Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 326

Chapter 326 End Of The World War Beginning Of A New Journey

Shen Ye had completely collapsed.

With the elves help, it would be extremely difficult for him to achieve victory in the World War and to empower Skull Island.

The monsters from the Hellraisers and spiders were not the topmost powerful monsters from Silvermoon.

They were only normal level 150 monsters that had been summoned by the Inheritor of the Hellraisers and Inheritor of the Insectoids.

While they were quite powerful, they were not that intelligent.

The Elves average levels were around level 100. While they were not as strong as the Hellraisers and Insectoids, they were very intelligent. They also focused on ranged attacks and knew how to use it to kite and evade.

700,000 elves scattered and surrounded those who had joined the Huaxia Sever, forming a protective barrier and stopping the Hellraiser monsters and Insectoid monsters from killing them.

While they could not declare victory over the Hellraisers and Insectoids, all they needed to do was to buy enough time for the Haotian Tower suppression to expire and for Jiang Feng to be freed. Then, there would be no question as to who would win the war.


As the Elves were fighting the Hellraisers and Insectoids, the battle over at the Ancient City had also become quite exciting.

After a series of quakes, it became quiet.

Next, a figure flew out of the Ancient City.

A dozen seconds later, the figure appeared on the battlefield. It was Hundun.

Hundun was covered in blood as he complained, "Damn it! Those two tricked me and escaped! If I meet them next time, Ill eat them whole!"

When he saw the condition that Hundun was in, Jiang Feng knew that Hundun was most probably tricked by Shi Long and Black Widow and had suffered damage.

After Shi Long and Black Widow sprung their trap, they most probably left the Divine Dominion Continent and left for Silvermoon.

The moment that Shi Long and Black Widow left the Divine Dominion Continent, the Hellraisers and Insectoids had all disappeared.

When he saw what happened, Shen Ye was in shock before he roared out angrily, "Shi Long! Black Widow! You betrayed me!"

"Shut up!"

Hundun flew over and smacked Shen Ye away as he roared, instantly killing him.

After Shen Ye was killed, the Haotian Tower also disappeared. He guessed that it must have returned to Shen Yes inventory and was not dropped as loot.

The moment that the Haotian Tower disappeared, Jiang Feng had also escaped his bindings.

When he saw the Hellraisers and Insectoids armies disappear, he felt sad for him.

The monsters were all summoned by Shi Long and the Black Widow and the pirates that joined the battle were quite a few in comparison. Shen Ye no longer had anything, and that was why he would be so enraged at the end.

Jiang Feng guessed that Shen Ye would suffer an even heavier blow after this.

As Shen Yes army disappeared, the less than 50,000 pirates disappeared from the battlefield.

When Nangong Tiaotiao saw that the enemies had all disappeared, he said something to the Elves. Next, all the Elves had used their skills to leave the battlefield.

There were only players and NPCs from the Huaxia Server left on the battlefield.

Ding. World Announcement. Congratulations to Huaxia Server for being victorious. Levels of Huaxia Servers cities and players cities +1, city capital +20%, all players levels +2, and receive the rights to Pearl Island!

Ding. World Announcement. 10,000 "Silvermoon Tickets" are now available in the Trading Hall. All players that have reached level 100 can use the airship that is docked at the platform to go to Silvermoon. The airship would leave in 3 days. The stocks of Silvermoon Tickets would be restocked every month. Those who did not get the tickets can head to Silvermoon through the Teleport Circle in cities. A new beginning at Silvermoon, where new histories of Divine Dominion is written.

Ding. World announcement: Only Primordial Divine Artifacts and Sacred level items can be brought to Silvermoon. All other items may not be brought to Silvermoon. Players may sell these items to the merchants. Once you have entered Silvermoon, players may not return to the Divine Dominion Continent. Please choose wisely!


The three world announcements stirred up the players from all the servers once more.

Even the servers that had lost during the World War had also become hopeful once again.

The Divine Dominion Continent was just a beginning, Silvermoon was where progress was made, and Dragonquarry was where the true war will be waged.

American server.

Johns, who was originally quite furious, quickly told his followers, "Quickly, get the tickets! All we need to do is to get to Silvermoon first! In the next fight, we wont lose to the Shifter Emperor!"

"True. Now that the Shifter Emperor has offended King Zhou, he would be suppressed when he reaches Silvermoon. He wont be able to be so prideful then, and we can still dominate the game," James J said.


Japanese Server.

Kitazawa Hinata furiously slammed at the desk and cursed.

Once the three world announcements appeared, he stopped cursing as his eyes glinted and said, "We can get to Silvermoon early? Quickly, get the tickets! We are behind at Divine Dominion Continent, so we must get to Silvermoon first to get more resources. We cannot let the Huaxia Server be so arrogant."

Kawaguchi Shinki laughed and said, "Haha, I managed to get 10 already. We have to quickly level up and head to Silvermoon now!"


Other than the Japanese server and the American server, players from the other servers were also trying to snatch the Silvermoon Tickets like madmen.

At this stage, the Divine Dominion Continents resources could not fulfill their needs anymore. Not to mention that with the Shifter Emperor on the Divine Dominion Continent, they could not have any fun and they did not want to be suppressed forever.

As soon as they reached Silvermoon, Jiang Feng would be the only one to get suppressed.

As the Divine Dominion Continents most powerful being, he would be suppressed when he reaches Silvermoon. That was how King Zhou dominated that entire map.

Anyone that could threaten his power base would be suppressed.

Not to mention that Jiang Feng had offended him. Jiang Feng would not have such a fun time in Silvermoon.

When Jiang Feng heard the three world announcements, he was also slightly stunned before he quickly tried to snatch an airship ticket.

As soon as he opened the trading platform, he saw that the tickets had been sold out.

"Damn it! Only 10,000! And each of them is 500,000gp. If the game company wants to earn more money, they should sell us more stuff!" Jiang Feng said depressingly as he looked at the sold-out tickets.

Just as he was feeling the blues, Ling Feiyu flew over.

Seeing his saddened look, Ling Feiyu smiled and said, "You didnt get any tickets?"

Jiang Feng waved his hands. "Yeah."

Ling Feiyu smiled. "Dont worry, I managed to get one. But, are you sure you want to go to Silvermoon now?" Ling Feiyu asked him as she looked at the airship that had spawned on the Pacific Ocean.

Jiang Feng nodded and said, "Yeah. Im going to gather the remaining fragments of the Primordial Divine Artifacts and deal with some things on the Divine Dominion Continent, then I will make a move."

He still needed to bear the burdens of reinvigorating the Shifters. As long as the Great Divine-Infernal War had not start, he would not be able to relax.

The Silvermoon was a high-level map and was used to develop a factions strength to prepare for the Great Divine-Infernal War.

He wanted to go over earlier and find his way around Silvermoon.

"Youre not worried that King Zhou is going to find you?" Ling Feiyu asked him worryingly.

"Theres nothing to be afraid of. Ill deal with the problems as they come. If I can rise in the Divine Dominion Continent, then I can do the same in Silvermoon. Its not going to be that easy to suppress me." Jiang Feng was not afraid of King Zhou. In truth, he was looking forward to entering Silvermoon.

Originally, Silvermoon was described by the official website to have a futuristic background. But after three updates, Silvermoons background had been changed. He was quite curious to see what kind of different high-level maps and low-level maps it had and what kind of interesting quests would be available.