Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Four Sacred Artifacts

When he arrived on the first floor, he saw many items for sale that were placed on the counters.

He quickly found the Soul Stones, Luck Stones, and Destiny Stones on the counters, and there were plenty of them.

Other than these ores, he also found plenty of other sacred level ores. And all of them were quite costly.

Once he found all the necessary ores, he did not hesitate and bought them.

He bought 1,000 Soul Stones by spending 1,000,000,000gp.

He was going to try and see if he could forge higher quality Sacred Artifacts. That was why he bought so many Soul Stones.

The price for the Luck Stone and Destiny Stone were the same, 2,000,000pp each.

He spent 500,000,000pp and bought 125 Luck Stones and 125 Destiny Stones.

He did not spend the remaining 1,000,000,000.

As he did not know what the situation would be in Silvermoon, he wanted to save some just in case.

After he left the Nirvana Auction House, he returned to the Ancient City and headed to the Smithy.

Once he was at the smithy, he took out the three types of ore and took one each, and placed them into the smelter to smelt them.


As soon as he threw the Soul Stone into the smelter, a screech came out from the Soul Stone as it exploded. Luckily, a defensive array protected the smithy room or the entire smithy would have been destroyed.

"Huh It seems every Soul Stone has an actual soul in it, and I cant smelt it directly. I guess I have to ask Bobo again!"


Just as he was going to head to the Nirvana Auction House to ask Bobo how to deal with a Soul Stone, the door to the smithy room was opened up. He was quite surprised and looked at the door.

In the entire Ancient City, only Ling Feiyu, Robert, and he could open up the doors to the smithy rooms at will.

Ling Feiyu was quite busy with the Humans, so he did not have to think twice about who was opening the door.

"Robert, you came back?" Jiang Feng asked him.

"Oh, it is you. I was wondering why would there be someone in the smithy room when the smithy is closed," Robert came in and looked at the messy smithy room because of the explosion.

He then asked, "What are you forging? Why would it make so much noise?"

"I was going to upgrade my equipment to Sacred level, but I failed at smelting the Soul Stones. That was what happened," Jiang Feng said with a smile. "Right, how are you? Did you manage to take over the control of the Gnomes?"

Robert nodded excitedly. "I did. Though there were some issues in the middle, I am now truly the King of the Gnomes."

After that, he continued, "You said you failed in smelting a Soul Stone? My goodness, the Soul Stones can only be extracted from some of the Sacred-level Monsters. They contain the souls of these powerful monsters. Naturally, smelting it the normal way wouldnt work. You would need to smelt using a Gentle Flame."

"You know how to smelt Soul Stones?" Jiang Feng asked in a surprised tone.

Robert shook his head and replied, "No, I do not. But I received a book when I returned to the Gnomes. There was a record on how to smelt the Soul Stones in it as well as how to meld the Soul Stone into a piece of equipment!"

Jiang Feng said happily, "Alright, then you should come and forge the equipment with me!"

With that, Jiang Feng and Robert went to another smithy room and continued to smith.

"Gentle Flame is a flame that is produced by yourself. You need to use your consciousness to communicate with the soul within the Soul Stone to subdue it. Only then can you start forging the equipment, otherwise you will never succeed!"

As Robert explained, Jiang Feng activated his Fire Domain and surrounded the Soul Stones within it. He closed his eyes and began to communicate with the souls within the Soul Stones.

But all the souls within the Soul Stones were different. Some of them were calm, some of them were violent, and some of them were naughty.


After communicating with them, four Soul Stones cracked, and he failed.

Luckily, he succeeded with the other six Soul Stones, otherwise he would be in a frenzy.

With six Soul Stones in his control, he took out some more Soul Stones and continued to communicate with them.

After a short while, ten Soul Stones that he had finished communicating with floated within his Fire Domain.

This time, he had lost seven Soul Stones. If he were to calculate his loss in gold pieces, he had lost millions.

If it were other blacksmith players, they would not be able to spend so much unless they were being supported by a huge faction.

With the Soul Stones ready, he took out the Divine Fate Compass and smelted the Luck Stone and Destiny Stone. After hitting it with the hammer dozens of times, he took out Deicide and shrunk it into a needle. He then dipped it in the liquid metal and drew it according to the patterns on the Divine Fate Compass.

The Divine Fate Compass was already at Sacred Level. Last time, the only reason that he could raise it to Sacred level was that it already had a spirit within it. This time, he was going to raise its grade as he did not find its number of uses to be sufficient.

Every time after he had drawn for a while, he would take out a Soul Stone.

Once he had taken out the Soul Stone, it would be melded into liquid and automatically follow the marking that Deicide was drawing without any resistance.

After he had finished using ten Soul Stones, he continued to communicate with more Soul Stones and kept on feeding the fragmented souls within the Soul Stone into the Divine Fate Compass.

After two hours had passed, he had finally melded 30 Soul Stones into the Divine Fate compass. He only stopped when he had reached the Divine Fate Compasss limit, and he used Smithing on it.

In order to increase his success rate, he once again took out the Ruler of Hakai.

Ding. System Prompt: Upgrade successful. You have received a Second Grade Sacred Artifact, the Divine Fate Compass.

As the systems voice rang in his ears, a light descended upon the Divine Fate Compass. The entire compass became golden in color, emitting a soft golden light. Shen Luo came out from within.

This time, Shen Luo was much prettier than before. While she did not change much appearance-wise, he felt that she had become much more charismatic.

"Whew I used 37 Soul Stones and only increased its grade by one. Looks like its going to be very difficult to improve Sacred Artifacts to Absolute Artifacts."

Jiang Feng heaved out a heavy sigh before taking a look at the Divine Fate Compass that had just been upgraded to a Second Grade Sacred Artifact.

Divine Fate Compass: First Grade Sacred-level Item

Luck +10

Destiny +10

Active Skill:

Treasure Hunt: Can hunt for rare treasures within 7,500km. Can be used four times per day.

Summon Eidolon: A Vermillion Bird Sacred Spirit lives within the Divine Fate Compass and can be summoned for combat. Its strength is equal to 10% of Zhuques full strength. Duration of 10 minutes. Cooldown of 22 hours.

Passive Skill:

Will automatically find the location of Sacred Beasts and monsters more powerful than Sacred Beasts.


After becoming a Second Grade Sacred Artifact, the range of its Treasure Search ability had increased by another 2,500km and its usage had increased by 1. The cooldown on the Eidolon ability had also been reduced by 2 hours, and the Luck and Destiny had also been increased.

He pleasingly nodded and put away the Divine Fate Compass. He then took out the Requiem Bell.

While the Requiem Bell was still a Divine Artifact, it still had the chance to increase to Sacred level through the use of Sacred level ores.

After strengthening the Requiem Bell, he then strengthened the Teleporting Cauldron.

However, empowering the Soul Stones and Teleporting Cauldron used up even more of his Soul Stones. He spent 168 Soul Stones in total. Most of them were spent on the Requiem Bell.

However, he did not use many Luck Stones and Destiny Stones. He had only used 20 of each.

Requiem Bell: Grade One Sacred Artifact

HP: +3,000,000

Attack: +1,500,000

Defense: +30,000

30% chance of blocking any one attack.

Dominate Soul: Upon activation, control an enemy. Cooldown of 2 hours.

Requiem: Upon activation, the bells of requiem would ring. All enemies within 10,000 meters would be dazed for 5 seconds. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

T/N Note: Maybe the author has forgotten about the boost to luck and destiny?


Teleportation Cauldron: Grade One Sacred Artifact

Luck +10

Destiny +10

Pocket Dimension +15,000 Square

Random Teleportation: Randomly teleport to anywhere within the game, each teleport costs 10,000gp.

Set Teleportation: Teleport to a set coordinate. Cannot teleport to special locations. Each teleport costs 20,000gp.


Both the Requiem Bell and the Teleporting Cauldron had reached Sacred Level. Though their stats did not change much and had only added a little bit of Luck and Destiny, both of them had their own spirits now.

The Requiem Bells spirit was a black-clothed girl with bells on her. The Teleporting Cauldrons spirit was a phantom.

At this stage, other than Deicide, the Divine Fate Compass, Requiem Bell and Teleporting Cauldron would be his main Sacred Artifacts when he had reached Silvermoon.

"I have wasted around 7 hours. Its time to go and look for the remaining Donghuang Bell fragments and Primordial Artifact fragments!"

Jiang Feng equipped the Requiem Bell and put away the Teleporting Cauldron. He took out the Divine Fate Compass and left the Smithy. He flew out of the Ancient City and had arrived at the top of Mount Kunlun.

"Treasure Hunt!" He said to Shen Luo who had appeared as he stood on the summit of Mount Kunlun.