Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Stats Conversion Ratio

The Divine Fate Compasss search radius was very wide.

He was going to carpet surf the entire area, not leaving a stone unturned.

Shen Luo appeared and closed her eyes to expand her senses. Once she had reopened her eyes, she said, "There are 2 Donghuang Bell fragments and 29 treasures within 7,500km."

"Are there any Primordial Artifacts among the 29 treasures?" Jiang Feng asked Shen Luo.

Shen Luo shrugged. " I am not sure. I was born because of the Donghuang Bell, that is why I am very sensitive to its fragments. However, I cannot sense the other Primordial Artifacts. I only know that they are treasures."

After it had been upgraded to a Second Grade Sacred Artifact, Shen Luo no longer spoke to him in a clearly programmed manner. She could now speak with him freely and with much more emotions in her tone.

Jiang Feng understood why after Shen Luo told him.

The Divine Fate Compass was originally an item given to him by Ya Di when she chose him as the Inheritor of the Shifters.

Its main purpose was to find the Donghuang Bell fragments as well as to find treasures to increase his power.

If he could find every single piece of Primordial Divine Artifact fragments, then he would be too overpowered.

"Tell me the coordinates of the fragments," Jiang Feng said to Shen Luo.

"Master, it is better not to know the coordinates. You have the Donghuang Inner Bell with you. You can use it to find the general location of the other fragments. Otherwise, you would be wasting two chances!" Shen Luo reminded him.

"Huh? The Donghuang Inner Bell has such an ability?" Jiang Feng asked her, confused.

"Yes. You can shake the Donghuang Inner Bell toward the four main directions. You can judge where the Donghuang Bell fragment is through its ringing," Shen Luo said to him.

"Alright, let me try!" Jiang Feng nodded, took out the Donghuang Innerbell, and shook it toward North, East, South, and West.

Hm? It can really be used this way! After paying attention to it, he realized that the ringing would be slightly weaker in three directions. However, in one direction, after it rang, a light ringing could come back from that direction.

If the Donghuang Inner Bell could really be used to find the Donghuang Bell fragments, then all he needed to do next time was to ask Shen Luo if there were any Donghuang Bell fragments nearby. There was no need for her to tell him the coordinates.

Of course, the main reason was that he did not have enough time. He could only search for coordinates 12 times in 3 days. He had to be mindful of its uses. If he could not collect all the Donghuang Bell fragments, then he would have to get to Silvermoon first, and then find a way back to look for the remaining fragments.

As soon as he had identified the direction where the sound was coming from, he summoned Monster Cloud and quickly headed toward that direction.

After he was unsealed, his movement speed was extremely quick. With the boost from the Monster Cloud, he was like a bolt of light when he traveled through the sky.

He turned and looked at where the sound was coming from and kept on ringing the Donghuang Inner Bell.

In less than ten minutes, he found a Donghuang Bell fragment in a swamp. He then had 85 fragments and he only needed to find 23 more.

Next, he shook the Donghuang Inner Bell around and had determined the location of the next Donghuang Bell fragment.

The second fragment was in a cave in a valley, and he had the 86th fragment.

Since there were no other fragments within the vicinity, he switched locations and then asked Shen Luo about it.


Two days and two nights had passed.

During this time, he had searched the entire Divine Dominion. Not including the two that he found next to Mount Kunlun, he was able to collect 4 fragments.

That meant that he had 90 with him, and he was still missing 18 fragments.

He knew that Shen Ye had one, Qiu Si had one, the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain had one and Ling Yun had one. He was not sure if others had it.

"I should be patient with the four fragments. I should get to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple first!" He mumbled, and then teleported to Xihe City, and then headed toward the Taoist temple.

After the World War, the three factions had agreed to temporarily open up all the cities to allow all the players to develop faster, and no battles were to start between each faction.

In order to make it easier for him to collect the Donghuang Bell fragments, he had agreed to it as well.

Though Wuzhuang Taoist Temple was some distance away from Xihe City, he had reached the top of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple in a minute or two with his speed.


He did not waste his breath and destroyed the Wuzhuang Taoist Temples defensive array in one strike.

Wuzhuang Taoist Temple had also become a Sect. Many players had joined Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

His strike had shaken the entire temple, and many players looked up into the skies.

"Oh shit, isnt that the Shifter Emperor? What is he doing here?"

"Wow! Its my idol! But from his expression, it doesnt seem like hes here for a visit!"

"Who cares, it has nothing to do with us!"


Just as everyone was discussing it, Jiang Feng struck at the array again and destroyed the defensive array, then headed toward the backyard of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

What made him feel strange was that Zhenyuanzi did not come out this time.

"Hehe, at least he knows his place!"

He did not waste his time. Looking at the Ginseng Fruit that was shrieking at him, he looked at them with contempt before heading toward its roots.


As soon as he reached its roots, he planted Deicide into it. With his yelling, the entire Ginseng Fruit Tree was slowly being raised up.


With a shout, the entire Ginseng Fruit Tree was uprooted and thrown into the air.


He took out the Lianyao Flask. With a wave, the Ginseng Fruit Tree was absorbed into the Lianyao Flask.

After taking care of the Ginseng Fruit Tree, he headed outside of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.


Qing Feng Ming Yue looked at Jiang Feng leaving as he looked out from a window, then said to Zhenyuanzi who was sitting next to him, "Master, the Shifter Emperor is leaving. But the Ginseng Fruit Tree is no more!"

Zhenyuanzi wiped away his cold sweat and said to him angrily, "So what, if it is gone, it is gone. I never expected him to grow so fast. Who else could defeat him now?!"

Qing Feng Ming Yue then asked fearfully, "What should we do? Should we just let him leave like that?"

Zhenyuanzi said, "What else can we do? We can only hope that King Zhou on Silvermoon can finish him off. Not to mention that being that strong isnt exactly an advantage!"


At this time, a figure appeared behind Zhenyuanzi and asked, "What do you mean that theres no advantage in becoming this powerful, Taoist?"

The moment that the voice entered his ear, Zhenyuanzi was shocked and fell to the ground. He turned back and looked, and saw a man that looked like a monkey looking at him playfully.

He quickly shook his head and replied with a smile, "Shift Shifter Emperor! Why did you It is no nothing!"

The one who appeared was indeed Jiang Feng.

Just as he had left Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, he remembered that Zhenyuanzis Earth Book was also a Sacred Artifact. He was going to check on what the Earth Book could do, but he did not expect to hear Zhenyuanzi say what he did the moment he appeared next to him.

"Are you going to say it or no?" Jiang Feng took out Deicide.

"I will say it, say it" Zhenyuanzi said when he saw Deicide. "The more powerful you are on the Divine Dominion Continent, the higher the ratio when you convert your stats on Silvermoon."

"What do you mean?" Jiang Feng asked with a frown.

"What I am saying is that when you reach Silvermoon, your stats will be converted. Your HP will become Sacred Health. Normal players stats conversion is at a ratio of 100 to 1. That means that if you have 1,000,000 HP on Divine Dominion Continent, you will only have 10,000 Sacred Health when you are on Silvermoon. The more powerful you are, the higher the exchange ratio."

"The stats conversion ratio is set by King Zhou, and he is the same as Silvermoons god! You have offended him, and with your high power, your exchange ratio would be much higher than 100. After your stats have been converted, your stats would become similar to normal players!" Zhen Yuanzi explained to Jiang Feng.

"Hm? Interesting," When Jiang Feng heard what Zhen Yuanzi had to say, he finally understood.

In that case, when all the players entered Silvermoon, their stats would be similar when they start on the new map other than their equipment.

But he was not that worried. Even if the conversion rate was much higher, his power should still not be underestimated.

In truth, when he heard what Zhenyuanzi had to say, he became excited.

When he reached Silvermoon, he would have no pressure at all as long as he was not being pursued by King Zhou!