Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Emperor Qin

Jiang Feng was very interested in the content posted in the Guide to Silvermoon.

Perhaps it was because this was a new high-level map and everything here was new to him. He wanted to explore everything.

But he also knew that this was a place where power did the talking.

If he had power, no one would dare cross him, just like on the Divine Dominion Continent.

Without power, he would not even dare hunt for the resources.

At the current stage, while he was much more powerful than all the players on Silvermoon and he would have no problem destroying a small party, it would be difficult if he were to meet the local NPCs.

For example, Shi Long and Black Widow, who were at Lesser Sacred Master level.

Both of them were originally local NPCs and were locals of Silvermoon. They already had their own Sacred Blood, Sacred Attack, and Sacred Defense stats and needed no conversion.

Of course, when they went over to Divine Dominion Continent, their stats would be converted to the Divine Dominion Continent stats.

That was because each map focused on a different playstyle. Otherwise, the gaming company would not create so many maps.

That was to give the players different experiences and to immerse within the world of Divine Dominion, and to write the histories of Divine Dominion.

"I wonder how Mu Xi and the others are doing?" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself, then shook his head. "I remember that there were only about two dozen players chasing after them. With Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his followers abilities, they should have minimal problem."

"I should level up first!"

While levels were meaningless to him before this, he needed the levels now as they once again impacted him.

Other than the ten points on the Walkthrough, there were a few hints scattered around. For example, when monsters increase in level, the stats increased would depend on the strength of their bloodline.

As for the free attribute points that he had gained during level-ups, he could choose to use them on the three hidden stats. Or he could save them to cultivate in the cultivation room to fuse his skills and increase his skill proficiencies.

He had a lot of Free Attribute Points at this point. With 451 points, it would be enough for him to spend on the Cultivation Room. He could perhaps even increase his skills to Sacred Level or increase the ranks of his Sacred Skills.

When he reached Silvermoon, the limits placed on his three hidden stats had been removed. He could continue to increase them.

However, he did not choose to use all of them since his three hidden stats were already very high. He was not sure if he was going to use a lot of the Free Attribute Points at the Cultivation Room, so he was going to save them up for later.

He took out the Teleporting Cauldron and chose a level 100 monster area close to the Starter Town and teleported over.

At that point in time, Johnss people were all over the Starter Town. He would be pursued if he chose to walk out just like that. He was not afraid of them, but they would become quite the nuisance if he wanted to go to kill monsters and level up.

And as he did not leave the Starter Town, he could not teleport to the other Nine main cities as well.


There was a bright light, and he appeared in the level 100 Armored Pig monster territory.

Armored Pig: Level 100 Spiritual Beast

Sacred Health: 30,000

Sacred Attack: 2,000-3,500

Sacred Defense: 1,000

Skills: Bull Rush

He put away the cauldron to moment he appeared at the Armored Pig monster territory.


As soon as he appeared, two Armored Pigs the size of small hills charged toward him.

Looking at the two Armored Pigs stats, he could only sigh deep down, The level 100 Spiritual Beasts stats are quite strong. With my current stats, I have to use Sacred Skills to be able to instant kill these level 100 Spiritual Beasts.

He took out Deicide. With Deicides boost, his attack rose to around 10,000.

He looked at the two Armored Pigs rushing over, and he decided to face them head-on with Deicide.


The Deicide violently struck one of the Armored Pigs and blasted him away. He spun it in his hand, and quickly slammed it on the other Armored Pig.

The two Armored Pigs fell to the ground. Both of them let out angry roars and their eyes turned red, entering the Berserk State before charging at Jiang Feng again.

On Silvermoon, they did not know Jiang Fengs existence as the Shifter Emperor. They only knew that he was a monkey that had hurt them.

While both the Armored Pigs were considered to be Shifters and had some intelligence, Jiang Feng did not stay his hand. If he wanted to grow, he would have to climb the hills made of the bones of players and those of his own race. That was what it meant by bones paving the road to glory.

Humans killed humans. Ghosts gorged on ghosts. Monsters cannibalized monsters. That was the normalcy of a food chain.

After a few strikes, the two Armored Pigs fell before him.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations. You have gained 500 experience points.

As he walked over to the two corpses while listening to the two system prompts, he noticed that they did not drop anything as loot despite his high luck.

After killing the monsters, they would normally not drop anything unless he used Transmute Monster on them.

"Huff The Monster Transmutation System still requires one weeks time to fully upgrade. Looks like my experience growth would slow down quite a bit during this time," He mumbled as he headed toward another group of monsters.


Just as Jiang Feng was killing the monsters, the fight between the players that boarded the airship from the Divine Dominion Continent had ended. In the end, out of 10,000 players and monsters, only 7,894 remained. All the remaining ones were sent back to the Divine Dominion Continent.

After the end of this fight, a white-clothed man appeared in a space underneath a desert in Silvermoon.

In this place, there existed a gigantic bronze coffin. Nine golden dragons were engraved on it.

The white-clothed man flashed and reappeared in front of the Bronze Coffin, and knelt before it, "Report, Emperor Qin. The first group of guests from the Divine Dominion has arrived. Your orders?"


As soon as he had finished, the Bronze coffin began to float into the air.

Next, a man wearing a golden robe with nine dragons stood up from the bronze coffin. However, when he stood up, it was obvious that his body was extremely stiff.

The man wearing the golden robe slowly opened his eyes, and a domineering aura burst forth. The white-clothed man felt that it was hard for him to breathe.


The man wanted to fly out from the bronze coffin, but just as he jumped, a pair of chains chaining his feet dragged him down.

If one were to observe carefully, the two chains were directly drilled into his body from underneath his feet.

"Ah. Curse him! Curse that King Zhou! Once I am freed, I will kill him!"

The golden robed man began to express fury despite his stiff face and roared out as he pulled the chains. The white-clothed man was in so much fear that he could not help but tremble.

When he had calmed down, the man in the golden robe was slowly returning to normal. He then looked at the white-clothed man and asked, "Who is the most powerful among our guests?"

"The Inheritor of the Shifters, the Shifter Emperor. However, King Zhou set his stats conversion ratio at 1000:1. At this point, we cant determine who is the most powerful among them!" The white-clothed man answered.

"1000 to 1? It seems that King Zhou has some history with him. Otherwise, he would not have acted in such a way." The man in the golden robe smiled melancholically. "Him, then. Find a way to give him this quest. I hope that he will not disappoint me!"

"Understood!" The white-clothed man said and withdrew.

The man in the golden robe smiled and then lay back down into the bronze coffin, and the lid of the coffin was closed once again!