Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Ling Luo

"God of Slaughter, Baiqi!"

Jiang Feng could only call out in surprise as he looked at the white-clothed man floating in mid-air.

When Baiqi saw that Jiang Feng had already discovered him, he stopped acting cool and flew over toward him.

"Inheritor of the Shifters, Shifter Emperor. Seeing that you are quite powerful, I have a quest for you. Are you willing to accept?"

Baiqi did not waste any time and went straight to the main point. It could be seen that he was someone direct.

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the "Awaken the Qin" Plot Quest?


While he had no idea what the content of the quest was, once he heard that it was a Plot Quest, he did not hesitate to accept it.

This was one of Silvermoons Three Plot Quests. He would be an idiot not to accept it.

Awaken the Qin: One of the Three Main Plot Quests.

Introduction: With Baiqis help, reorganize the Qins army and rescue the Emperor of Qin, Ying Zheng!

Content: ???

"Hm? Baiqi, what is the content of this plot quest?" He had accepted the quest, but what made him confused was that the content of the quest was all question marks.

Without more details on how to work on the quest, he did not even know where to start.

Baiqi then said to him emotionlessly, "When you reach level 150, go to the Stewards Residence at the Royal Qin City. I will then tell you the specifics of your quest."

Jiang Feng nodded and said, "Alright!"

Baiqi then gave a talisman to Jiang Feng and explained, "This is my Talisman of Possession. Use it when you are in danger. Remember, it can only be used three times. Alright, I have to go. I hope that you will become stronger much faster!"

Baiqi gave Jiang Feng a talisman and disappeared in a flash.

Jiang Feng looked at the golden talisman in his hand and checked it curiously.

Baiqis Talisman of Possession: Grade Ten Sacred Talisman

After using it, Baiqi will possess the user and instantly give the user the power of a Rank 10 Sacred-level monster. Duration of 1 hour. Cooldown of 5 hours. 3 uses left.

"Rank 10 Sacred Level! That powerful?!"

While Baiqi was at Rank 5 Lesser Sacred Master, he must be one of the best among the Rank 5 Lesser Sacred Masters. He was very powerful. Naturally, when he was only at Rank 10 Sacred Level, he would be among the most powerful of the Rank 10 Sacred Levels.

That meant that he would have one more card to play when he needed to save his own skin and kill his enemies.

"If theres such a good reward at the beginning, I wonder what kind of rewards would I get at the end of this plot quest. Whatever, I should check my stats after my evolution first!"

He mumbled to himself and put away the Talisman of Possession, then checked his own stats.

Sacred Health: 45,000

Sacred Attack: 10,342

Sacred Defense: 4,500

"Haha! I did not expect that evolving from Spiritual Rank to Immortal Rank would increase my stats by that much. One-fold! And my Sacred Health has even increased by three-folds!"

His original Sacred Health was 15,000, Sacred Attack was 5,000 and Sacred Defense was 2,000. That meant that this evolution had completely increased the distance between him and players who had a stat conversion ratio of 100:1. His stats had even surpassed many players with that conversion ratio.

Jiang Feng nodded excitedly and said to himself, "I need to quickly increase my bloodline purity and evolve into Divine Level Shifter Emperor Bloodline. My stats would increase even more! Then, even if others manage to change a third time, they wouldnt be able to surpass me.

After saying that, he then rushed into the Spiritual Beast level Black Poison Spiders.

Due to his stats increase and Deicides attack boost of about four times, his Sacred Attack had reached about 50,000.

The Black Poison Spiders Health was around 45,000. That meant that each strike of his could kill a Spiritual Beast level Black Poison Spider.

He was an Immortal Beast and the most powerful being among the Immortal Beasts. It would be a joke if he could not instant kill a Spiritual Beast.

"Sweep the Army!"

He swept across the Black Poison Spiders with Deicide in his hand, and all of them that were hit had been instantly slain.


After killing a bunch of Black Poison Spiders, he took out the Lianyao Flask and absorbed all the corpses, and threw them into the furnace located in the second level of the flask to transmute them.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations, you have gained 1 Spider Silk, 1 Poison Sac, 1 Drop of Sacred Blood, and 1 Level 120 Experience Pill.

After killing another, he directly used Transmute Monster and transmuted its corpse.

After eating the Sacred Blood and Experience Pill, he continued the slaughter and headed into the valley within Silent Hill.

His increase in power made an impossible dungeon instantly easy.

However, he did not complete the dungeon intentionally and kept on farming the spider mobs.

This was a good place for him to farm experience points since when the Black Poison Spiders die, the Insectoid Queen would produce even more Black Poison Spiders to attack him.

It could be said that he would never run out of monsters in this dungeon, and the experience points that the monsters gave were quite lucrative as well.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 121. You have received 10 points of Free Attribute Points.

In less than one hour, he had successfully reached level 121.

"Hm? Deicides boost stopped at 400%?"

After killing thousands of monsters, he thought that Deicides boost would increase to 500%. However, when he gave it a quick glance, he noticed that Deicides boost had stopped at 400% and was no longer increasing. He was very perplexed, and then looked at its full stats.

Deicide: Rank 1 Sacred Artifact (Growing Weapon)

Sacred Attack +400%

Destiny +30

Passive Skills:

Drain Blood. Attack heals 30% of the damage done.

Bloody Burst: Every time you kill an enemy, attack and movement speed increases by 0.1%. No upper limit. (After reaching 400%, only by killing Sacred level enemies would it continue to increase!)

Active Skill:

Sweep the Army: When used after enlarged, the attack will blow away enemies at a rate of 100%.

Transform: Can change to any shape and any size at will.

Prerequisite: None

"Damn it, since when was there a sentence behind the Bloodburst skill?" Jiang Feng was speechless when he read the sentence that appeared behind the Bloodburst skill.

That meant that if he wanted to increase Deicides Sacred Attack Boost, he needed to kill Sacred Level monsters.

If the stats conversion ratio were slightly lower, he might even have the confidence to challenge Baiqi. Slaying sacred level monsters would be as easy as pie.

"Whatever, the game has its own rules. I shouldnt waste any more time. I should clear this dungeon. By the time I do, the plane should be touching down," He mumbled to himself and headed toward the center of Silent Hill.


Divine Dominion Continent.

The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

A level 130 female summoner called "Ling Luo" walked on the streets excitedly.

She was at most around 16 years old with a pair of spirited eyes. She was very cute and pretty.

"Teehee, I have finally escaped the control of the scientists from all the countries. From now on, the game will automatically develop on its own. No one can interfere with it anymore! Now, I can finally play this game at peace," Ling Luo mumbled to herself excitedly.

What she did not know was that her actions had made every nations scientists fall into chaos.