Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 34

Chapter 34

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Ding! System Prompt. Congratulations on discovering the “Dragon City Riverbed”. You have been awarded 5,000 experience points.

“Dragon City Riverbed!”

After hearing the voice from the system, Jiang Feng was taken aback before opening his map to take a look.

From the map, his current position should be thousands of meters underneath the Imperial Dragon City.

He never would have thought that underneath the Imperial Dragon City would be another playable area. If it wasn’t because he had accepted the Shifter’s Main Quest, perhaps no players could have found this area in decades.

After giving some praises to the game’s designers, he then looked at the crystal palace in front of him

The crystal palace’s walls were made of white crystals and blue crystals. Most of them were white crystals. The blue crystals were only as large as thumbs and they had runes carved inside of them, and then they were slotted into the white crystals. Even within the darkness of the riverbed, the entire crystal palace was unnaturally bright.

After giving the crystal palace a simple look, his attention finally fell onto the bell that was enchained in the middle of the crystal palace.

“Donghuang Bell!”

Donghuang Bell: One of the Primordial Divine Artifact (Fragmented)

Introduction: A naturally formed treasure that was held by Donghuang when he was born at the beginning of Chaos. Also called the Chaos Bell. It possessed powerful abilities such as to command the Shifters. It was shattered when the Ten Primordial Divine Artifacts clashed with each other and was sealed by the Divine Emperor Xuanyuan at the riverbed underneath Imperial Dragon City.

Stats: ???

The Donghuang Bell was as tall as a man, and on it, many strange symbols were carved into it. Jiang Feng could not understand any of them.

But what he could clearly see was that the cracks on the Donghuang Bell had separated it into 108 pieces.

“Once I’ve destroyed the seal, I will awaken the Dragon Emperor’s fragmented soul. But the Dragon Emperor is also one of us Shifters. I can sacrifice myself to suppress it. Once his fragmented soul has been destroyed, the seal shall also be broken. The moment the seal is broken, the fragments of the Donghuang Bell shall scatter all over the world. You must use everything you have to collect all the Donghuang Bell’s fragments the moment the seal was broken.

4“After you have collected all the Donghuang Bell fragments, you may then use your blood to glue the Donghuang Bell fragments when you have hundreds of bloodlines within you. And it will then reform on its own!” Ya Di told Jiang Feng in a whisper as she looked at the Donghuang Bell with complex emotions.

3“Alright,” said Jiang Feng as he took out the Qiankun Gourd.

“Hm? A piece of Lianyao Flask!”

Seeing Jiang Feng taking out the Qiankun Gourd, Ya Di’s eyes beamed and she was astonished.

“That’s right, this is one of the three pieces of the Lianyao Flask,” Jiang Feng confirmed to Ya Di.

“Haha! With the Qiankun Gourd, you can gather even more Donghuang Bell fragments,” Ya Di said eagerly. “While the Qiankun Gourd has limited abilities, it had one hidden ability. That is the ability to absorb. By sacrificing a little of your health, you can absorb anything you designated into itself. Of course, this can only be used on inanimate objects. If a living subject does not resist, you can also absorb it into the gourd.”

1“Where is the hidden ability?” Jiang Feng asked Ya Di in confusion.

He had seen the Qiankun Gourd’s stats, there was no ability called absorb.

“I will activate it for you,” said Ya Di as she took the QIankun Gourd, then dripped a drop of her blood onto it. The Qiankun Gourd released a ray of light, but it disappeared very quickly.

Once he took it back and looked at the Qiankun Gourd’s stats again, a new ability appeared.

Absorb: Absorb designated item by sacrificing 500 points of HP every second. The more valuable and bigger the item is, the slower the speed of absorption.

“Um 500 health every second. With my 14,000 HP, I could at most do this for 28 seconds. While this skill was useful at the later stages of the game, if I use it at the earlier stages I might kill myself by accident.” Jiang Feng said helplessly as he looked at this new ability.

“I’m going to break the seal, stand aside and be ready!”

1At this time, Ya Di warned Jiang Feng and she walked towards the sealed Donghuang Bell.

Jiang Feng quickly grabbed the Qiankun Gourd by his mouth to the corner of the crystal palace.


Ya Di cried out coldly, and her body began to burn. The Dragonhead Staff shot out an azure-colored ball of fire and engulfed the light barrier and chains.


At the moment that she attacked, the entire crystal palace trembled.

“Roar! Who dares to break the seal over the Donghuang Bell!”

At this time, an orange-colored dragon swam over. His five-fingered claws continuously moved in the river water, and his huge dragon head was full of majesty. However, his body was not solid but was instead slightly ethereal.


Once the orange dragon swam over, he turned into an old man in a yellow robe with long horns.

Dragon Emperor: Earth Dragon Emperor

Stats: ???

“Dragon Emperor. You were originally the most powerful among the Earth Dragons. I never would have thought that you have become the Divines’ slave!” Ya Di looked at the Dragon Emperor, her eyes filled with killing intent.

“The Shifter Hierophant!” The Dragon Emperor was slightly surprised when he saw Ya Di, and then a dragon pearl the size of a watermelon appeared in his hand and he darted it towards her. “The Shifters are gone! I am now the highest Dragon Emperor amongst the Divines, and no longer a Shifter! I care not who you are, if you would break the Donghuang Bell’s seal, then I shall kill you!”

“Hoho, then I shall borrow your power to destroy the seal!”

Ya Di smiled coldly, and her burning body appeared next to the Dragon Emperor. Next, the blue flames engulfed the Dragon Emperor and smashed him towards the Donghuang Bell.


Seeing this, Jiang Feng quickly hid into the Qiankun Gourd.


A large explosion came from outside the Qiankun Gourd, and even the inside of the Qiankun Gourd was trembling endlessly.

“Boss, what’s going on out there? Isn’t it a bit too lively?” The Flaming Tiger King inside the Qiankun Gourd asked as he came towards Jiang Feng when he saw him.

“Nothing!” Jiang Feng replied. When it was quiet outside, he then left the Qiankun Gourd.


When he appeared within the Crystal Palace again, both Ya Di and the Dragon Emperor had disappeared. Even the Crystal Palace had been destroyed. Even the light barrier and chains that were binding the Donghuang Bell was gone.


At this time, the cracked Donghuang Bell began to vibrate.


Seeing this, Jiang Feng used his mouth to grab the Qiankun Gourd and aimed it at the Donghuang Bell and used its “Absorb” ability.


The moment that he used the Absorb ability, a ray of light shot out from the gourd and surrounded the Donghuang Bell, and pulling it into the Qiankun Gourd.




“Faster! Faster!”

Looking at his depleting HP, Jiang Feng became anxious and kept on muttering.


The Donghuang Bell was closing towards the Qiankun Gourd, but when it was almost at the gourd, it broke. Pieces of it began to fly everywhere.


Seeing this, Jiang Feng quickly used his paw to smack one of the pieces that flew by him onto the ground.

While the moment it broke, many of the Donghuang Bell’s fragments had been pulled into the Qiankun Gourd, but there were still around 50 fragments that flew out of the Dragon City Riverbed.



At this moment, prismatic light began to fly out around the Imperial Dragon City. All the players were surprised as they saw the flying prismatic lights.

“Oh damn, don’t tell me a treasure is revealing itself!”

“Haha, I got one! Oh damn! This is one of the pieces of the Primordial Divine Artifact, the Donghuang Bell! I’m going to be rich!”

2“Crap, let your hand go! I got this one first!”

At this moment, all of the players at Imperial Dragon City chased after the prismatic light. Some of the players were quite lucky, once the prismatic lights flew out, they instinctively caught them in their hands. They would quickly throw it into their inventory and continue to grab the other prismatic lights.

At this time, the entire player base in Imperial Dragon City had gone mad.