Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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Dragon City Riverbed. Jiang Feng looked at all the fragments that flew out and he became agitated.

He threw the Donghuang Bell fragment into the Qiankun Gourd and then activated his High-Speed Movement skill. He quickly followed a slightly bigger fragment.

After chasing it down, he quickly appeared within the Imperial Dragon City’s moat.

Seeing that the fragment almost rushed out from the river, he quickly increased his speed and used his two paws to grab it tightly, then kept it into the Qiankun Gourd.

2“This is going to be annoying!”

At the same time, he noticed that a lot of other fragments had blasted out of the moat and flew outwards from the Imperial Dragon City towards every direction. Some of them had even been caught by players with quick hands.

If these fragments had flown to other places, he could still find a way to find them back.

But if they fall into the hands of players, then it would not be easy to get them back. Even if they can ask for them back, they would have to pay a steep price.

“Haha! I got one! I got one!”

“Look! The people from Myth Group had managed to get three!”


Jiang Feng looked towards the city, and he saw Shen Ye and his underlings managed to snatch three of the Donghuang Bell’s fragments.

2Jiang Feng became angered as he saw that, and cursed under his breath. ‘Damn it, taking them back is going to be a problem.’

“Do not approach the Imperial Dragon City, beast! Otherwise, we shall show you no mercy!” said two of the Level 100 guards as they pointed their spears at him when he approached the city gate, hoping to sprint over and reclaim the Donghuang Bell fragments.

“Roar! Damn you!” Jiang Feng extended his paw and raised his middle finger at them, then turned tail and ran.

1The two guards did not react to his reproach, but Shen Ye, who had just kept the Donghuang Bell fragments saw him.

“It was that white tiger!”

Shen Ye squinted his eyes and saw Jiang Feng outside of the gates.

His mind began to churn, and when he saw the number of players around him, a plan formed in his mind. He yelled, “Look, there’s a boss outside the gate! Myth Group, follow me and kill it!”

After that, he then headed towards the gate and the few from Myth Group followed suit and pursued him.


When the players nearby heard the word boss and saw how excited Shen Ye was, it caught their attention and all of them ran towards the outside of the city.

While they didn’t get any of the Donghuang Bell fragments, it would be great if they could kill a boss and get some great equipment.

A few hundred players rushed out of the city, all of them were thinking of killing a boss.


Just as Jiang Feng had prepared to leave, he heard the battle cries from behind him. He turned to look, and he smiled.

He was originally thinking of going into the city to kill-steal the Donghuang Bell fragments.

But now that they all had come out to kill him, he had no need to snatch any from them. All he needed to do was for them to come to him so that he could take their lives, and give him their fragments.

After Shen Ye came out and saw that Jiang Feng had stopped dead in his tracks, he then slowed down his pursuit, letting the players from behind him go first.

1As the boss of a company, he had the mind to lead it. He had used many similar tactics that grant him advantages after two sides had tired themselves out.

Seeing Shen Ye had slowed down and hid behind the other players, Jiang Feng had naturally guessed his intention as he smiled coldly.


He did not alert Shen Ye and sprinted towards the players that were at the forefront.


With one swipe, he had critically damaged the player at the front and instantly killed him.

The players close to the player that had been killed were taken aback by that and quickly retreated. Unfortunately, the players behind them didn’t see Jiang Feng had instantly killed that player and continued to advance forward. And this had blocked the players’ retreat!

At this time, a large group of players had gathered tightly.

Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng’s eyes beamed and quickly used his skill, yelling “Tornado!”


As soon as he had finished his word, a giant tornado around a dozen meters tall appeared from underneath their feet and threw them all into the air.




A lot of red numbers floated in the air on the tornado, and many players had died in the winds before the tornado’s duration had ended.


As he saw this scene, Shen Ye was shocked and quickly called out to the other players from Myth Group, “This boss has become even stronger, we can’t beat it! Retreat!”

“You can’t escape me!”

Just as Shen Ye had prepared to retreat, a white light blinked and something had appeared next to him.


The white light was Jiang Feng, who had used the tornado as a cover as he headed towards Shen Ye. When he noticed that he was going to retreat, he immediately used his High-Speed Movement skill to quickly make his way to him.

“Damn!” Shen Ye cursed loudly when he saw Jiang Feng pounce towards him, and took out his bow then released a shot towards him.

2Zhan Cang and a few other players from Myth Group had come over, all of them trying to save Shen Ye.

Unfortunately, Jiang Feng had ignored all of their attacks. He swiped at Shen Ye’s shoulder and smacked him to the ground. Then he opened his bloody jaw and munched at Shen Ye’s neck. Blood spurted everywhere.


It was a critical hit, and Shen Ye was instantly killed.


After Shen Ye was killed, he had dropped three items. A piece of equipment and two Donghuang Bell fragments.

Jiang Feng’s eyes beamed and quickly picked up the three items.


At this time, the tornado had dissipated. One more Donghuang Bell fragment had fallen from the sky, and he was overjoyed.

He never would have thought that there was someone from this group of players who had managed to snatch a fragment.

He did not continue the fight with Zhan Cang, but instead quickly sprinted towards the Donghuang Bell fragment, picked it up and ran away.

He saw that more players had rushed out of the city just now. If he were to continue to stay, he would be in danger.

Since both Tornado and High-Speed movement had entered cooldown, he would be in grave danger if he was surrounded when he had no usable high-damaging skills.

After he left the Imperial Dragon city, he then randomly chose a direction and continued forward.

In between, he began to check on the Donghuang Bell fragments.

At this point in time, he possessed 72 Donghuang Bell fragments. Meaning that there were still 36 pieces missing.

“I hope that those missing 36 pieces wouldn’t all fall into the hands of players. If not, that would be very troublesome.”

Jiang Feng’s strong limbs walked into a forest as he muttered under his breath.

“I need to find more bloodline at this time and try to get a hundred bloodlines quickly. I also needed to improve one of my bloodlines to the Divine-Beast level. Only then would I have the strength to look for the missing pieces!”

“But before this, I needed to train a group of powerful followers. Only then would the speed of my growth increase!”

As he thought about it, he looked at the opened map and let the Flaming Tiger King out from the Qiankun Gourd.

“You finally let me out, boss! I almost got sick from staying in there for too long,” said the Flaming Tiger King excitedly as he came out.

“Flaming Tiger, didn’t you want to grow stronger? Let’s go, I will help you increase your strength!”

Jiang Feng said to the Flaming Tiger King, then quickly ran towards a set direction.