Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Inheritor Of The Necropolitans

Silvermoon was lacking resources.

There were very few system shops. And the weapon shops only sold weapons that were below Super Divine Artifact. After their stats had been converted, they were not that powerful at all.

That was why the resource packs were very important to the players.

Jiang Feng had already snatched seven in less than a dozen seconds.


At this time, hundreds of attacks reached out toward him from below.

He smiled and teleported next to a resource package. Not only did he dodge the attack, he even managed to secure resource packages.

"Go grab the packages!"

When Johns, Kitazawa Hinata, and the others realized that their attacks could not hit him, they quickly summoned their flying steeds and rushed over to the packages that were still in the air.

Unfortunately, their steeds had become very slow. They could not compare to Jiang Fengs teleportation speed.

After a short while, Jiang Feng had managed to get twelve total packages. He had used up all of the Dimension Doors teleports.

When he saw that Johns and his group almost got four resource packages, he took out Deicide and struck them using his staff, pushing them toward where Mu Xi was at.

At that moment, Mu Xi, who had been hiding in a thick blanket of bush and grass quickly jumped out and took in all four resource packages.

"Retreat!" When he had taken sixteen resource packages, Jiang Feng was no longer going to stay. He jumped next to Mu Xi and used the Lianyao Flask to put her away.

Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, Nangong Tiaotiao, and his five other followers all quickly gathered around him.

He waved the Lianyao Flask at them and put them all away. He then took out the Teleporting Cauldron and quickly used it to leave this place.

"Shifter Emperor! I will kill your whole family!" When Kitazawa Hinata saw that sixteen of the packages had been snatched, he roared out angrily.

He was not the only one, the other elites also became angry.

They had worked hard for an hour, but in the end, all they got were four resource packages. No matter who it was, it was natural to be angry.


The only time when the resource drop would be near the Starter Towns had passed, and Jiang Feng had reaped the majority of the benefits.

After leaving the Burial Mounds, he came out of the Teleporting Cauldron, found a hidden place, and checked the sixteen resource packages after he entered the Lianyao Flask.

Sixteen of the packages all contained materials. There were cloths, ores, and herbs. Two of them even had pills. Both were Sacred Spring Pills, and each of them had 50 pills.

"Take these Sacred Spring Pills. I will take the rest of the materials. I know how to forge equipment and create pills. These materials will only be useful in my hands. If you want to forge equipment, you can look for me!"

In the end, Jiang Feng gave the Sacred Spring pills to Xue Yingqi and said to them.

"You are a Sacred Level Pharmacist?" Xue Yingqi remembered the Sacred Spring Pills that he gave her and Xue Haifeng, and asked him uncertainly.

Jiang Feng nodded. "Yes. Not only am I a Sacred-Level pharmacist, but I am also a Super-Divine-Level smith. I can also forge Sacred Artifacts!"

"What?! You can forge Sacred Artifacts?!" Xue Haifeng exclaimed in surprise.

Other than Xue Haifeng, everyone else present all looked at Jiang Feng with shock.

Other than Xue Yingqi and Xue Haifeng, no one else had a Sacred Artifact.

"Shifter Emperor, you are going to be rich. Do you know how much a Sacred Artifact is in the black market?" Xue Haifeng said.

"No." Jiang Feng shook his head.

Xue Haifeng then extended his palm and said, "5,000,000! That means that a Sacred Artifact that you randomly forge could fetch a price of 5,000,000!"

Jiang Feng blinked. "Is that a lot?"

Xue Haifeng felt like he was going to vomit blood. "Is 5,000,000 for one piece of equipment, not enough?"

Jiang Feng then explained to him, "The Sacred Artifacts are equipment that can grow. When you buy a Sacred Artifact, you can use them until the game ends, and you can save plenty of money since you can save on equipment to be used during the transition period. Not to mention that forging a Sacred Artifact itself is an expensive affair. Just the material alone would cost me around 1,000,000. Not to mention that there is a chance of failure. Do you still think that 5,000,000 would be adequate?"

Xue Yingqi then continued, "But if 5,000,000 isnt expensive, where would normal players get that much money to buy Sacred Artifacts? Isnt this unfair to them?"

Jiang Feng then shook his head and said, "There is nothing unfair about this. Dungeons would also drop Sacred Artifacts. They could always go to the farm at the Dungeons. Of course, if they wanted a Sacred Artifact, they needed to spend effort on it and to strengthen themselves. Not to mention that 5,000,000 really isnt as expensive as you think. When there is no lack of Sacred Artifacts later, its price would naturally drop. The materials price would also drop!"

"I understand now," Xue Yingqi nodded.

They chatted for a long time within the Lianyao Flask, and Jiang Feng brought all of them back to the Fifth Starter Town and continued farming the dungeon.

Now that they had enough pills and manpower, they would then begin to farm for Sacred-level Set equipment as well as Inheritor Set Equipment.

Ever since they arrived on Silvermoon, some Inheritors had been suppressed.

But an Inheritor was the representative of an entire race. They could not be that weak.

There was one more possibility and it had something to do with the Inheritor Set Equipment. Otherwise, Inheritors had no need to exist on Silvermoon.


Lux, who had a pair of black and white wings, was fighting an Insectoid Queen in a normal difficulty dungeon quest.

When he had reached the Insectoid Queen, all nine of his teammates had perished.

Depending on the Sacred Artifact Weapon and a Sacred Artifact Item, he had managed to fight until the end. Not to mention, his luck had been excellent, and that he had completed a quest and had received 5 Sacred Spring Pills. As his stats conversion ratio was only 100:1, he did not feel that it was tough when fighting the Insectoid Queen.

After a short while, he had killed the Insectoid Queen. A piece of equipment and some materials were dropped as loot.

When he saw that there was a piece of equipment among the loot, he quickly went over and picked up the armor and gave it a look.

After giving it a look, he frowned. "Hm? Its just a Divine Artifact. It thought it would be a Sacred-Level Set Equipment!"

He was slightly disappointed.


Just as he was going to leave the dungeon, a burning black flame crashed in front of him.

"Hm? Whats going on?" Lux frowned as he looked at the black flame in front of him.

Hades: King of the Netherworld Fifth Rank Lesser Sacred Master

Stats: ???


Lux was shocked. Hades was the King of the Netherworld of the West, and he was extremely powerful. He was not sure why Hades would be here.

"Greetings, Inheritor of the Seraph. It seems that you possess great power. I have a quest for you if you are willing to aid me."

Hades, who was surrounded by burning fire, said to Lux.


Divine Dominion Continent.

Shen Ye had become mentally unhinged after his severe defeat.

As soon as he entered the game, he would kill whoever stood in his way regardless of whose side they were on like a serial killer.

He had killed many and approached Lanruo Temple close to Luzhou City.

Just as he was minding his own business, a gigantic shadow appeared before him. "The King of Purgatory and the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain had been slain by the Shifter Emperor. The Necropolitan is in need of a leader. Are you willing to become the Inheritor of the Necropolitans?"

"An Inheritor?" Shen Ye suddenly laughed maniacally. "Ahaha! I have finally obtained an Inheritor class! Shifter Emperor, it seems that you leave your mark everywhere, but I thank you for killing those two pieces of garbage and allow me to become the Inheritor of the Necropolitans! Dont worry, I will definitely repay this debt I owe you. I will!"