave of players, he looked at his Honor Points that had reached 5,000,000. With a smile, he had exchanged for five Energy Cannons.

He placed all five Energy Cannons on the Monster Cloud and began attacking the other five nations 30 Energy Cannons.

All 30 Energy Cannons were placed where the American army was at, and they were protected by a group of players.

After teleporting away, he arrived close to an Energy Cannon, heaved Deicide high, and smashed it at the Energy Cannon, destroying it instantly.

He then approached another Energy Cannon and equipped the Sky-Stealing Hand, and grabbed the Energy Cannon.

Ding. System Prompt: Stealing Successful. You have obtained an Energy Cannon.

He smiled as he succeeded on the first try, and placed the Energy Cannon that he stole and placed it on the Monster Cloud.

"I should continue destroying the Energy Cannons and the American Server players!" He mumbled to himself as he flew quickly toward the 28 Energy Cannons.

When the players saw that he was intent on destroying the Energy Cannons, those who were guarding them kept on using their skills to try to force Jiang Feng to retreat.

An Energy Cannon cost 1,000,000 honor points, and the elites from the five servers had done a lot of work to be able to exchange for them. They would not allow Jiang Feng to destroy them so easily.

Originally, they wanted to put the Energy Cannons away. Unfortunately, only the person that had exchanged for them could put them away into the inventory.

With Johns and his group eliminated and still waiting to be revived, they did not have the time to come and collect them.

After a dozen minutes, all 28 Energy Cannons had been destroyed.


After destroying all the Energy Cannons, Jiang Feng yelled out and transformed into Yamata-no-Orochi.

After transforming into Yamata-no-Orochi, he then returned to the Monster Cloud and used his eight heads to control the six Energy Cannons. He flew around and imbued the Energy Cannons with magical energy, then fired them toward the American Players.


After two blasts, around three thousand players had died from the blasts.

Ding. System Prompt: Deicides "Blood Burst" skill has reached its maximum limit of 1,000% while on the Divine Dominion Continent. Its maximum limit will be removed once entering Silvermoon.

"Hm? Deicides description said that its growth has no limit. Looks like its limit will only be truly removed on higher level maps." He mumbled as he kept on imbuing magical energy to the Energy Cannons.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 93. You have received 10 free attribute points.

After killing so many players, his experience points kept on increasing at an incredible speed.

When Johns and his group had finally been revived, they were pulled back by the surviving players using Teleportation Gates.

Johns looked at Jiang Feng who was massacring their forces, and he became agitated.

"What do we do? We wont even be able to touch him," James J said with a frown.

"What else can we do? Go kill the players from the Huaxia Server. They shouldnt have many players left, so all we need to do is to kill them until they have 50,000 players or less. We will still be the final victors!" Said Johns as he led all the elites and avoided where Jiang Feng was, toward where the players from the Huaxia Server were.


As Jiang Feng continued his slaughter, there were fewer and fewer players from the American Server.

At this point, any of his large area of effect skills could easily kill a whole group of them. With the attacks from the six Energy Cannons, he could easily kill around 10,000 players every minute.

His strength alone was comparable to an army.

Just as he was clearing up the players from the American Server, Shi Long and Black Widow had arrived at the Ancient City.

"The Humans City!" Shi Long sniffed with his nose before licking his lips and headed straight toward the Humans City excitedly with the Black Widow following closely behind him.

In a short while, they had arrived at the Humans City.

"Haha! So many humans! I will enjoy this to the fullest!"

Shi Long and Black Widows eyes beamed when they saw that the Humans were worshipping a statue of Jiang Feng, and quickly rushed toward them.


Just before they could enter the Humans City, they were blocked by the defense array from entering the Humans City.

"Who are you?" Hundun asked them coldly as he flapped his wings and his three eyes blinking as he appeared next to them.

When Ling Feiyu saw that the Humans Citys defense array had been triggered, she came here on her steed as soon as possible. When she saw Shi Long and Black Widow, she panicked and said to Hundun, "Theyre inheritors from Silvermoon! They are very powerful and want to attack the Humans!"

"Haha, a Rank 1 Lesser Sacred Master and a level 92 Shifter Hierophant? I would advise you to leave or I shall consume both of you!" Shi Long stared at Ling Feiyu and Hundun as he wiped his lips and gave them both a strange smile.

Hundun gave them an even weirder smile as he extended his pair of sharp claws. Then, he pointed to Shi Long and Black Widow, and said, "Come, if you dare!"

When Shi Long saw Hunduns arrogance, he took out his chained sickle and threw it toward Hundun.


Meanwhile, a spider silk shot out from Black Widows mouth toward Ling Feiyu.


Hunduns figure flash-stepped and caught the sickle chain that was flying toward him, and as its third eye blinked, a golden beam of light shot out and struck at Black Widows spider silk.