Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 338

Chapter 338 The Reserved Three Plot Quests

Caccali Peak, Silvermoon.

There was a location being surrounded by a protective barrier within the mountains.

It was mountainous within the barrier, with a flowing river, thriving trees, and flowers, as well as a wooden cottage.

A beautiful woman with western facial features pushed open the door of the cottage and walked over toward a clear lake without wearing any footwear. She sat by its side, her two feet dipping into the waters.


At this time, a bird flew up into the air. It flew just for a little while and the sky darkened, and black chains appeared in it. The chains shot out black lightning and instantly blasted the bird into ash.


At this time, black flames penetrated the black chains from the outside into the barrier, and it transformed into a man in a black robe.

He knelt down behind the beauty, "Goddess, our guests from the Divine Dominion have arrived!"

The beauty played with the water with her feet and asked calmly, "Are there any of our descendants among them?"

The man nodded. "Yes."

"Who among them is the most powerful?" She asked.

"The Inheritor of the Seraph* call Lux."

"Alright. Him then. Find a way and give him the quest!"

"Understood!" The man in the black robe nodded and transformed back into black flames, and disappeared.


In the Imperial Palace on Silvermoon.

King Zhou had his arms over his two concubines in his pool, and he was enjoying himself as his concubines fed him fruits.

"I have destroyed the five nations and six unions in the past, but now those from the Divine Dominion Continent have risen. My throne is under threat, so I must choose someone among them to assist me. My beloved concubines, who should I choose?" King Zhou suddenly asked his concubines.

All of them were slightly startled before giving it some thought.

One concubine said, "Your Majesty, the one called Haifeng is quite good. Not only is he Fu Xis descendant, but he also has the ability to prophesize. His own power isnt that weak too! I believe that is he our best candidate"

Another concubine said, "I disagree! Haifeng is the Shifter Emperors follower. I think Johns might be better. As the Inheritor of the Divines of the American server, choosing him means choosing the people of an entire server. Then, your majestys influence would become even stronger!"

"Davies is not bad either!"

"I recommend Xing Kui!"


All of the concubines began to give out their suggestions.

King Zhou summoned out the chessboard and gave it a good look. He smiled, and pointed at one of the many pawns, and said to the concubine in his arm, "He would do. Lady Lan, find a way to pass him the quest quietly. Remember, do this quietly. Otherwise, the Lord God Lingluo would not spare us!"

"Understood. I shall go at once!"

With that, Lady Lan left the pool undressed. She spun around, and a beautiful dress covered her. Next, her figure disappeared from the Imperial Palace.


Jiang Feng kept on farming monsters at the Armored Pigs territory close to the fifth Starter Town, not knowing that the Three Plot Quests had all been reserved. And he was one of those that had been reserved to take the quest.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 101. You have gained 10 Free Attribute Points. All three stats have been increased by 200 points.

After killing a dozen Armored Pigs, his level had risen to level 101, and his stats had slightly increased.

"No wonder it is so easy leveling up at Silvermoon. The experience points needed for the subsequent level has increased by 50%. This is even much higher than it was back at the Divine Dominion Continent. If I want to level up to level 150, I would need at least a few months!"

The required experience for leveling from level 100 to level 101 was only a little, but the amount of experience needed for the next level had greatly increased.

It was fine at the beginning, but as the number of experience points needed to level up to level 150 had increased exponentially, the number of experience points would get quite ridiculous.

"Boss, were at the Northern Gate of the Starter Town. Were blocked by a group of players led by Johns!"

Just as he was going to continue to level, the Thunderclap Mantiss voice appeared in his mind suddenly. He frowned.

"They just wont give up!" Jiang Feng said angrily and quickly headed to the Starter Towns Northern Gate.


Northern Gate of the Starter Town.

Johns looked at Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, Heifeng, and the others and said with a cold smile, "I didnt expect that you would be so able to the point of escaping from the dozens of players sent to hunt you down, looks like I underestimated you!"

Mu Xi said coldly, "Move away!"

"Haha, you dare to make so much noise when youre but rats? Lets move and send them back to the Divine Dominion Continent!"

Kitazawa Hinata looked at Mu Xi with a smirk, then waved his hand. Many players from the Japanese Server attacked them.

Looking at so many players coming over, Nangong Tiaotiao began to show signs of being afraid. She then said to Johns and Kitazawa Hinata, "You youre all bad people! If you touch us, the Shifter Emperor will beat you all up!"

"Haha, the Shifter Emperor? Let me tell you, the Shifter Emperor is a coward! Hes probably still hiding in the smithy! Hes been inside for a dozen hours. Hes so patient!" Kitazawa Hinata laughed.

"Haha, the Shifter Emperor is nothing to us now!"

"Thats right. Hes very powerful on the Divine Dominion Continent, but he is just a coward here!"


Just as they were making fun of Jiang Feng, a bolt of lightning flashed and struck at the chest of that player, immediately killing him.

Seeing that the player that was quite happily yelping about was suddenly killed, all of them were stunned and looked at where the light came from.

"Shifter Emperor!"

At this time, he saw that Jiang Feng was holding the Deicide and walking toward them with a poker face. Nangong Tiaotiao became excited.

The person that was coming over was indeed Jiang Feng.

The distance between the Armored Pigs territory and the Starter Town was only around a minute or two away, so he made it there pretty quickly.

Looking at Johns and his group, he felt no fear.

He had already reached level 101. Even if he was killed, he would not be sent back to the Divine Dominion Continent.

Not to mention that he still had cards left to play if he was willing to come to save Mu Xi and his followers.

"I have said it once and I will say it again. No matter where we are, I can still destroy all of you!"

Jiang Feng said to Johns and his group before heading over and said to Mu Xi and his followers, "Find an opportunity to get into the town. Leave this to me!"


Johns, the group of elites, and the remaining players from his servers all attacked Jiang Feng with a wave of his hands.

"Requiem! Hellfire!"

Seeing that a group of players was coming for him, he immediately used a crowd-control skill and an attack with a wide area-of-effect.


The bell rang, and Johns and his group were all dazed. Next, a pillar of flames rose within a radius of fifty meters and immediately surrounded them. The flames kept on dealing damage to them as numbers floating out from their heads.