Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 343

Chapter 343 The First Resource Drop

Within the valley in Silent Hill.

Jiang Feng looked at the Insectoid Queen that was being consumed by fire with a smile on his face.

The stats of the Divine Beast Insectoid Queen were very high.

Last week, they had to give up despite reaching here several times. The main reason was that not only did it have three crowd-control skills, but it could also kill them in three hits, and could keep on producing Black Poison Spiders. Killing it was very difficult.

This time, Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five followers all used their Sacred Skills on it, and he used Transmute Monster on the Insectoid Queen directly.

After using it around 8 times, he had finally succeeded and that made him very excited.

Ding. System prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. You have gained 1 Insectoid Queen Spider Silk, 1 Insectoid Queen Poison Sac, 1 pair of Fangs, 2 Recovery Heart Grass, 1 Cold Iron Ore, 1 drop of Sacred Blood, 1 Evolution Pill, and 1 Divine Level Experience Pill.

Like last time, after refining the Sacred Blood, he then ate the Sacred Blood and Divine Level Experience Pill.

The Sacred Blood that he received from transmuting monsters or from quests were not completely pure. That was why the Refine skill worked.

Ding. System Prompt: The Shifter Emperors Bloodline Purity +2%.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 116. You have received 10 free attribute points. All three stats increased by 200 points.

Despite increasing his level by one and receiving so many materials, the only regret he had was that he did not get any Sacred level set equipment.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on completing the Slay the Insectoid Queen quest. You have received 50,000 experience points, 10pp, and 3 Blood Soul Grass.

Ding. System Prompt: As the first player to have completed this dungeon, you are rewarded with 20,000 experience points, 2,000 reputations, 1 supplies bag, and 50 pp, as well as making a world announcement. Do you wish to hide your name?


After he had gained the Shifter Emperors Bloodline, his display name, and the title that the system used to call him had become "Shifter Emperor," there was no need to hide it anymore.

The chain of system announcements made him smile joyfully.

These purple pieces were not bound to him. It could be exchanged for other currency, and could also be cashed out.

However, if he were to cash out, it would be sad because 1pp = 1 RMB and not 100 RMB.

However, if he were to exchange it for gold pieces, 100gp could only be exchanged for 1pp.

That meant that he had lost 99 RMB indirectly.

That was why when the players came to Silvermoon, they did not have a lot of gp on them. Jiang Feng was the same, and he only had 100,000gp on him. He had already cashed out whatever he had.

"We cant exchange for gp on Silvermoon. Looks like I can only use the 100,000gp for exchange. What a loss!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he shook his head, and left the dungeon. He then reappeared next to the mayor.

"Look! The Shifter Emperor has come out!" As soon as he reappeared, he heard someone yelling. Next, everyone present looked at him, including Johns who had yet to leave.

"Yo? Am I that popular? Are you all here to welcome me?" Jiang Feng asked with a smile as he looked at everyone present, then at Johns with his furious face.

"Shifter Emperor, dont get too cocky. NPCs cannot change classes, but we can! Just you wait until we finish our third class change!" Johns said with a snort as he left the mayors home together with the other elites.

Third class change?

Jiang Feng merely smiled.

He was no NPC, but he did not need the class change. The reason was simple. He was a monster, and he was the Shifter Emperor!

But the other players were different. Even the inheritors were also players and needed to change class.

With his Monster Transmutation System upgraded, his power would increase extremely quickly even without needing to class change.

Not to mention his stats would be similar to a player that had class changed once after he evolved twice or thrice. There was no need for him to be afraid of them even after they had completed their third class change.

Ding. World Announcement: The first supply drop would arrive in one hour close to the Burial Mounds in between the five Starter Towns. If you wish to increase your power, please head to the Burial mounds to pick up resources that interest you!

Jiang Feng was just going to farm the dungeon again, but a world announcement rang in his ear which shocked him as he became excited.

He had enough materials on him, but if he wanted to create more pills, he still needed some. If he could get some supplies, then he could open up the furnace and transmute monsters.

He waved his hand and had Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, Xiao Longnu, Yanhu, The Thunderclap Mantis, and Guapi all enter his Lianyao Flask. He then jumped on Heifeng and said to him, "Come, lets go grab some supplies!"

"Oh yeah, lets go!" Heifeng said as he flapped his wings and quickly flew toward the outskirts of town.

When he left, the players who were preparing to get into the dungeon all began to talk among themselves.

"Koizumi, lets go get some supplies. We can do the dungeon afterward."

"Those who have time for the resource drop, join my party!"

"Calling for assassins, lets go get some resources!"


Suddenly, all the players that wanted to go to the dungeon had all become raiding parties. They called out their steed and headed to the outskirts of town.

However, they knew that the resources would most likely be obtained by the group of elite players, so they only formed small parties made out of assassins. They would grab resources using their stealth. Perhaps they could get a few items in the end.

That was why the assassins, who were not really being welcomed for the dungeon suddenly became very popular, and all the parties began to recruit them.

While the game had weakened many skills that were not Sacred Skills, but some of the classs unique skills did not change.

For example, the Assassins Invisibility skill, the Summoners Summon skill, and the range of Archers and Gunners.

Of course, these were all support skills.


Jiang Feng said to Heifeng as he rode on his back, "Heifeng, can you fly any faster?"

Heifeng rolled his eyes at him. "Boss, Im not the Monster Cloud. This is as fast as I can go. Dont you have the Teleporting Cauldron? Cant you just teleport over?"

He had left the Monster Cloud with Ling Feiyu, mainly to make it easier for her to deal with things on the Divine Dominion Continent.

"Er I forgot about the Teleporting Cauldron!"

Jiang Feng smacked his head and took out the cauldron. He put away Heifeng and entered the Teleporting Cauldron, locked on to the Burial Mounds direction, then began to teleport.

Ding. System Prompt: Teleporting Failed. You may only teleport to a set location within 5km.

"Damn it, even the set teleportation has been limited!" He was slightly stunned and cursed as he heard the systems voice.

When he teleported into town from the air last time, it was not outside of the 5km distance. That was why there was no reminder at all. The Burial Mound was around 50km away, that was why the system reminded him now.


He chose a direction that was at the edge of the distance limit and teleported over.

He chose a direction and teleported again.

While there was a limit to the distance it could teleport, he could continuously teleport without limit as long as he had the pp to spend on. As he was using the bound pp, he did not mind since he had 1,000,000,000pp bound to him. He did not mind spending a few hundred pp on it.

He did not choose to teleport randomly as it was too random. Using it would be a waste of time.