Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 346

Chapter 346 The Sunset That Enrages Jiang Feng


The Requiem Bell on Jiang Fengs neck rang, and a soundwave extended outward. Regardless if it were players that were attacking him or trying to dodge him, they were all stunned, locked to where they were standing.


As soon as he had used Hellfire, an area of 50 meters radius around him was instantly engulfed in flames.

With his attack, all the players within the flames would take around 6,000 damage per second. They only had a slither of life left before they could even escape the area of effect of the Hellfire.

"White Tigers Tackle!"

When they saw them scattering, trying to escape the Hellfire, he then used the White Tigers Tackle skill on the Requiem Bell.

White Tigers Tackle was a skill that dealt double damage.

Any players that were hit by this attack were instantly slain.

Most of the players Sacred Health was around 50,000. After their health was reduced by the Hellfire, they could not take the damage from that attack and still survive.

He looked around and realized after that wave of attack, almost 20 players had been killed. The nine that survived only had a little bit of health left.

At this time, all the players that Xue Yingqi, Mu Xi, Xiao Longnu and the others were handling had all been killed.

"How could they be this strong?" The remaining nine players looked at Jiang Feng, and then turned tail and ran with fear on their face.

"Haha, escape? No way!" Heifeng yelled out excitedly as he saw the nine of them escaping toward different directions, and quickly flew up to give chase.

"No need to pursue them!"

When Jiang Feng saw what he wanted to do, he quickly called out to stop Heifeng.

Heifeng obediently stopped, then asked Jiang Feng, confused, "Why arent we chasing them?"

Mu Xi then explained to him, "There are level 150 monsters all around us. They ran without looking where they were running to and they would definitely get killed by those monsters. Not to mention that we dont know if there are other players coming. If we were to meet the army from the five servers, pursuing them is like committing suicide!"

Xue Yingqi nodded. "Thats right. What we need to do is to find a place to hide and ambush the players from the five servers, then find a place suitable to grab the resources!"

Jiang Feng then said to everyone else, "Alright, we should scatter all around. If they are few in numbers, then kill them directly. If there are many, remember to hide. I will lure them away!"

After explaining to everyone his plan, he then jumped up on top of a giant tree and crouched down at the treetop with his Deicide in hand.

His position was very noticeable. Of course, his field of vision was very good as well.

The reason he did that was to attract players to come and kill them.

The less players there were to fight them for the resources, the better it would be for him.

Of course, it presented a great risk as well. Once a large group of players had arrived, he would be in danger.

But he was the Shifter Emperor! Would he be afraid of danger? What a joke

He was not sure why when he was crouching on the tree top, he suddenly remembered Sun Wukongs form as the Stone Monkey.

He lifted his head and looked out into the sunset, and he was mesmerized by it.

Next, something astounding happened.

An image appeared at the sunset on the horizon.

In the image, an armored monkey was fighting with the gods and buddhas across the horizon with his golden staff, protecting an old man and a beautiful woman behind him. It was an extremely bloody affair.

The monkey was none other than Sun Wukong. The old man was Grandmaster Bodhi and the woman was Fairy Violetglow.

After killing thousands, Sun Wukong was soaked in blood as he knelt on the ground and held himself up using the Jingu Staff. He looked up at the gigantic buddha covering the entire sky with eyes of fire.

Weakened, he caught his breath, and roared out with determined eyes, "Tathagata! This is not the end, you hear me?! This will only end when one of us dies!" And he rushed toward the giant buddha in the sky with the Jingu Staff.

Grandmaster Buddha closed his eyes as tears flowed down as if time had finally caught up with him, "Disciple, do not fight anymore. When would the circle of vengeance ever end? Let it go, let it go"

"Wu Kong, please stop fighting. Please, no" Violetglow shook her head as she cried and sobbed.

"You beast! You are but an insect in Dragonquarry! You have no power here!" The great buddha merely said a single sentence, and his gigantic palm struck Sun Wukong.

It was at this moment that the sunset before him disappeared, and the image accompanying the sunset was also gone. Jiang Feng woke up in shock, and stood up, his eyes were similarly in fire as he shouted, "Great Saint!"


His shout surprised Xue Yingqi, Mu Xi and the others who were hiding nearby. They looked at him with a strange look.

"What happened to the Shifter Emperor? He seemed to have called out the Great Saint just now. But didnt Sun Wukong die?" Xue Haifeng looked at Jiang Feng then looked at Xue Yingqi with a blank expression.

"Sun Wukong didnt die and is still alive. But he is at a higher level map now. As for why he did that, Im not sure!" Xue Yingqi shook his head.


Twelve players who had just arrived at the forest near the Burial Mounds heard that loud yell.

They were slightly shaken, then looked at the source of the voice.

"That Its the Shifter Emperor!"

He raised his head and looked at the largest tree quite a distance away. Then, all twelve of them saw that at the top of the tree there was a monkey looking at the sky.

"Quick, tell the guild leader that the Shifter Emperor is at the Burial Mounds!"


The twelve of them carefully made their way toward Jiang Feng and sent the message to Johns and the group of elites.



Jiang Feng wiped his eyes. He did not know why they were wet.

Obviously, he was touched by what had happened.

He did not know why he could see Sun Wukongs situation through the sunset, but he knew that Sun Wukong, Grandmaster Bodhi and Violetglow were having a terrible time in Dragonquarry.

While he did not know why Sun Wukong had started fighting Tathagata, but looking at the helplessness on Grandmaster Bodhi and Violetglows faces, it was clear that Sun Wukong was angry at him for doing something against him. Only that would make Sun Wukong that angry.

"Great Saint, please be safe. You promised me that we would fight together against Tathagata!"

When Jiang Feng remembered the despair in Sun Wukong, Grandmaster Bodhi and Fairy Violetglows eyes, he clenched his fist as he felt emotionally stirred.

He was not sure why, but his heart felt stuffy. And angry. He wanted to unleash all of it!


At this time, an arrow was headed straight toward him and plunged into his chest.

There was an intense pain, and he looked down at the arrow that was stuck in his chest. Blood flowed from his wound and unto the shaft of the arrow, and then dropped down below. Fire burst out from his eyes and he looked at where the arrow came from.

He saw the twelve players heading toward him, and he slowly raised the Deicide in his hand.

"If you wanted to die, I shall oblige!"

Jiang Feng, who had just been in an emotional turmoil had completely erupted. He jumped down from the tree, and attacked the twelve of them directly.