Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 335

Chapter 335 Quest For The Guide

Even without including Deicides attack and movement speed boost, Jiang Fengs original stats were:

HP: 13,890,000

Attack: 5,290,000

Defense: 2,430,000

After the 1000:1 conversion rate, his stats were:

Sacred Health: 13,890

Sacred Attack: 5,290

Sacred Defense: 2,430

The so-called Sacred Health, Sacred Attack, and Sacred Defense were all Silvermoons stats. They would return to their original values when returned to the Divine Dominion Continent.

As for his other stats, he was not sure if there would be any changes when he was on Silvermoon.

But his current stats would still be enough to face the pursuit from the five servers.

However, he could handle at most a few at the same time. He was not as powerful as he was before.

Of course, some players would have similar stats to his or even surpass his stats slightly after conversion.

With his Sacred Skill, he could easily kill off anyone that was present here.

"As I thought, even the Sacred Artifacts stats have been changed!"

Jiang Feng, who was still on his journey downward, snorted at Johns. Then, he quickly separated from Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao and went in the opposite direction. When he remembered the damage he dealt killing off Kawaguchi Shinki, he frowned and looked at Deicides stats.

Deicide: First Grade Sacred Artifact (Growing Weapon)

Sacred Attack: +100%

Destiny +30%

Passive Skills:

Drain Blood. Attack heals 30% of the damage done.

Bloody Burst: Every time you kill a player, attack and movement speed increases by 0.1%. No upper limit.

Active Skill:

Sweep the Army: When used after enlarged, the attack will blow away enemies at a rate of 100%.

Transform: Can change to any shape and any size at will.

Prerequisite: Shifter Emperor

After giving it a thought, he understood why. Since the stats of every player from the Divine Dominion Continent, their equipment would be similarly changed as well.

He believed that the other Sacred Artifacts that the other players had had all been weakened as well.

Since when they were on the Divine Dominion Continent, the Sacred Artifacts skills could reach thousands, even tens of thousands of meters. However, they were all weakened here.

The Divine Dominion Continent was just a start. It was like a demo. Silvermoon and Dragonquarry were where the players main playing fields were at.

That was why he was still feeling alright at this moment.

However, he believed that once the Monster Transmutation System had completed its upgrade, he could still continue to be the creme de la creme.

"Shifter Emperor, you will die today!" Johns said as he quickly headed toward Jiang Feng down below.

As he said that, many of the elites began to pursue him and rush toward his landing point.

There were only several dozen players chasing after Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao.

They did not care about Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao. They only cared about Jiang Feng.

At this point, all of the players were descending at the same speed. The distance between them and the ground was still several thousand meters wide.

He turned back and looked at the army that was chasing after him. Jiang Feng smiled and did not pay them much attention.

The descent continued for about two minutes, and they was only a few hundred meters before he would land. He looked at the town below him, then turned and yelled at Johns, "Haha! I like to see your face when you dont like me but you cant kill me!"

After that, he took out the Teleporting Cauldron and went into it. He then immediately teleported into the city without using the parachute.

Ding. System Prompt: Teleportation Successful. -200pp!

The cost of teleporting using the Teleporting Cauldron had changed as well. Originally, it was gp. But it had since become pp.

However, he had 1,000,000,000pp on him, so he did not care about it at all.

He could not spend the pp on him as it was bound to him. He could only use it at Nirvana Auction House and certain system expenses.

Of course, he could use the pp that he had obtained from the Nirvana Auction House to purchase auctioned items and sell them outside. But he would suffer a lot of losses.

"Damn it! How many Sacred Artifacts and Sacred Skill does he have!"

When Jiang Feng teleported away using the Teleporting Cauldron, Johns became very angry.

Originally, he was going to kill Jiang Feng and send him back to the Divine Dominion Continent. But his plan had failed before it had even begun.

"Dont worry. He must have gotten to a safe area down there. All we need to do is to block him at the towns entrance. Once he has exited the town, we can still kill him!" Kitazawa Hinata said to Johns.

"Alright, lets find a place to land then and stop him from escaping the town!" Johns said as he controlled the parachute, heading toward the town.


Jiang Feng had used the Teleporting Cauldron and arrived at the town.

He put away the Teleporting Cauldron and looked up at the many parachutes. He did not care about them as he smiled since they could not kill anyone within the safe area.

And that was why he was going to head to the city center and to change his gp to pp at a banker, as well as understand how Silvermoon was to be played.

However, the moment he started running, he noticed the heavy gravity pulling at him.

His running speed had become far slower.

"The force of gravity here should be ten times that of the Divine Dominion Continent, my movement speed has been weakened by at least a factor of ten!" He looked at his movement speed and he noticed that his movement speed had been reduced by 10 times. That meant that Silvermoons gravity was about 10 times stronger.

While his movement speed had been reduced and he could no longer zoom around, he could still maintain the jogging speed back in reality.

As he ran toward the town center, he passed by a smithy.

In front of the city was a powerfully-built man holding a giant smithy hammer.

When the man saw him, his eyes beamed, and he quickly yelled at him, "Guest from the Divine Dominion, can you help me with a problem?"

Jiang Feng was jogging away but stopped, then turned to look at the man as he thought to himself, Oh? A quest?

Quests normally had to be manually triggered. He had never spoken to the man but yet he came, spoke to him, and even wanted to give him quests. That had really surprised him.

But when he looked at the mans friendly face, Jiang Feng realized something.

On the Divine Dominion Continent, most NPCs A.I. was low or middle level, so the Charisma stat was not that useful. However, when he arrived on Silvermoon, all the NPCs here were using Super A.I. His Charisma stats finally had some use. That was why the man would call out to him and actively give him quests.

"Anything I can help you with?"

He would never reject a quest that was given to him freely. He also wanted to see what the differences between the quests in Silvermoon and in the Divine Dominion Continent were.

The man smiled and said, "With more guests from Divine Dominion arriving, our town will become much more lively now. However, I do not think that my smithy has enough equipment for sale. Can you help me forge 10 Super Divine Artifacts? I will compensate you as well as giving you a book called Guide to Silvermoon. How does it sound to you?"

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the "Forge 10 Super Divine Artifact" quests from Liu?


Even if he were to disregard the other quest rewards, the Guide to Silvermoon alone had already caught his attention.

He guessed that all the players that arrived at the town would receive a quest. And the quest would always reward them with a Guide to Silvermoon.