Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Becoming Mere Pawns

Nighttime. A full moon hung in the air.

Jiang Feng chatted with Ling Feiyu as he hugged her for a while. He looked at the time and logged back online.

There were only a few minutes left until the timer would reach 24 hours. He should prepare to enter Silvermoon.

Ding. Welcome back to the game. Wish you an enjoyable time!

Once he returned to the game, he appeared on the airship.

"Hey hey, dont stop! Youre all too weak! Youve given up after just a little bit?" The moment he came back online, he heard Heifeng continue yelping.

He looked at Heifeng, and saw a Japanese Player closing his eyes and said to Heifeng helplessly, "Please, can you stop? Youve been at it for 24 hours. Arent you tired?"

"Tired? Tired is for the weak! I can continue for a few more hours!" Heifeng licked the chicken drumstick in his paw as he said to that player.

Many of the Japanese players looked at Heifeng, impressed. Jiang Feng was speechless as he thought to himself, Alright, he has been cursing for 24 hours to the point where thousands have just surrendered!

"Heifeng, stop being noisy and come over here. Were almost there!" He yelled at Heifeng.

"Youre lucky! This time, Ill let you go! Dont let me see you again, or Ill curse at you every time I see you!" After receiving Jiang Fengs order, Heifeng yelled at the people that he was having a verbal war with and walked toward Jiang Feng.

Ding. System Prompt: Attention! Each of you will have a parachute in your inventory. The airship will arrive at her destination in three minutes. You may check your map. There are 5 locations where you may land. When the airship flies through the drop-off points, you may choose to land there. As Silvermoons gravity is different from the Divine Dominion Continent, please do not think that you may maintain flight for too long. Wish you all a great time ahead!

Jiang Feng was just going to walk over to Xue Yingqi when a systems voice appeared. He quickly looked at his loot panel, and there was indeed a parachute.

Next, he checked the map.


At the next moment, a crescent-shaped landmass appeared in front of him. At the edge of the map were red spots that kept on blinking. Those were the drop-off points.

"Shifter Emperor, which drop-off point do we choose?" Xue Yingqi walked over and asked him.

Jiang Feng clanked at Xue Qyingqi, and then looked at the group of Huaxia Server players. He thought for a moment and said to them, "Lets scatter. We still do not know how our stats will be converted. Just in case, we should scatter among the five drop-off points. Once we have landed, we should run, since there are too few of us. Our priority is to survive. We can have our vengeance later!"

"I agree!" Qiu si nodded in agreement.

"Alright, we should split up," Yao Qiong said to everyone.

Next, several hundreds of Huaxia Server players were separated into groups.

In the end, Jiang Feng decided to lead Xiao Longnu, his followers, Mu Xi, and Nangong Tiaotiao at the same landing zone.

Ding. System Prompt: We have reached the first drop-off point. Please choose if you wish to jump off in the next 5 seconds!

"Lets go!" Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, and another thirty players chose the first landing point.

As soon as Xue Yingqi said that, the wooden floor under them became transparent glass. Next, the glass panes were opened, and they were all dropped.

"James J, lead a group and pursue them!"

When Johns saw Xue Yingqi and a group of the players fall, he quickly told James J to follow them.

Next, James J led around a hundred players to the first drop off point. The players from the other four servers also sent a group of players to follow them.

They wanted to send Xue Yingqi and the others back to the Divine Dominion Continent.

"Haha! Shifter Emperor, can you feel the despair yet? Ill tell you right here and now that Silvermoon is our world. Huaxia Server will be eliminated this time!" Kawaguchi Shinki said as he laughed.

"You clown!" Jiang Feng laughed coldly and did not pay him any more attention.

Kawaguchi Shinki wanted to say something, but Heifeng took a step forward and immediately told him off.

Ding. System Prompt: We have reached the second drop-off point. Please choose if you wish to jump off in the next 5 seconds!

In a short while, they had reached the second drop-off point.

"Lets go!" Qiu Si led another group of players.

All five servers sent a group of players to chase Qiu Si and his group down.

The third drop-off point was next, and Yao Qiong led another group of players to land.

When they reached the fourth drop-off point, Ling Yun, Su Xingyu, Bai Yu, and the others chose to land.

In the end, there were only Jiang Feng, Xiao Longnu, Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao and his followers left.

The other five servers had about 4,000 players left. All of them were targeting him.

Jiang Feng said to Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao, "When both of you land, fly toward the edge. Heifeng and the others will protect you two. I will attract their attention. We will gather at the village close to the drop-off point!"

"Alright!" Mu Xi nodded.

Ding. System Prompt: We have reached the fifth drop-off point. Please choose if you wish to jump off in the next 5 seconds!

Jiang Feng took out his parachute and equipped it, then took out Deicide and said to Mu Xi, "Lets go!"


As soon as he finished saying so, the wooden floor under him became glass. When it opened, his body fell from above it. As soon as he fell, he could hear the sounds of the wind.

Ding. System Prompt: Converting stats Please wait


Silvermoon, within the Imperial Palace.

King Zhou, who was having fun with his concubines within a pool suddenly felt something. He looked up into the sky and said, "Looks like another group of people is coming to Silvermoon from the Divine Dominion Continent. Very good, that means I have more pawns to use!"

King Zhou waved his hand, and a giant, empty chessboard appeared.

Then, 10,000 black and white pawn pieces appeared on the chessboard. The blacks were males and the whites were females. The monsters were all separated similarly, and their names were carved onto their pieces.

He quickly found Jiang Fengs display name "Shifter Emperor" among the pieces. He smiled coldly, "Your stats conversion ratio shall be set at the maximum 1,000."

After setting Jiang Fengs stats conversion ratio, he then said to his dozens of concubines, "My beloved concubines, you all have fun with setting the conversion ratio for the pawns. But you will have no authority to set the conversion ratio beyond 500, and even I only have the authority to set a maximum of 1,000."

"Yes, this one called Haifeng, correct? I will set it at 100. I want to see how far he can go!"

"Hmph! Your Haifeng probably will not get any stronger than Johns. I will set Johns at 100 too. We should let them fight later, and see who is stronger!"

"Teehee, you are all so naughty. I want to play too! Let us see whose pawns are stronger!"


The players from the Divine Dominion Continent did not expect that their fate on Silvermoon was all held in the hands of King Zhou and his concubines.

Ding. System Prompt: Stats conversion complete. The conversion ratio is 1,000 to 1.

When Jiang Feng was landing, he merely smiled when he heard the systems prompt. He had already expected it as such, so he did not pay it much attention.

Regardless of their stats, the players that followed him to Silvermoon would not be his match. That was because his original stats were too high.

"Haha! 100:1! Shifter Emperor, now that our stats are similar, lets see where you can run!" At this time, he could hear maniacal laughter coming from above.

He looked up and saw Kawaguchi Shinki from the Japanese Server.


Jiang Feng smiled coldly, and yelled out, "Shadow Strike!"

Next, six shadows appeared next to him. And the original and the shadows all strike at Kawaguchi Shinki who was falling from above with their Deicides.


Seven Deicides quickly came together as they all aimed at Kawaguchi Shinki.

"You have a Sacred Skill!" Kawaguchi Shinkis face paled and he quickly dodged.

Unfortunately, under the influence of such powerful gravity, his actions were meaningless.


The attack hit Kawaguchi Shinki square on his chest, and thanks to Shadow Strikes damage that was multiplied, Kawaguchi Shinki was immediately killed.

All of those players that were pursuing Jiang Feng, including Johns, had blood drained off from their faces.

"How could this be? Your stats conversion ratio should be 1,000! But you still have the ability to instantly kill others?" Johns said in disbelief.

"All I can say is that you are too ignorant!" Jiang Feng smiled slightly as he said to Johns with a snort.