Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Monster Transmutation System Upgraded

Silent Hill.


A chain of explosions could be heard from Silent Hill. Silent Hill was not silent at all, but instead, it was quite noisy.

Black Poison Spiders were thrown up, and some of them had already died in the air as they came crashing down onto the ground.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 105. You have received 10 free attribute points. Three of your stats have increased by 200 points.

Once he had reached level 105, his stats had become slightly stronger. It was not much, but it did have some use.

"Xiao Longnu, be careful!"

After Xiao Longnu had transformed into her White Dragon form, her body was too big and she did not have enough dexterity. When he saw a group of Black Poison Spiders launch themselves toward Xiao Longnu, he swept them all away with Deicide and struck them all away.

"Lets go into the valley!"

When he saw that the numbers of the Black Poison Spiders had decreased somewhat, he yelled out to them and headed straight into the valley.


As soon as he entered the valley, spider silks were shot out from the valley.

The Black Poison Spiders did not have a spider silk attack, but the Purple Poison Spiders did.

There were 20 Purple Poison Spiders within the valley, and these spiders were all as large as cows.

Purple Poison Spider: Level 100 Immortal Beast

Sacred Blood: 85,000

Sacred Attack: 5,500 ~ 6,000

Sacred Defense: 2,800

Skills: Poison, Spider Silk

He could use his fly skill to avoid the spider silk that was heading his way.

However, due to the limits on Silvermoon, he could only fly around 10 meters off the ground. Not only that, he could not fly for too long as his stamina would deplete very quickly.

"Help me buy some time with the Immortal Beasts. I will go kill the Divine Beast boss!"

If he wanted to kill the Purple Poison Spiders and only then deal with the Divine Beast Insectoid Queen, it would be extremely difficult. His success rate was basically zero.

His only chance was to head straight to the Insectoid Queen and ignore the Immortal Beast Purple Poison Spiders.

But just as he was heading toward the Insectoid Queen, a dozen spider silks were shot at him.

When he saw that, he quickly dodged them. Unfortunately, while he was still fast, he was not as fast as before. He was instantly hit by spider silk.

The moment that the spider silk hit him, they seemed to have come alive and quickly tied him down.

"Give up!"

The moment that he was captured, Jiang Feng did not hesitate to give up on the quest.

He had to.

Since he was captured, he would be killed in the next second.

Not only him, Mu Xi and the others would follow suit and die.

That was why he had to give up on the quest.

In truth, if he had a bunch of pills or items, he did not have to be afraid of them. Mainly because the 10,000 players that entered Silvermoon were all very poor. They were so poor that they did not have any pills on them.

There were only a restaurant and a smith in town, and there was no herbalist shop.

His guess was that so players that focused on crafting would have a way out, and also to train the players in their positioning and combat capabilities.

Once he gave up on the dungeon, Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao and his five followers had all left.

The moment he left, he could hear the players nearby complaining.

"Damn it, Silvermoon is too difficult. How are we supposed to play the game when even a normal dungeon would be so hard!"

"Damn it, weve been killed by a group of spiders in less than 5 minutes after stepping out of the safe area. I didnt even see the boss yet!"

"5 minutes isnt that bad. Johns and the Inheritors from the other servers have gone in as a party as well. It has been 10 minutes, I wonder how long they could survive."


All of them were screaming that the dungeon was too difficult.

5 minutes? That bad?

Jiang Feng was slightly stunned. They stayed there for almost one hour.


Just as he was sighing, he saw a new group of players that had been respawned. The group was Johns and his followers, who had entered ten minutes ago. They were James J, Eve, Kitazawa Hinata Hanai Mamoru, Sakaguchi Shouta, Yero, Adam, Park Eum-uk, and Edward.

Since there was no world announcement, that meant that they had failed as well. Their speed had been faster than theirs as well. They had been destroyed in less than ten minutes.

He smiled coldly at them and headed toward the wormhole once again, preparing to grind it a second time.

When Johns saw Jiang Feng entering the dungeon, he sneered at them, "Didnt they already go into the dungeon earlier? Did they come out very quickly too?"

"They should have. They only have eight persons in their party, even fewer than ours. They must have been destroyed after a few minutes. The Shifter Emperor isnt that powerful anymore!" Kitazawa Hinata laughed.

At this time, a player from the American Server said, "Kitazawa Hinata, it isnt as what you think. The Shifter Emperor stayed in the dungeon for 48 minutes and 9 seconds."

"What? 48 minutes and 9 seconds? Impossible! Absolutely impossible! The monsters within are like a tidal wave! He couldnt have survived 10 minutes, much less 48 minutes! My guess is that he must be wasting time there!" James J said.

"When he entered, he was only at level 101. When he came out, he was already at level 105!" A player said again.

After another player filled up the gaps, all the leaders from each server went silent as their faces were flushed red.

If what they said were true, then they were severely outmatched!

A top team could only stay in there for ten minutes while a party with an insufficient number of members could stay in there for so long. They felt that their confidence had taken a hit.

"Lets go, lets go and try again. We cant let the Shifter Emperor win the first dungeon completion!" Johns said to them with a frown and then headed straight to the wormhole again.


The Slaying the Insectoid Queen quest was much harder than Jiang Feng and the rest of the players had thought it would be.

One week had passed. Jiang Feng and the rest of the players did not clear the dungeon at all. Instead, their levels had all increased somewhat.

Jiang Fengs level had risen from level 105 to level 115. The speed of leveling was quite terrifying considering that he had increased 9 levels within a week.

On this day, Jiang Feng had once again gathered Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five followers to continue to complete this dungeon.

That was part of his personality. Even if he kept on failing because of how difficult something was, he would keep on hacking at it.

Ding. System Prompt: Monster Transmutation System upgrade complete!

The moment that he had entered the dungeon, the systems voice entered his ear. In the beginning, he was shocked. Then, he was in glee.

He had upgraded the Monster Transmutation System when he was still in the Divine Dominion Continent.

One month had passed since he decided to have it upgraded.

His power had grown very slowly during the month that he had no access to the Monster Transmutation System.

"Haha! With the Monster Transmutation System, Ill eat sh*t if I still cant win this damn dungeon!" Jiang Feng laughed to himself as he opened the Monster Transmutation Systems panel, and looked at the upgraded Monster Transmutation System!