Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Who Wants To Eat Fart?

After he had recruited Zhenyuanzi and the Judge, Jiang Feng left the Courts of Hell and headed to Lanruo Temple.

This time, he was going to enter Purgatory.

After he reached the lake behind Lanruo Temple, he jumped into the lake and dived into its depth.

When he entered Purgatory, the skies were still dark.

In the darkness, many Necropolitans were out and about. Their gigantic body with three heads and six arms can be seen throughout Purgatory.


When Jiang Feng appeared in Purgatory, many Necropolitans discovered him and rushed toward him.

"Scram!" Jiang Feng took out Deicide and smacked a Necropolitan away with his staff.

The Necropolitans all had high stats. The attack did not kill the Necropolitan.

As he was in a rush, he did not have the time to take care of them individually. He threw out a Tornado Skill and swirled them up into the air. When they fell, they had all become mere corpses.

He summoned the Monster Cloud and as he stood on it, he took out the Divine Fate Compass.

"Shen Luo, show me the coordinates of the Donghuang Bell Fragments!"

Other than Purgatory, he had already searched throughout Divine Dominion for the fragments. Even the other five servers. That was why he did not see any point in saving the uses and chose to use them directly.

"The coordinates are 23121.42342 and 9822.2311."

Shen Luo immediately gave him two coordinates.

He looked at the location of these coordinates and used the Somersault Cloud skill and quickly headed toward those two locations.


Center of Pacific Ocean.

After the end of the World War, an airship appeared in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

The airship had the appearance of a spinning top, and it could only carry 10,000 players.

The door of the airship had opened up, and an NPC was checking the players tickets.

All of them were level 100 players.


A group of players was arriving from the horizon. From their appearance, it was clear that these players all came from the American Server.

James J was riding on his flying steed and said to Johns with a smile, "Leader. Ive gathered some information. There are only a few hundred Huaxia Server players who managed to get the tickets. Most of the tickets have been bought out by the other five servers. If there are any Huaxia players on the ship, we should kill them when we reach Silvermoon!"

Eve said in agreement, "Ive asked some NPCs about it. When we reach Silvermoon, our stats will be converted. If our conversion rate is low, we might even be able to eliminate the Shifter Emperor!"

Johns said, "Alright, lets get into the airship first and gather those from the five servers so that we can have a discussion!"


On the ocean, some distance away, Qiu Si, Ling Yun, Canaan, Yao Qiong, Su Xingyu, Bai Yi, and other elites had all gathered together.

Ling Yun said with a frown, "Its going to be dangerous this time. Because we couldnt get the tickets during the final moments of the World War, the entire Huaxia Server has only obtained around 500 tickets. As soon as we reach Silvermoon, we would no doubt be surrounded!"

Han Qianqian, who was next to Canaan, said, "Should we go with the next batch? Since we are only level 100, it would be a great loss if we were sent back as soon as we reach there!"

Yao Qiong then said, "If you want to retreat, thats your problem. I have to go there. If were late by a month, well be suppressed as soon as we arrive. Tell the remaining players to get more tickets next month!"

Qiu Si nodded. "I cannot retreat as well. When weve arrived, we have to use all our reposition, stealth skills, and survival items to leave immediately. We cannot stay behind or we will all die!"

A level 100 normal player then said, "It wouldnt be that bad, right? The Shifter Emperor would be here. With the Shifter Emperor here, would they dare attack us?"

Yao Qiong then scoffed and said, "Dont depend on the Shifter Emperor. He might even be weaker than you once hes on Silvermoon!"


Qiu Si and a group of people kept on discussing what to do far away from the airship.

However, every time they saw a group of people from one of the other servers entering the ship, their faces paled.

As the sky darkened, the time for departure was drawing closer. The number of players boarding the airship was slowly reducing.

"Lets go!" When they saw that, Yao Qiong and the rest of the players from the Huaxia Server all headed toward the ship.

After a short while, the group all entered the airship.

There was no advanced technology in the airship. In fact, the entire airship was made of wood.

There were also no rooms or anything of that sort, other than a giant space capable of holding 10,000 people.

Therefore, when Yao Qiong and the others entered, all of them looked at them.

"Hey, arent those the elites from Huaxia? Why are there so little of you? Arent you all super powerful? Did the rest of you die?" Kawaguchi Shinki was being arrogant when he saw Yao Qiong and the rest of them enter. He sneered at them, completely forgetting about how they were defeated during the World War.

Many of the other players nodded in agreement.

"So what if they won? They were all depending on the Shifter Emperor! But when he reaches Silvermoon, he will become nothing more than trash. Lets see if theres anyone else you can depend on!"

"Thats right. We wont have to worry about it because we have plenty of people. This time, theres a lot of us. Even if the conversion rate for elites is much higher, we still have normal players that have low conversion rates. We can still win you!"

"Come on, lets fly! I cant wait to see those from the Huaxia Server run around like headless chickens, haha!"


The players from the other five servers were showing off, and it felt like they were bullying those with fewer people.

At this time, Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, Mu Xi, and Nangong Tiaotiao came in. Xue Yingqi smiled coldly at the other players from the five servers and said, "Why are you losers barking around? Running around like headless chickens? Let me tell you something. You couldnt defeat us in the Divine Dominion Continent, you still cant defeat us in Silvermoon!"

Behind them were Jiang Fengs five followers.

They were Heifeng, Yanhu, Thunderclap Mantis, Xiao Longnu, and Guapi.

As for Hundun, he could not leave the Divine Dominion Continent as it was the Huaxia Servers Sacred Beast on the Divine Dominion Continent unless there were other Sacred Beasts that could replace it.

"You whore, stop being so arrogant, you fart"

"Fart? Who wants to eat fart? I just ate a chicken drumstick and Im really feeling it! Ill give you for free!"


Just as Kawaguchi Shinki was yelling at Xue Yingqi, Heifeng appeared in front of him through a repositioning skill and raised his buttocks, and released some poisonous gas.

While the ship was a safe area and no attacks were allowed, nor would anyone suffer any damage, but the visual and audio effects of certain acts and skills remained.

Perhaps Heifeng was not feeling that well, his fart turned Kawaguchi Shinki grey in color.

"Hahaha, Xiao Hei, not bad! But are you trying to murder me through laughter and inherit all my roasted meat?!" Yanhu laughed and roared as he looked at Kawaguchi Shinki.


Mu Xi and the other three followers who could understand the Tongue of the Beast all started laughing. Other than the players from the Japanese Server, all the players from the other servers could not hold it and burst out laughing. The players from the Japanese Server could only stare angrily at Heifeng.