Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Battle At The Burial Mounds

A small tower lay behind a rock and it was being covered by grass in the Burial Mounds.

The small tower was the Lianyao Flask.

Jiang Feng was sitting next to the Buyuan Furnace on the third level of the Lianyao Flask, waiting for the pills to complete production.


At this time, the lid of the Buyuan Furnace was blown over, and a thick scent came from within.

"Its done!"

When he saw it, Jiang Feng quickly opened the Buyuan Furnaces little door by its side.


As soon as the furnaces little door opened up, green pills the size of peanuts came rolling out.

As the pills were automatically created by the Buyuan Furnace, there was no system prompt.

Looking at the ten little green pills in the pill slot, he laughed out in joy. "Haha, I didnt think that I could get 10 Sacred Spring Pills at one go!"

Joyfully, he took out one pill and checked its stats.

Sacred Spring Pill: Rank 1 Sacred Pill

Instantly recover 10,000 Sacred Health. Recovers 200 Sacred Health every second for 10 seconds. Can be interrupted by damage. If interrupted or the duration of the pill has expired, enter a cooldown period. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

"Instant restorative pill and has a short duration of recovery as well. If I add it up together, that means it heals 12,000 health. My survival is guaranteed with this when its time to grab the resources!" Jiang Feng said gleefully as he looked at the Sacred Spring Pills effects.

Next, he took out another portion of Sacred Spring Pills materials and dumped it into the Buyuan Furnace, and continued to make more.

However, he did not wait within the Lianyao Flask when creating the second batch of Sacred Spring Pills. Instead, he chose to leave.

Reason being that by the time the second batch of pills were completed, the resource drop would begin.

Not to mention that he was not quite familiar with the surrounding area.

Once he was familiar with it, it would help him greatly whether he was trying to fight for resources or to kill the other players.

When he reappeared at the Burial Mounds, he opened the map and began checking.

There was a forest surrounding this place, but there were not many trees as they had all been corroded. There were many Armored Zombies and White Jade Skeletons roaming around as well.

If anyone wanted to directly break through from the outside, it would be very hard to do that unless they found a safe sport to avoid the roaming monsters. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous.


Just as Jiang Feng was observing the map, he noticed a bunch of shadowed figures running toward the Burial mounds.

Curiously, he avoided the Armored Zombies and White Jade Skeletons and headed toward their direction.

"Yingqi! Haifeng!"

In a short while, he found out that the two players approaching the Burial Mounds who were at the lead were none other than Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng.

Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng already had less than one-tenth of their health left. If they were hit by any attacks they would instantly be killed.

When he saw that, he did not hesitate and headed straight to Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng.

As he ran over, he noticed that there were around eighty players pursuing them. If he were to fight, it would be quite difficult. But now that he had pills to support him, he could try and fight!

"Shifter Emperor!"

When Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng saw Jiang Feng as they ran toward the Burial Mounds, they became excited.

"Shifter Emperor?"

When the players behind them heard the name "Shifter Emperor," they automatically slowed down a notch.

It seemed that the name "Shifter Emperor was quite intimidating to them.

It was understandable. Jiang Fengs name was well known across the Divine Dominion Continent. He was quite famous among the players all around the world, or rather, infamous.

"Take these pills!"

When he came close to Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng, he took out two Sacred Spring Pills and threw the pills at them.

Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng caught the pills in their hands and looked at it. They were both excited when they saw the pills stats and quickly ate them.

The moment that they ate the Sacred Spring Pills, their Sacred Health had recovered by one-third. They were considered safe for the moment.


When the group of players chasing them saw Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifengs health being restored by one-third, they were all stunned as they became nervous

"Sacred level healing pills?! Impossible! Where did he get those pills?"

"Should we go and attack?"

"Of course! The Shifter Emperors stats conversion ratio was 1000:1. That means that his stats are similar to ours, perhaps even weaker. Johns and the group of leaders said that we can get 30,000 every time we kill him. Levels are important, true, but we are all here for the money. Comparing 1 level and 30,000 30,000 is more attractive in my eyes!"

The eighty of them discussed, but all of them could not stand the temptation of money and attacked Jiang Feng.


Seeing that both of them were safe, Jiang Feng took out Deicide and released Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five followers.

His eyes turned cold, then he pointed Deicide at them and called out, "Attack!"

With that, the Deicide grew larger. As his veins began to show, he held the gigantic Deicide in his hands and swept across the players.


There was a giant explosion, and none of them were able to dodge in time and was swept away. All of them had lost around 20,000 health, and their formations were instantly broken.

When Mu Xi saw that, she attacked a player with a little bit of health left with her sword.

Nangong Tiaotiao nocked an arrow on her bow and fired toward another.

Xiao Longnu and his other four followers all used their Sacred Skills.

Sixteen of them had been killed in the blink of an eye as their skills smashed at them.

Other than Jiang Fengs stats conversion rate that was too high, they were all pretty well-rounded. With the use of Sacred Skills, they could easily kill other players instantly.

"Xue Haiqi, Xue Haifeng, handle five! Mu Xi, Nangong Tiaotiao, handle another five! Xiao Longnu, Heifeng, the five of you handle twenty. The rest, leave them to me!" After sixteen of them were slain, Jiang Feng said to them as he headed toward the group of players, preparing to handle around 30 players on his own.

"Dimension Door!"

At this time, he used the Dimension Door skill and appeared behind a wizard. He attacked him violently.

While the Dimension Door skill had been weakened and only allowed him to teleport within 20 meters, it was more than enough for him.

With the Deicides Drain Blood skill, his position skill, and the pills that he had, his ability to survive was perhaps the strongest among all the players.

Thanks to grinding in the dungeon for the past week, Deicides Sacred Attack and Movement Speed boost had reached 342%. That meant that his attack had also reached the threshold.

With the buff from Deicide, his attack had reached around 20,000. He could kill a player in about three hits.

Thanks to the Drain Blood skill, as long as it was not an instant kill, his health would be full.

Xue Yingqi managed to kill a player and coincidentally had her back facing Jiang Fengs. She then said to him in a serious manner, "Shifter Emperor, finish this as quickly as possible. There is a large group of players coming toward us and there are only a dozen players from the Huaxia Server left. If we were surrounded here, we would be in a dangerous situation!"

"Alright!" Jiang Feng said and immediately used his Requiem and Hellfire skills.