Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Snatching Resources

The twelve that attacked Jiang Feng were probably hit on the head.

Since the resources were not here yet, they could have simply waited on the sideline. Attacking Jiang Feng was an idiotic choice!

When they saw Jiang Feng heading toward them, the knight leading them said, "No need to fear him. His stats shouldnt be that high. Attack!"

Even though Jiang Feng had been the first one to clear the Insectoid Queen dungeon, many players still believed that Jiang Fengs stats were still very low and he would be easily outmatched.

But they had never given it some thought that despite having arrived at Silvermoon for so long and being hunted down by so many, Jiang Feng was still able to secure a first clear.

Those with some brain would know that even if Jiang Fengs stats were lower, he was still the most powerful among them. That was because his base stats were higher.

The conclusion was that the twelve were idiots, especially the knight that was leading them.

When they saw Jiang Feng approaching them, they did not retreat and instead faced him head-on.

"Sweep the Army!" At this moment, Deicide was enlarged. With Deicide in his hand, he violently smashed at the twelve of them.




Dust flew up and all twelve of them had been whacked away. Each of them had lost almost half of their Sacred Health. A few of the players with little Sacred Health only had a slither of health left. And the health that he had lost had been completely restored after this strike.

"Dimension Door!"

After a teleport, Jiang Feng appeared next to the player. He struck him with his staff, instantly killing him.

The other two players next to him did not even manage to escape and were instantly killed as well.


Three arrows were launched and killed three players that were escaping.

Next, Xue Yingqi and the others that were lying in ambush all attacked and cleared up the rest of the remaining enemies.

After all twelve of them had been wiped out, Xue Yingqi walked over and looked at Jiang Feng worryingly as his eyes were burning with fire. "Shifter Emperor, are you alright?"

Jiang Feng shook his head as he calmed his anger, then said to Xue Yingqi, "Huff Im fine. Ten more minutes until the resources would be dropped. There will be a large number of players making their way here. Hide yourselves!"

"Alright!" Xue Yingqi nodded and left as everyone went back in position.

Jiang Feng then returned to the top of the tree.

Ten minutes had quickly passed. In the interim, several waves of players had made it to him, but they had eliminated all of them.


At this time, a wooden airship appeared in the air and hovered on top of the Burial Mounds.

Ding. World Announcement: The first batch of resources is being dropped off. The first Starter Town resource drop at the Burial Mounds has been confirmed. Dropping off!

As the world announcement was made, the bottom of the airship opened, and twenty resource packages fell from the sky toward the Burial mounds.

Tap tap

As the twenty packages were still descending, the rest of the players had finally arrived.

None of them were players from the Huaxia Server. They did not make it after all.

The sky was darkening, and it became a very good cover for Jiang Feng who was still crouching on the treetop. The players down below looked at the packages in white and did not notice his existence.

There were plenty of leaves, if they did not look at them carefully, they would only see a shadow.

Jiang Feng was quite happy that they did not notice him.

Originally, he was going to prepare to fight. But from how it looked, there was no need for him to fight.

"Looking at where the resource packages are dropping, I can at least get 5 supply packages. I still have 7 teleports from Dimension Door left. I can grab 7 more. That means I can get at least 12 packages!" Jiang Feng gazed at the packages that were slowly descending as he thought to himself.

"Go, over there! The packages will fall over there!"

"Haha! Seeing that none of the players from the Huaxia players are here, all of us five servers do not need to fight. Each server can get 4 packages so that we dont harm each other!"

"You might be right, but our server has at least 2,000 players here. Who will get the four resource packages?"


Just as Jiang Feng was still calculating where the packages would land, many of the players were already standing where the packages would drop. They continued to chat as they stood their ground.

While they speak of distributing four packages among the five servers, they had all taken out their weapons.

In the face of absolute gain, even players from the same server would be shown no mercy!

Not to mention before coming to Silvermoon, they were all fighting each other anyway. In order to snatch the very valuable supply packages, it was natural for them to fight each other!

"Make way, all of you!" At this time, around 8 people rushed out of the forest.

These people were none other than Johns, who had taken their sweet time to come over.

Jiang Feng crouched on top of the tree and looked at Johns with uncertainty in his eyes.

Because he noticed that Johns and his group were in quite a mess, and there were bloodstains on them.

Originally, there were ten of them. Two of them were missing.

"All of you listen to me. If you get the resource package, give it to me. Ill buy it using USD. Also, be careful of Qiu Si and Yao Qiong. Both of them should be nearby. The Shifter Emperor should be here too. Dont let them snatch the resource packages!" Johns said with a frown.

Hm? He knew that Qiu Si and Yao Qiong are nearby? Is it because of Qiu Si and Yao Qiong that they lost their two members? If its true, then Qiu Si and Yao Qiong are very good!

When facing the ten most powerful members among the five servers, even he would have problems facing them. That meant that Qiu Si and Yao Qiongs stats conversion ratio was not that high, and they were quite powerful.

If both of their stats conversion rate ratio was 100:1, it was possible for them to face Johnss group, killing two of them and safely withdrawing.

That was because, during the World War, all the players from the five servers had been weakened. Even if their stats conversion ratio was 100, their stats would not be as high as players from the Huaxia Server with the same stats conversion ratio.

"Not sure if it is good or bad for the two of them to be this strong. Whatever, I should concentrate on snatching the resources!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and looked at where the resource packages would land.

As an excellent student, he managed to calculate where the resource package would land accurately by calculating Silvermoons gravity and wind direction.


When a resource package fell in front of him, he jumped out and his hand caught the resource package, He threw the package into the Lianyao Flask, then the Deicide extended and enlarged, and he managed to catch all four resource packages, and then pull them in.

"Dimension Door!"

Next, he used the Dimension Door skill to arrive at where one of the packages would land. He caught it by extending his hand and took another package.

"No! Its the Shifter Emperor!" The moment that Jiang Feng jumped out of the tree, Johns was shocked and he quickly yelled, "Long-range players, what are you doing? Attack him!"