Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 349

Chapter 349 Divine Dominion Continents Situation

Today, he had farmed the dungeon three times.

However, Jiang Feng was slightly disappointed as he did not get any piece of equipment.

Luckily, the three dungeons had allowed his level to reach 120. He had also used the Lianyao Flask to transmute many monsters, giving him many drops of Sacred Blood. His Sacred Bloods purity had been maxed out.

After he exited the dungeon, he was going to find somewhere without anyone to evolve and increase his power.

Ding. System Prompt: Someone is looking for you back in reality. Will you log out?

At this time, the systems voice rang in his ear. He was slightly surprised, then logged out.

After leaving the game terminal, he saw Ling Feiyu looking at him while propping up her cheeks with her hands.

He hugged Ling Feiyu and asked, "What is it, Feiyu?"

Ling Feiyu then relaxed in his embrace and said, "Its going to be the new year in three more days. Im going home. So, I was thinking"

"Let me go together with you. Its time to see my wifes family too!" Jiang Feng said with a smile without waiting for Ling Feiyu to finish.

Ling Feiyu said, "You better think things through. If you go over, you might get lambasted!"

"And Im afraid of a few challenges? Dont worry," Jiang Feng said.

"Alright. I will tell my family. Accompany me tomorrow then."

"Alright," Jiang Feng promised Ling Feiyu. He did not go online, but instead went to the kitchen and gave an Enhancing Pill to Su Qing and let her add it into the soup.

He did this every day now.

When he got home, he had spent about four days transforming the corpses of the wild beasts into Enhancing Pills.

Every time when they were having dinner, he would add some into the soup so that it would make everyone more powerful slowly and quietly.

Even his father, who was quite weak, had become much more spirited and looked younger.

When Su Qing walked, she walked with speed and grace.

Mother fox and the three little fox cubs were quite strong too, and would frequently go hunt at the hill behind their home.

Jiang Fengs family members had all become very strong, and they could easily overpower three to four young men.

Perhaps it was the effect of the Enhancing Pill, every time when Su Qing was making dinner, the Tibetan mastiff Xiaohei, the Gyrfalcon, and the three fox cubs would surround her and look at her soup with their saliva dripping.

When they were at the dinner table, his father said to Su Qing, "Qing, its going to be the new year soon. Ill accompany you to get some new year goods tomorrow."

Jiang Feng said, "Dad, I need to go to Ling Feiyus home tomorrow. Ill bring you two to the city, and have Sis Qing drive the car back home!"

"Youre going to Feiyus home? Why didnt you tell me about it? Do you need me to go together with you?" When his father heard that Jiang Feng was ready to meet Feiyus parents, he put down his bowl and chopsticks with a wide smile.

No parent in this world would not hope that their children had a complete family.

Ling Feiyu gave Jiang Fengs father some vegetable and placed it into his bowl with a smile. "Uncle, Little Feng is just accompanying me to go home for a while so that my parents can take a look. When its time for the engagement, Ill ask for your help again."

"Alright." his dad nodded with a smile, then turned to Jiang Feng. "Little Feng, during this trip when you accompany her home, be careful about how you act and speak. Give Feiyus parents a good impression."

"Of course, Dad." Jiang Feng smiled but thought to himself, I can be careful about my speech and actions, but I dont think its going to be that simple.

After dinner, he did not go online. He sat in front of the computer and checked the official message board.

During this period, he did not pay much attention to the message board. As such, he wanted to look at how the Divine Dominion Continent was doing.

"No need to look at it. After the Guild Beast came out, all the players on the Divine Dominion Continent leveled up very quickly. The first and second batch of players, about 30,000,000 of them, are around level 135. They would head to Silvermoon very quickly, so all of you better be careful," Ling Feiyu said with a smile when she saw Jiang Feng browsing the topics on the message board.

"Really? You guys leveled up so quickly?!" Jiang Feng said in surprise.

With most of the first and second batch of players on the Divine Dominion Continent at level 135, their levels were even higher than the players on Silvermoon. Once they head to Silvermoon, their advantages from entering Silvermoon slightly earlier would be all gone.

"Quick? I think it was so-so. What about the situation in Silvermoon?" Ling Feiyu said.

Next, Jiang Feng told Ling Feiyu about Silvermoon.

Ling Feiyu was quiet for a bit then raised her head. "Looks like there are no advantages to buying the airship ticket to go over early."

Jiang Feng smiled bitterly. "I feel that we were fooled by the system. Once you guys have reached level 150 and head to Silvermoon, you should be able to choose to directly teleport to one of the nine main cities. Meanwhile, those of us who reached Silvermoon early had to continue to stay in the Starter Town for a while longer."

"Haha, this is called a reversal. But that is quite interesting," Ling Feiyu said with a grin.

"Alright, you guys should get to Silvermoon as soon as possible. Once Im out of the Starter Town, youll have to bring me to level up!" Jiang Feng said.

"My! Look at the Shifter Emperor, the number one of the Divine Dominion Continent asking for me to get his level up. Wheres your dignity?"

"Haha! Im just saying," Jiang Feng said with a smirk. "Right, how is Hundun doing?"


For the entire night, Jiang Feng did not log back into the game. But he talked to Ling Feiyu a lot and gained some understanding about how the situation was like.

The first batch and second batch of players, about 30,000,000 of them, would enter Silvermoon in about half a month. Then, Silvermoons popularity would grow.

Those who had entered the game later could use the airship to head to Silvermoons Starter Towns at level 100.

After the leaders from the first batch had left, many new guilds appeared on the Divine Dominion Continent. Many new, famous people had appeared as well.

Especially the Inheritors. For example, Xiao Lan. She was currently the goddess within the eyes of both players and NPCs. Her domineering character and sexiness had charmed many players.

Perhaps they all treated him as NPC and he had married the games number one beauty Ling Feiyu, many players had also gotten married to NPCs.

But he understood after giving it some thought. When the players play the game, other than for entertainment, it was also to complete the Divine Dominions history. If they could not marry NPCs, then its history would be flawed.

In truth, this was but one way to experience the game. It was not important who you were married to. It was also one way to reduce the players stress as well as to fulfill their spiritual needs.

"Right, Little Feng. I have something to tell you. Shen Ye has also become an Inheritor. He is now the Inheritor of the Necropolitans, and it seems like he is mentally disturbed and went on a murder spree. He has also recruited a group of players who are similarly violent, and created a new guild, called the Shifter Slaying Hall."

"Inheritor of the Necropolitans? Looks like I shouldnt have killed both the Purgatory King and the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountains, giving him that chance." Jiang Feng smiled bitterly.

The Necropolitans were created by the Purgatory King and Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountains. Without a leader, they would produce an Inheritor automatically. That was something that he did not realize at that time.

However, he let it go after giving it some thought. He would not be able to complete the Lianyao Flask without killing the Purgatory King. Not to mention even if Shen Ye had become an Inheritor, he was only one of many that saw him as a threat. There was nothing to fear.

Especially since there were already many threats abound. Adding one more would not make a difference.

Not to mention that Shen Ye had become a mental patient!