Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 33

Chapter 33

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Jiang Feng was only a Level 11 Shifter Tiger King. There were other monsters that were more powerful than he was. Even Divine Beasts.

He could not understand why Ya Di would look for him. It wasn’t logical!

Ya Di’s big eyes stared at Jiang Feng for a while, and said, “Because you have the ability to evolve without limit, and you can even fuse the Bloodline of the different Shifter race. I can feel it clearly within, you already had the bloodline of the Canine race, Wolf race, Tiger race, and Skywind Dragon race within you. The Tiger Bloodline is the strongest, at Rank 5!”

1“The Shifter Emperor Donghuang Taiyu was originally a Tripedal Golden Crow. But it was because of the same ability to limitlessly evolve and possessing the bloodline of the other races that allowed him to create the Shifters. You possess the same ability as Donghuang Taiyi, and the only one of us that can restore the Shifters to our former glory. That is why I sought you out!”

3“Just as I thought!”

After listening to Ya Di’s explanation, he realized that it was as she had said. He could fuse with the various race’s bloodlines, and he could evolve limitlessly.

1If it was just as she said, then it was possible for him to reach the level of Donghuang Taiyi in the future. Perhaps, reaching even greater heights than he did.

He was pleased to have heard of it and was also very excited.

Once he became someone at Donghuang Taiyi’s height, the equipment, gold, and other resources can be exchanged for a large amount of yuan.

4With that money, he and his father no longer needed to feed the animals. They could live a wealthy life.

Once he thought of this, his eyes beamed and asked Ya Di, “Tell me, what should I do?”

“You sure you want to bear this burden for the Shifters?” Ya Di asked.

1“I am sure!”

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on accepting the Shifter’s Main Quest: Reform the Donghuang Bell, Restore the Shifters. This quest has a time limit of five years. If you fail, your character will be permanently deleted. If you succeed, you shall be awarded an abundant but unknown reward!

5“Damn, there’s a time limit! If I don’t finish this in five years, does that mean I can no longer play this game?!”

3Hearing the system’s voice, Jiang Feng’s face paled and he became regretful.

“You do not have to be pessimistic, you will succeed,” Ya Di said as she comforted him. She then continued, “Remember, other than you the Divines and Infernals would have others that bear the burden of their destiny. If you meet up with them, be careful. Their powers are no weaker than yours!”

1“Damn it! Not only do I have to reform the Donghuang Bell, restore the Shifters and I have to face two powerful opponents. I have nowhere to run to this time,” Jiang Feng could only curse with a cry.

1“You now bear the fate of the Shifters. You can ask me for a piece of equipment, a skill, a pill, a bloodline, a rune, and other items. As long as I can satisfy you, I shall do my best. Of course, I can only give you one. Otherwise, I will be destroyed by the Lord of this World,” said Ya Di.

3“Equipment? Skill? Bloodline? Pill? Runes and even other items? No matter what level? All mine to choose?” Ya Di’s words made Jiang Feng excited once again.

“Yes, your choice. But remember, if you choose a Divine Artifact, their stats will be suppressed. Otherwise, you will not be able to use them,” Ya Di said while nodding.

2Once he had received Ya Di’s confirmation, he was so excited that he almost jumped up and down.

All his complaints before this were all gone. You must be joking! For a quest to have such rewards, it was so very abnormal.

After his initial excitement, he then fell into deep thought.

Equipment, skills, pills, and bloodline could be obtained through the Monster Transmutation System.

Even if he had a Divine Artifact that was suppressed, he would have a great advantage early on. But this advantage would fall once the game progressed into the later stages.

While he could still use a Skill in the later stages, but skill damage was related to his base damage. If his damage wasn’t high enough, even the powers of a Divine level skill would be limited.

While he had never gotten a pill, but even a Divine level pill was a one-use item, so he wouldn’t choose it.

Bloodline? If he had no evolution pills to increase his ranks, even if he had a Divine-Level Bloodline, it would give him some extra free attribute points at most, and this wouldn’t make him very powerful. Just like when he had the Skywing Dragon’s bloodline, he still needed the evolution pill to increase his ranks one by one.

4If an evolution pill could increase the rank by one, then he wouldn’t mind choosing a Bloodline. Since eighteen evolution pills would allow him to reach the top.

Unfortunately, if the bloodline of the monster did not reach 100%, the extra attribute points that he could gain from evolution would be decreased. He wouldn’t even be able to evolve at the later stages.

“What do you think I should choose?”

2After thinking for a long time, Jiang Feng still didn’t know what he should choose. In the end, he gave up and asked Ya Di for her suggestions.

She was the hierophant of the Shifters, the second in command after the Shifter Emperor. She was very knowledgeable and should be able to give him some good suggestions.

“I suggest that you should choose the Divine Artifact Divine Fate Compass. This compass has the ability to hunt for treasures. With this treasure, you can even find Divine Artifacts if your luck is good. This is the best item that I have available on me,” said Ya Di after she gave it a thought and remembered about a certain item.

3“Alright then. The compass it is!”

2Once he heard about its ability to hunt for even Divine Artifacts, he chose the Divine Fate Compass without hesitation.

An item that would allow him to find various treasures, he would be a fool not to choose a treasure tree like this!

Just as he had finished making his choice, a light shone on Ya Di’s palm. Next, a compass glowing a prismatic light appeared within her hand.

1The compass pointed to the eight directions: the East, West, South, North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. In each direction, five scales were caved. The center of the compass was a pointer, and underneath the pointer was the display for the coordinates.

2“The Divine Life Compass’s accuracy is based on your Luck. The higher your luck is, the higher its accuracy!” Ya Di reminded.


He had no lack of Luck. Once his level increased, all the free attribute points would be allocated to Luck. This would allow his luck to reach the max.

2Divine Fate Compass: Divine-Level Item

Treasure Hunt: Searches for rare treasure within a hundred Chinese miles. Useable 3 times per day.

4Equipping Prerequisite: Blood Bond (After being bonded to a master, unless the bonding is broken willingly, it cannot be dropped, stolen or traded.)

7The Divine Fate Compass had only a few abilities, but they were all very powerful. He played it with his hands for a bit as he suppressed the impulse to test it. He Blood Bonded with it and then kept it in the Spatial Bracelet.

“We have limited time. Come, follow me to where the Donghuang Bell was sealed in the Imperial Dragon City!” Said Ya Di as she saw that Jiang Feng had put away the Divine Fate Compass and stepped on the Teleportation Circle.

Jiang Feng did not hesitate. He jumped and landed next to Ya Di.

Ya Di’s Dragonhead Staff knocked on the Teleportation Circle, and it released a bright light that enveloped both. With a “whoosh!”, both of them disappeared.


Underneath the Imperial Dragon City, there existed a palace. And this palace was located deep underneath an underwater river.

1The magnificence of this palace was equal to that of the Imperial Dragon City.

In the middle of the palace was a grand crystal palace, and within that crystal palace, a bell as tall as a man was being imprisoned by a light barrier. The light barrier was then bound by chains with mysterious runes engraved on them.

2The entire crystal palace was abnormally silent.


At this time, a woman and a tiger appeared within the crystal palace, breaking its peace.

Those two were indeed Jiang Feng and Ya Di, who had been teleported over via the Teleportation Circle.

Ding! System Prompt. Congratulations on discovering the “Dragon City Riverbed”. You have been awarded 5,000 experience points.