Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Soul Stone

After the World War had officially ended, the players from the Huaxia Server cheered.

All the viewers in front of the television as well.

What Jiang Feng did not only brought many advantages to the players from the Huaxia Server, he had also helped China win an island that had oil reserves worth hundreds of billions.

Today, Weibo, the message board and social media were all observing the World War.

Many of the aged people became thrilled and cried when they saw Jiang Feng carrying the flag on his back.

When Jiang Feng destroyed the Japanese and American forces, many old men clenched their fists in excitement, as if they had their vengeance.


Within the game, Jiang Feng had moved the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor to the Pacific Ocean and he had arrived at Mount Kunlun.

During the World War, the Ancient City had suffered extensive damage. The citys capital had all been used for the repairs.

Of course, he was going to let Ling Feiyu handle all the work as he needed to find all the remaining fragments of Donghuang Bell and the other Primordial Divine Artifacts.

The first ones with the tickets would need to leave in three days as the tickets were only valid within that time limit. If the tickets were to expire, he would have wasted 500,000gp and he would waste a lot of time. Therefore, he needed to finish up everything on the Divine Dominion Continent within the three days.

He needed to find the remaining Donghuang Bells fragments as well as the fragments of the other Primordial Divine Artifacts, head to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and unroot the Ginseng Fruit Tree, head to Purgatory and take back the three Primordial Divine Artifacts from the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain as well as save all the remaining Humans

He had plenty to do.

"Before I go, I should go to Nirvana Auction House and buy some sacred level ores. I need to upgrade the Teleporting Cauldron, the Requiem Bell, and other items to Sacred Level or they would become useless!" He mumbled as he suddenly remembered something just as he took out the Divine Fate Compass, and headed to the Humans City.

As soon as he was at the Humans City, he found Ling Feiyu who was reorganizing the displaced Humans.

"Feiyu, I need to go to Nirvana Auction House!"

Ling Feiyu nodded and said, "Wait here. Ill transfer the house that I bought in Nirvana to you, then you can enter and leave freely."

Jiang Feng touched Ling Feiyus face softly and said, "Thanks for the hard work, Feiyu!"

Ling Feiyu smiled and said, "No matter how hard I work, its not as hard as you have to work."

After she finished saying so, she kissed Jiang Feng on the face and teleported to Nirvana Auction House.

Ding. System Prompt: Announcement! The player Ling Feiyu has transferred "Fengyu House" at Nirvana Auction House to you. You may now freely enter and exit "Fengyu House."

At this time, the systems voice rang in his ears. In the next second, Ling Feiyu had used the Match Made in Heaven skill to reappear by his side. She then said, "Alright. I have left all the money in the chest in our room. I need to get busy. You have to go to the high-level map in three days and I still have a lot of things to do. Once you have grabbed a piece of land in that map, we can then move the Ancient City over."


Jiang Feng looked at the wise and beautiful Ling Feiyu and could not help but sigh deep down, The gods have taken pity on me after all, giving me such a beautiful and intelligent wife. My life is fulfilled!

"Alright, everyone! Whoever has the authority to do so, start moving your arse! We have to strengthen the Ancient City and her defense array. When we go to Silvermoon

Looking at Ling Feiyu going back to work, Jiang Feng smiled and used the skill to teleport back to his room and teleported to Fengyu House.


As he blinked, he then appeared on the third floor of Nirvana Auction House.

The house that Ling Feiyu bought was not large, and it had the size of a living room. There was a chest next to the bed in the room.

He walked over and opened the box, and the insides of the chest began to glow a purple light. It was a chest filled with purple pieces.

Of course, this was just the games special effects. The chest could not possibly carry his wealth right now.

Other than the 250,000,000 that she did not spend, Ling Feiyu had betted on him once again. She had bet that he could escape from the Anti-Magic Prison, and the rate was 10:1.

That meant that he had a total of 2,500,000,000pp.

There was another game that he could bet on afterward, and that was whether the Huaxia Server could win in the World War.

As Ling Feiyu needed to lead the Huaxia Server, she could not place her bet.

The odds for the World War were 50:1. That meant that if he had betted on this, he would have hundreds of billions of purple pieces. What a waste.

He brought all 250,000,000pp with him and left the residential area. He came to the second floor and headed to the auction house to see if there was anything good on auction.

"Oh? Monkey, is that you? Hahaha, thanks to you, I have won quite a fair amount of money!"

Just as soon as he stepped into the Auction House, Bobo was just leaving the auction house. He was surprised at seeing Jiang Feng before jumping on to him excitedly.

"Go away, Im not gay! And Im not interested in rabbits!"

Jiang Feng smacked Bobo away from him.

Bobo, who crashed onto the floor, then glared at Jiang Feng. "Curse you, I dont want to become a monkeys interest or be interested in a monkey, too!"

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at him. "Bobo, do you know if theres any way for me to forge Sacred Artifacts at my level?"

His smithy skill had only reached Divine Archmater level, and the highest level items that he could make were Super Divine Artifacts. He had no idea if he could create Sacred Artifacts, especially with the high failure rate.

Bobo then said, "Sacred Artifacts are quite common in Silvermoon. If you want to forge Sacred Artifacts, you need to meld something called a Soul Stone into the weapon. The higher the rank of the Sacred Artifact, the more Soul Stones it could contain. The more Soul Stones are used, the stronger the soul of the artifact is. Normally, Soul Stones would only exist within the heads of some Sacred Beasts. But you can buy one at the price of 1,000,000pp in the auction house!"

"Thats so expensive!" Jiang Feng did not expect that a Soul Stone could be so expensive.

1,000,000pp was the same as 100,000,000gp. The number was quite terrifying.

"It can be much cheaper on Silvermoon. You can get one for several thousand purple pieces. But they are very rare, you can only buy them in bulk from here. Not to mention getting money is quite easy here, that is why items can be quite expensive here," Bobo continued. "Not to mention in Silvermoon, Sacred Artifacts can grow. Once a person has a Sacred Artifact that he finds handy, he wouldnt think of getting other Sacred Artifacts anymore!"

"I see. That means that I wont be needing equipment for the mid-game. If thats the case, I can accept that!"

A Soul Stone would cost around a few thousand RMB. But if he saved the money to buy new equipment, he did have enough to gather ten Soul Stones. If he could find a good smith, perhaps he could end up with a Sacred Artifact.

"Bobo, where can I buy the Soul Stone? In the auction house?" Jiang Feng asked again.

"No, those low-level items cant even make it past the door of the auction house. They have it on sales on the first floor," Bobo took out a carrot and gnawed. "When you buy the Soul Stones, find something called the Luck Stone and Destiny Stone. Once being fused with a Sacred Weapon, its value would be doubled. Once you reach Dragonquarry, Luck and Destiny will become very important.

"Understood. I will go to the first floor first. Thanks!" Jiang Feng left Bobo and headed to the first floor.

The first floor was where items were being sold, as well as for appraisal and registering items for auction.

He was in a hurry. All he wanted to do was to find some ores and increase the levels of several of his items, and then go and collect the fragments of Donghuang Bell and the other Primordial Divine Artifacts, as well as to tie up any loose ends on the Divine Dominion Continent.