Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Youre Making A Serious Mistake

Despite the five servers having been eliminated, the battle continued.

Jiang Feng had no survival items on him anymore, and the Monster Transmutation System was still undergoing an upgrade, stopping him from drawing any through the lottery system.

He had also used up all the survival items within the Lianyao Flask, and all he had left were a few life-saving skills.

The reason that the survival items had been used up so quickly was that King Zhou would use an area-of-effect attack every time. With King Zhous power level, even his skills with the smallest area-of-effect would cover a range of about a thousand meters. That was why he ended up losing all his survival items.

Fortunately, after twenty minutes, all of King Zhous area-of-effect skills had been used up.

Unless he used single-target skills that could deal very high damage, he would not be able to kill him.

King Zhou said to Jiang Feng angrily after failing to kill him after 20 minutes, "Beast, you are the most persevering thing I have ever seen in my life. However, all your survival items would only be effective on the Divine Dominion Continent. Once you are on Silvermoon, they would all be useless. I would then be able to kill you in one strike!"

Jiang Feng sneered back at him and said, "King Zhou, I have to admit that you are impossibly powerful. However, your body duplicate only has around 3 minutes left. You are no longer a threat to me. I will definitely go to Silvermoon, but when the time comes I will not be the one to die!"

Shi Long and Black Widow had used special ways to descend upon the Divine Dominion Continent using their own bodies, but they could only remain for less than half a month.

The limits were even greater for King Zhou, who was the most powerful being on Silvermoon. He could not use his own body to descend upon this world, but could only use a body duplicate. And even the duplicate had a low duration. At most, it could only remain for half an hour.

And it had almost been half an hour since King Zhou arrived. Even its body duplicate was showing signs of becoming transparent. Jiang Feng estimated that King Zhous body duplicate would disappear soon.

"I can destroy you in one minute!" King Zhou snorted and attacked Jiang Feng with the Nine Dragons Sword.

Jiang Feng did not show weakness and used Deicide to clash against the Nine Dragons Sword.


Next, both of them did not use any skills, but only used normal attacks. No damage would be done when weapons struck each other using normal attacks.

The two figures flashed in the air quickly. No one could see them clearly without paying full attention.

"Nation-Dominating Sword!"

After exchanging vicious blows, King Zhou pulled his Nine Dragons Sword back behind him before charging it forward. Shadows of nine dragons appeared from the tip of the sword, and the nine dragons converged into one as it unleashed a howl, shooting toward Jiang Feng.

"Shadow Strike!"

Seeing King Zhou use his ultimate skill, Jiang Feng also did not feign any weakness and used the Sacred Skill that he had recently learned from the Anti-Magic Prison.

Six shadows appeared in his sky, and a total of seven Deicides whacked toward the giant black dragon viciously including the original.


There was an explosion in mid-air after a loud screech could be heard.


Jiang Feng vomited a mouthful of blood as he fell from the sky onto the ground.

"Shifter Emperor, just you wait! Silvermoon shall not shelter you!" After using that attack, King Zhous body disappeared into white light.

As King Zhou disappeared, the darkened sky was slowly returning to light and the giant black vortex slowly disappeared.

When Jiang Feng almost crashed into the ground, the Monster Cloud appeared and caught him.

The moment that the Monster Cloud caught him, he could hear the systems voice in his ears.

Ding. System Prompt: You have been severely injured. All stats reduced by 50%. Duration of 10 minutes.

"Whew Luckily, the duration of King Zhous body duplicate has expired. Otherwise, I would be dead!"Jiang Feng said when he stood up from the Monster Cloud as he brushed away the blood from the edge of his mouth, and the cold sweat off his forehead.


Next, there was a light sound as the Two Become One skill expired, and Hundun was removed from his body.

Ding. System Prompt: Two Become Ones effect has expired. Level -2.

After slaying so many players, Jiang Fengs level had reached level 99. However, he had lost two levels, and his levels returned to level 97.

"Hundun, go kill Shi Long and Black Widow!" He quickly said to Hundun when it appeared next to him.

"Alright!" Hundun nodded, and quickly headed to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, preparing to kill Shi Long and Black Widow.

When it fused with Jiang Feng, it was not the primary component so it had received no injuries. Its power was still at its peak.

It quickly headed toward the Ancient City.


The moment that Hundun had left for the Ancient City, the Requiem Bell on Jiang Fengs neck let out a soft sound. He frowned and swept next to him using Deicide.


The attack managed to strike away a few invisible pirates, but he did not kill them.

He only had 50% of his full power left, and the pirates were of very high levels and had a large amount of HP. It would be difficult for him to instantly kill them.

"Ah so many spiders!"

"Theres a lot of horned monsters here, and they dont look like theyre from the Divine Dominion Continent!"

"Be careful! Gather together!"


Jiang Feng saw an innumerable amount of spiders and ugly horned monsters climbing out from the sea, and quickly attacked the remaining 70,000 players.


Jiang Feng transformed into Yamata-no-Orochi and controlled the six Energy Cannons, preparing to shoot at the spiders and horned monsters. At this time, a figure appeared in front of them.

"Shifter Emperor, long time no see!" Shen Ye gave him a murderous smile as he stared at Jiang Feng.

"Shen Ye!" Jiang Feng looked at Shen Ye, who was blocking in front of him. "If you dont want to die, scram!"

"I know that I wont be able to kill you even if you have the Severely Injured status. But dont forget, the World War is not over! The final victor wont be any of the servers, it will be the Skull Island!" Shen Ye said as he laughed and looked at the spiders and horned monsters already made their way toward the players.

"No wonder despite the five servers having been eliminated, the platform is still there! The Skull Island also has the right to join the World War!"

Jiang Feng had been questioning why the battleground remained and why Huaxias victory was not announced despite the World War having ended. Because Skull Island had also been counted within the World War. That meant that the Skull Island was also a nation, despite it being owned by the system.


Seeing the number of Huaxia players that was constantly dropping, his face paled and he was going to slam him with the Deicide.


Just before Jiang Fengs attack could reach Shen Ye, a small tower appeared in his hand and he threw it at Jiang Feng.

Next, the small tower instantly became enlarged. Its lower portion emitted a golden light, imprisoning Jiang Feng within.

Ding. System Prompt: You have been bound by the Haotian Tower. Under the Haotian Towers influence, you cannot move or use any skills. Duration of 10 minutes.

Jiang Feng became angered when he was bound, and he shouted at him, "Damn it! How did you get your hands on the Haotian Tower!"

The Haotian Tower was made up of two sections and it seemed that it was not complete yet. But if he were imprisoned for ten minutes, the remaining players would be slaughtered by the horned monsters and spiders. And then, the Huaxia Server would not be able to secure the final victory for the World War!"

"Shen Ye, let me out! You are also part of the Huaxia Server! Do you know how many losses you have incurred to the server?!" Jiang Feng said coldly.

"Of course I do. But I am happy to do whatever that is necessary as long as it will make you suffer!" Shen Yes hatred toward Jiang Feng was so deep that he had become slightly unhinged. He only wanted to make Jiang Feng suffer, and he cared for nothing else.

"Shen Ye, what are you doing?! Let him go!" Qiu Si, who was originally fighting the horned monsters and spiders flew over, said to him.

"Cousin, have you forgotten? He destroyed the Myth Group. And you want to speak on his behalf?" Shen Ye smiled dangerously at Qiu Si.

"You bastard! That is between us and him alone, dont drag the entire Huaxia Server down!" Qiu Si yelled angrily.

"Hehe, but from where I see it, this is between us and him!" Shen Ye said.

"Im sorry, dont blame me for doing the right thing!" Qiu Si took out the Divine Dragon Sword and rushed toward Shen Ye.

"You cant kill me!" Shen Ye said and repositioned to the top of the Haotian Tower.


Qiu Sis attack was blocked by a light barrier appearing around the Haotian Tower.

"Qiu Si, the Haotian Tower has both crowd-control and defense skills. You wont be able to kill him. Go and protect the remaining players and pull in more players into the battlefield!" Jiang Feng said to Qiu Si.

"You bastard, do you know that youve offended the entire Huaxia server player base? You wont be let off that easily even back in the real world! Youre making a serious mistake!" Qiu Si said to Shen Ye and quickly turned to protect the remaining 60,000 players. When he was flying over, he quickly used his newly obtained honor points to exchange for Teleportation Gates to quickly get more players to join them and to stop their number from going down too rapidly.

Heifeng, Yanhu, Xiao Longnu, and Ye Wufeng kept resisting the horned demons and spiders, while a group of players kept on pulling in more players using the Teleportation Gates.

Those who could not join the battle and the viewers in front of the television cheered when they saw the five servers being defeated and that King Zhou had disappeared.

However, when Shen Ye appeared leading his army of monsters, they were all enraged.