Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Guild Beast

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Divine Dominion Continent.

When Jiang Feng and the first group of elites entered Silvermoon, the other players were all trying their best to level.

Without the elites from the first and second batch, many more elites were trained.

Some of the players had completed one of the Ten Main Plot Quests, and their power had improved tremendously.

A new generation of elites was pouring in.

Of course, at this stage, the most powerful faction was still the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

The Ancient City had Ling Feiyu, Hundun, Ye Wufeng, Xiao Yatou, and a group of bosses protecting it. No players dared to make a move against the Ancient City.

It could be said that the Ancient City had great influence over any player regardless of which server they were from.

Ling Feiyu had sold a majority of the items that Jiang Feng had given her in order to improve the Ancient Citys defense. She had built it into a fortress.

Ding. World Announcement: The Guild Beast function has been activated. There is a chance to summon the soul of a Sacred Beast from another server by working on Guild Quests. If the members of the guild kill the Guild Beast, a large number of experience points would be awarded. The member that delivers the final blow would be awarded three times the experience. There is also a chance for it to drop Sacred level materials.


As soon as the World Announcement was made, Ling Feiyu, who was building in the city center saw a gigantic monster appear within the Ancient City. That meant that some of the players that had joined the Ancient City at a later date had high luck, and spawned the Guild Beast when they finished a Guild Quest.

The Guild Beast was the Japanese Servers Yamata-no-Orochis soul.

Soul of Yamata-no-Orochi: Rank 1 Sacred Beast

HP: 1,000,000,000

Attack: 1,000,000

Defense: 300,000

"Looks like the so-called Guild Beasts are similar to the World Boss in some games. They have extremely high HP but comparatively low attack and defense. Regardless, they could only be defeated by cooperating with others." Ling Feiyu mumbled as she looked at the Soul of Yamata-no-Orochi roaring at the heavens.

She then opened the Guild Panel and said to everyone, "All guild members, return to slay the Guild Beast!"

With her order, around 200,000 players that had joined the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor returned home through teleportation, and took out their weapons, and attacked the Soul of Yamata-no-Orochi that had begun to destroy its surrounding buildings.


Silvermoon, Insectoid Queen dungeon.

The Silent Hill map was quite simple, but he found no way through.

It would be difficult for him to be the first to complete this.

After checking the map for a long time and finding no way through, he had given up and was prepared to breach through them directly. "There is no way through, then we will have to do this the hard way. My equipment has the Drain Blood ability. I will tank, all of you follow behind me and clear the monsters. Avoid being attacked if possible!"

"Remember, do not get tangled up! Directly kill the boss!" As soon as he said that, he enlarged Deicide.

The veins on his arms almost popped as his ape face became stern, and he swept through the countless Black Poison Spiders in front of him.

"Sweep the Army!"

In one fell swoop, all the Black Poison Spider within Deicides range had been swept away.

"Lets go!"

After saying that, he had Deicide shrink down to normal size and led Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five followers.

All the Black Poison Spiders were approaching and were thrown away by Deicide.

Mu Xi and the others followed behind him tightly

Luckily, Deicides passive skill "Sweep the Army" had the ability to throw them away. Otherwise, they would have been surrounded and swamped by the Black Poison Spiders.

But even then, they were still swamped by the Black Poison Spider when they reached the valley where the boss was located.

"Attack!" As he yelled out, Jiang Feng also activated his Berserk status without hesitation and rushed into the swarm of Black Poison Spiders.

After he activated the Berserk status, his attack and movement speed had increased by 100%, and his attack had reached 10,000. Due to his luck, his critical rate was very high. Around seven out of ten of his attacks would be a critical hit. Instantly, a Black Poison Spider would be killed.

"Come on, you damn spiders! Here I come!"

Heifeng roared out angrily and also entered Berserk Status. Xiao Longnu and the other followers all went into a berserk state and began to kill the spiders.

In order to stop Nangong Tiaotiao from being killed, she was riding on Heifeng. She took out a Sacred level bow, nocked an arrow as she pulled the bowstring, and shot at a Black Poison Spider that was attacking Mu Xi.


Yanhu unleashed an angry roar, and a lightning ball headed toward the closest Black Poison Spider. At this moment, the horn on top of his head shot out a lightning bolt as thick as a persons arm at the lightning ball.

What they did not expect was that when the lightning bolt zapped the lightning ball, it did not explode. A pair of lightning dragons spinning around each other formed within the lightning ball.


The lightning ball struck at the group of Black Poison Spiders that were chasing after them and exploded. The Black Poison Spiders that were struck by it were all paralyzed as electricity washed over them.


On the other side, the Thunderclap Mantis kept on dancing around with its pair of scythe very quickly, and a tornado appeared in front of him.

It then threw the tornado toward the nearby Black Poison Spiders, and it whirled all the spiders into its wind.

Xiao Longnus attack was even more devastating. She roared at heaven, and loads of seawater appeared from the sky. The seawater transformed into several water dragons and kept on crashing into the ground, killing many Black Poison Spiders in one hit.

A giant rune appeared from Guapis horn. The rune looked like a complete array. Once the array had appeared, it instantly shredded open the very space it was at. From the gap, a powerful vacuum was pulling in the nearby Black Poison Spiders. All the spiders that were close to the spatial tear were immediately cut in half and instantly killed.

When Mu Xi saw Xiao Longnu, Yanhu and the other four monsters used their Sacred Skills, she was shocked.

When they were escaping, she had never seen them use their Sacred Skills. This was her first time.

She did not expect that Xiao Longnu and the others would be so powerful and had access to Sacred Skills.

What she did not know was that they had learned their Sacred Skills when they were in the Anti-Magic Prison.

Other than Xiao Longnu and the other four, she did not know that many of Jiang Fengs followers back in the Ancient City had also learned their own Sacred Skills.

Once they all gathered in Silvermoon, Jiang Fengs faction would become even stronger.


As Jiang Feng and the rest of the group were concentrating on killing the spiders, they did not realize that someone had also appeared within the dungeon.

A white-clothed man appeared on a black cloud.

The man looked at Jiang Feng and said calmly, "Other than the Shifter Emperor himself bearing much power, his followers are quite powerful as well. It seems that Emperor Qin is still very farsighted. Looks like I dont have to wait long before the armies buried underground would reappear again. And then, the entire Silvermoon will know of our power!"

The white-clothed man had been following Jiang Feng for quite some time since he had accepted Emperor Qins orders.

He was already there when he was dealing with Johns at the Starter Town.

What he did not expect was that despite the high conversion ratio, he would still be so powerful.