Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 350

Chapter 350 The God Of Slaughter Baiqi

After he had chatted with Ling Feiyu until eleven, he took a shower then slept with Ling Feiyu in his embrace.

On the next day, a ray of warm sunlight shone into their bedroom, and Jiang Feng woke up from his dreams.

"You awake? Pack up quickly and we can then leave."

He sat on the bed and saw Ling Feiyu already up and putting on makeup at the dressing table.

Even without any makeup, Ling Feiyus beauty was already jaw-dropping. After applying some makeup, her beauty was equal to that of the gods. Jiang Feng felt his heart throb in the morning.

He quickly got up from the bed as he felt the heat from down under. "Damn. We have to get married soon, or my days will get very difficult."

Ling Feiyu looked at Jiang Feng below the waist and laughed while covering her mouth.

After packing up, Jiang Feng, Ling Feiyu, Jiang Fengs father, Xiaohei, and Su Qing left in the car and headed to the city.

Jiang Feng did not bring the Gyrfalcon and the fox family and had them stay behind to watch over their home.

He brought Xiaohei along mainly to protect his father and Su Qing.

After two weeks in the Animal Arena, Xiaohei had become much more experienced. After feeding it so many Enhancing Pills, it had become even stronger and more powerful as well as speedier. He was even more powerful than him.

He guessed that even if Xiaohei was hit by a bullet, its muscle would simply block the bullet so that it would not hit his internal organs.

Once they were at the airport, he then passed the car to Su Qing while he and Ling Feiyu headed into the airport.

While Su Qing had no license, Ling Feiyu only needed to give the word to get her one.

Not to mention that she was quite talented. After teaching her for a bit, she could already drive safely on the road. After all, she did drove tractors in the past, and they were quite similar anyways.


When they had boarded the plane, Ling Feiyu and he were seated together.

Looking at the two of them cuddling together, the successful men in first-class all looked at Jiang Feng with envy.

Ling Feiyu was too pretty, and she would affect any men easily with her mere looks.

There were already many self-declared successful men trying to flirt with Ling Feiyu when they were waiting to board at the departure hall, but they were all scared away by Jiang Feng.

Who would not when he shattered the seat at the departure hall in one strike.

Once their plane took off, Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu both took out a pair of earrings and entered the game.

Ling Feiyu was sitting at the window seat, and anyone who wanted to touch Ling Feiyu would have to go past him first.

In order to make sure that Ling Feiyu would not be disturbed in-game, he had set the game to prompt him if there was anyone approaching him or touching him.

Ling Feiyus family members were all at Suhai City. Her parents were there too.

It would take three hours to get from Qingyang City to Suhai City.

It would be enough for him to clear a dungeon in three hours

When he went online, Xue Yingqi, Mu Xi, and Xiao Longnu were already in a dungeon. He did not disturb them and was going to clear a dungeon on his own.

"Time to check a dungeon on hard difficulty and get some understanding. Next time, we should try to clear a hard dungeon!" He mumbled to himself as he stood next to the mayor, then chose to enter a dungeon with hard difficulty.

After not getting any Sacred Artifact by either clearing the normal dungeon or transmuting the Insectoid Queen, he had lost interest in the normal dungeon.

In the hard dungeon, the Insectoid Queen was at Super Divine Beast level, Black Poison Spiders were at Spiritual Level and the Purple Poison Spiders were at Immortal Level. There were even 5 more Young Insectoid Queens at Divine Beast level that would spawn together.

"Tch Theres no way I can complete this! They dont have to make hard difficulty this hard!"

He became depressed after he entered the dungeon and saw all the Spiritual level Black Poison Spiders.

The Spiritual level Black Poison Spiders stats were three times that of normal Black Poison Spiders. His Sacred Health was around 15,000. Once he was attacked by three or four of them, they could then kill him off.

Black Poison Spider: Level 120 Spiritual Monster (Monster level equal to the level of players entering the dungeon)

Sacred Health: 45,000

Sacred Attack: 8,000 12,000

Sacred Defense: 3,000

Skills: Poison, Spider Silk

"Whatever, I can come back to kill them after I evolve!"

Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and ate an Evolution Pill.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Pills effect is too weak. Unable to evolve. You may choose to fuse 10 normal Evolution Pills into 1 High-level Evolution Pill!

As soon as he ate the Evolution Pill, the systems voice rang in his ear.

"Hm? Evolution Pills effect is too weak? Looks like after reaching the Spiritual Level Bloodline, the requirement for the Evolution Pills has also become more stringent if I want to increase my Bloodline to Immortal level or higher."

He then took out 10 evolution pills and placed them in his palm.

As he had not evolved for a very long time, the Evolution Pills he had from transmuting monsters and the 2 Evolution Pills that he automatically gained from the Evolution Pill Furnace had allowed him to save around 150 Evolution Pills on him.

When ten evolution pills sat in his palm, a "Fuse" option appeared.

He chose to fuse, and then looked at the 10 evolution pills liquefy and fuse together.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations. You gained 1 High-Level Evolution Pill.

After a few seconds, the 10 Evolution Pills had successfully fused together into a golden pill that was one size larger.

Looking at the high-level evolution pill, he did not hesitate to eat it and began evolving.


A golden flame appeared and engulfed him, forming a fiery cocoon.

Because it was an evolution that crossed a threshold, his evolution duration was much longer.


While his fire elemental resistance was quite high, he still cried out in pain under the burning golden fire.


As he was evolving, a white-clothed man appeared in the air.

The white-clothed man looked at Jiang Feng that was surrounded by the flaming cocoon, and murmured to himself, "Golden Sacred Flame. Looks like Emperor Qin has really found the right person. Using the Golden Sacred Flame to evolve means that his Shifter Bloodline is very powerful. His endurance in facing the searing pain of the Golden Sacred Fire means that he possesses great perseverance and can perform great work. I wonder. How powerful will he become after his evolution?"

The curious white-clothed man stood in the air with a blank expression as he folded his arms and listened to the painful cries coming from within the flaming cocoon.


After half an hour, the flaming cocoon exploded. Jiang Feng had completed his evolution.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Complete! You gained two lottery chances!

After transforming into an Immortal Beast, his brown monkey fur had transformed into a soft golden fur. It was especially bright under the sun.


Just as he was going to check his stats after his evolution, Jiang Feng noticed something and looked into the air.

He saw the white-clothed man folding his arms in the air, and he frowned as he thought to himself, Who is that man? How did he enter the dungeon?

When he thought about that, he quickly used Identify on the white-clothed man.

Baiqi: Rank 5 Lesser Sacred Master

Introduction: Baiqi is a general of the nation of Qin. 10,000 years ago, he aided the Emperor of Qin, Ying Zheng, to unite the entire Silvermoon. As he had killed millions on the field of battle, he was given the title God of Slaughter!

Status: ???

"God of Slaughter, Baiqi!"

When he saw Baiqis stats, Jiang Feng could only call out in surprise.