Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 344

Chapter 344 Sacred Spring Pill Supply Bag

After teleporting about ten times, he had finally reached the Burial Mounds.


The moment that he exited the Teleporting Cauldron, he could smell the rot in the air and he frowned at it.

The Burial Mounds was in the middle of the five Starter Town and was a very wide area. In the middle of it was a giant hole that was filled with corpses.

And around these corpses were all zombies and skeleton monsters.

Armored Zombie: Level 150 Normal Monster

Sacred Health: 150,000

Sacred Attack: 12,000-15,000

Sacred Defense: 4,500

Skills: Corpse Poison, Bite

White Jade Skeleton: Level 150 Normal Monster

Sacred Health: 150,000

Sacred Attack: 12,000-15,000

Sacred Defense: 4,500

Skills: Corpse Poison, Bite

"All of them are level 150 monsters. Even I will have difficulty facing them. Looks like plenty of people are going to die during the first supply drop!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at the zombie and skeleton monsters roaming around in front of him.

He looked around and found a place where there were no monsters and was hidden from view, and hid in it.

In one hours time, the players from the five towns would come here and most of them would be players from the five servers. He was the number one wanted man of the five nations, so he naturally had to be careful. Otherwise, not only would he lose the resources, he would even be killed.

As there was around one hour left before the resources would be dropped, he did not waste any time and took out the supply bag that he had gotten from the dungeon.

Sacred Spring Pill Supply Bag: There are 3 portions of herbs to create the Sacred Spring Pills.

"Whoa, good stuff!" Jiang Feng looked at the description of the supply bag with a smile.

What were the players lacking the most?


Especially pills that recovered health!

Sacred Spring Pills were Sacred-level healing items. It was something that they could use immediately.

Normally, he would not be lacking pills since everything was available for sale at the Nirvana Auction House. Since he had so many pp, he could always buy some good stuff.

But he forgot something. The Nirvana Auction House had everything for sale except rubbish. Correct, rubbish!

To the Nirvana Auction House, Sacred Spring Pill, being a Rank 1 Sacred Pill was rubbish. You would not be able to get anything even if you sell them. They were only selling pills that were suitable for Lesser Sacred Masters and above. They did not have any others because it was beneath them!

If the pills were not on sale, the materials would not be sold either.

There was nothing he could do about that except give them a smile.

"I should try the Buyuan Furnaces effect!"

Since he had the materials for three portions of Sacred Spring Pills, he entered the Lianyao Flask.

On the second level of the Lianyao Flask, it was also labeled a furnace. However, this was where he could produce and transmute monsters.

After the Monster Transmutation System was upgraded, the Lianyao Flasks Transmute Monster Ability could now produce Sacred Level Monsters.

Because of its upgrade, the two Spiritual Beasts that he was producing had been produced.

One was a Unicorn, and the other was a Tri-Colored Deer. Both were spiritual beasts from the Divine Dominion Continent.

I shouldnt produce anything for now. After killing some monsters, I should throw them into the furnace and try the flasks Transmute Monster ability!"

Since the flasks Transmute Monster ability could randomly produce pills and Sacred Blood, it would be helpful for him.

With that, he entered the third level of the Lianyao Flask and came next to the Buyuan Furnace, ready to create pills.

"All the pills that the Buyuan Furnace created would be Sacred Pills, and it did not even need the Pharmacy skill to use it. Primordial Divine Artifacts are indeed powerful beyond the normal sense!" He said as he looked at the Buyuan Furnace, then took out a portion of herbs for the Sacred Spring Pill and placed it inside.


After he chose to create the pills, a blazing flame appeared around the Buyuan Furnace. A bar appeared on top of the flames, and the timer read 30 minutes.

That meant that he could create a furnace full of pills in 30minutes.

Since he had nothing to do during the 30 minutes, he then took out the materials that he had gained earlier and refined them.

Ding. System Prompt: Refine Successful. You have obtained 1 Cold Iron Essence!


Just as Jiang Feng was waiting for the pills to finish production in the Lianyao Flask, a large number of players were heading toward the Burial Mounds.

Xue Haifeng stood on top of his giant Bagua together with Xue Yingqi heading to the Burial Mounds.

Behind him were around forty players chasing after them.

"Big Sis, maybe we should give up? If this continues, we would be killed too!" Xue Haifeng said to Xue Yingqi.

"What are you afraid of? Even if we die, we will only lose one level. Were both at level 113, losing 1 level is nothing!" Xue Yingqi said.

"Losing level is nothing, but Im worried that dying on Silvermoon is different than dying on the Divine Dominion Continent," Xue Haifeng said.

"Youre right. But we still have to get to the Burial Mounds. The Shifter Emperor was able to complete the Insectoid Queen dungeon, which means that he is quite strong, and he will definitely be there. We have to go over and meet him there, and then gather all the players from the Huaxia Server together to increase our overall power!"

"You are right, Big Sis. Stand firm, Im going to accelerate!" After knowing Xue Yingqis plan, Xue Haifeng nodded.


"Damn you! This is just plain bullying!"

In another direction, five players from the Huaxia Server were surrounded by a group of players from the Japanese Server. One of the players from the Huaxia Server shouted at them angrily.

"Hmph! Bully? The Shifter Emperor is the one thats bullying us! If you want to hate someone, hate him. Go, kill them all!"

"Dont get too cocky, the Shifter Emperor will kill all of you!"

"Shifter Emperor? Heh. I am not afraid of him anymore. If he dares to show himself, I, Mori Akechi, will be the first to kill him!"


The five Huaxia Server players that originally wanted to try and grab the resource drop had been killed by hundreds of Japanese Server players, and all they could do was scream.


Close to the Second Town, Qiu Si was also leading a group of players in escaping.

The players that were chasing after them were similar to the other five servers, and they kept mocking them from behind.

"Tsk tsk, is this all that the Divines Inheritor from the Huaxia Server could do? Run? Why dont you stop and I will solo you!"

"Haha, Manha, are you trying to bully him by soloing him? Hes going to get easily defeated!"

"The Huaxia Server was so cocky during the World War, and now they are running around whenever they see us on Silvermoon. This feels great!"

Many of the players clenched their fists and gritted their teeth when they heard the mocking from behind.

Some of the players could not take it anymore, to the point where they would take their weapons and attack them. Their ending was easy to guess. They were easily slain, turned into white light, and sent back to the Respawn Point.

"All of you, dont go! Be patient, they wont have much time left. When our players from the Divine Dominion Continent make their way here, then we will have our vengeance!" When Qiu Si saw that there were still players wanting to turn and attack them, he called out to stop them and continued to run toward the Burial Mounds.


Qiu Si was not the only one. In the other locations, Yao Qiong, Su Xingyu, Canaan, and the others were also being chased.

It could be said that players that left the town or were identified as a player from the Huaxia Server by players from other servers were all being hunted down.