Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 336

Chapter 336 Content In The Guide To Silvermoon

Chapter 336: Content in the Guide to Silvermoon
It was the first quest that Jiang Feng had accepted. Curious, he took a better look at the quest.

Forge 10 Super Divine Artifacts: Hard

Blacksmith Liu does not have enough equipment recently. Forge 10 Super Divine Artifacts for Blacksmith Liu.

Quest Rewards: Guide to Silvermoon, 1000 experience points, 5pp, 1 Drop of Sacred Blood

"Sacred Blood!"

Jiang Feng got excited when he saw the quest reward.

He had never obtained any Sacred Blood, not even from the five Sacred Beasts on the Divine Dominion Continent.

His guess was that the five Sacred Beasts wanted to maintain the purity of the Sacred Blood in the Blood of Origin, and that was why they did not give him any Sacred Blood. Instead, they gave him their Divine Beast Bloodline.

He did not expect that the first Hard difficulty quest would give him Sacred Blood, and that shocked him.

At the same time, he also wanted to know how much the Sacred Blood could increase his bloodlines purity.

After breaking his seal, his bloodline was the Spiritual Level Shifter Emperor bloodline. His bloodline did not even reach Immortal Level. Divine Beast Bloodlines had little effect on him, but if he could obtain Sacred Level Bloodline, the speed of his evolution could be increased.

"Guest from Divine Dominion, there are 20 portions of smithing materials prepared within the smithy room. The fewer materials used, the more luxurious the rewards will be! But if you cant complete the task after using up the materials, you will have to provide your own afterward!" Blacksmith Liu said with a smile.


It was only forging Super Divine Artifacts. His success rate would be very high thanks to his experience in smithing and his Luck. He had even succeeded in forging Sacred Artifacts, Super Divine Artifacts was nothing.

When he saw Johns descending from the skies, he turned and walked into the smith with a smile.


Johns, Kitazawa Hinata, Yero, and Park Eum-uk quickly gave chase when they saw Jiang Feng entering the smithy.

Blacksmith Liu extended his hand and blocked them from entering. "My apologies, but the smithy is not opened yet. You may not enter!"

"But that man went in just now." Johns asked unhappily.

"What does that have to do with you?" Blacksmith Liu sneered at them.

Looking at his facial expression, all the players were stunned. They did not expect that the NPCs on Silvermoon would be so highly intelligent and showed so much emotion.

After he had finished what he had to say, Blacksmith Liu returned to his smithy and closed his door, leaving Johns and the others exchanging glances outside.

"Fine. Get someone and block the exits. Everyone else should go level up and get the Lords Order as soon as possible!"

They could not do anything even if they met Jiang Feng in the safe area, not to mention that Jiang Feng had entered the Smithy, which was barred from them. Johns and the others decided not to wait, but to go and level themselves up to increase their power.


Jiang Feng entered the smithy room and looked at all the available materials, and began to forge the equipment.

The materials were all of Divine levels and above. With these materials, forging and creating Super Divine Artifacts would be a childs play.

As any Super Divine Artifact would do, he did not deliberately design each of them. He completed the quest after six hours.

After finishing the quest, he left the smithy room and gave back the remaining materials, and completed equipment to Blacksmith Liu.

"Hm? Not bad. You have finished so quickly and didnt waste any materials!" Blacksmith Liu looked at Jiang Fengs works with a smile.

Ding. System Prompt. Congratulations on completing the "Forge 10 Super Divine Artifacts" quest. You have received 5,000 experience points, 10pp, Guide to Silvermoon, and 2 drops of Sacred Blood.

He had completed the quest and his rewards had been increased.

Once he was at Silvermoon, the experience needed per level up had also been reduced. This one quest had filled up his experience bar by 10%.

He did not care much about the experience points and purple pieces. Instead, he took out the Sacred Blood.

Sacred Blood: When consumed by humanoids, increases Sacred Blood by 500, Sacred Attack by 100, and Sacred Defense by 20. When consumed by monsters, increase bloodline purity.

"Lets see how good this is!" He gave it a thought, and took out a drop of Sacred Blood that looked like a liquid diamond, and then consumed it.

Ding. System Prompt: Shifter Emperor Bloodline Purity +1%.

"Its effect is much stronger than before. One drop of Divine Beast bloodline could only increase my bloodline purity by 0.01% thanks to my Spiritual Level Shifter Emperor Bloodline. So, one drop of Sacred Blood is equal to 100 drops of Divine Beast bloodline. When the Monster Transmutation System has finished its upgrades, I can quickly evolve again!" Jiang Feng said excitedly.

Next, he consumed the other drop of Sacred Blood, and then checked the Guide to Silvermoon.

There were 10 points on the Guide to Silvermoon.

Leaving the Starter Town
Players may only leave through the Teleportation Circle toward one of the 9 main cities on Silvermoon at level 150.

    Dungeon Quests

    Starter Towns and Main Cities would have Dungeon Quests. Sacred Level Set Equipment and Inheritor Specific Set Equipment might drop as loot from the Dungeon Quests. The first completion of a dungeon would be announced through a World Announcement.

      Birth System

      In Silvermoon, once a relationship has been established. There may be a chance for the female to become pregnant. The child will all be at the level of Rank 1 Sacred Level. If they were given Sacred Blood and some special food item, the childs growth might increase.

        Heaven and Earth Leaderboard

        Both players and NPCs may enter the leaderboard. Top ten players on the leaderboard may receive a fief. If they lose their places, they would lose their fiefs. Whoever has entered the leaderboard has the right to enter the Nirvana Auction House.

          Cultivation Room

          Every city will open a cultivation room. You can fuse skills in the cultivation room and can also increase skill proficiency. One can use Free Attribute Points in exchange for Skill Proficiency within the cultivation room. 1 Free Attribute Point can also be used to exchange 1 hours worth of use of the cultivation room. 10 Free Attribute Points can be used at once, and the use of the cultivation room will automatically continue during logouts. Maximum use of 24 hours.