Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Jiang Fengs Gift

Ling Qianfeng was Ling Zhenhongs third son.

He was a cunning man and was very efficient in his dealings. He had built Tianfeng Holdings using a series of tactics.

When it came to business, he was only second to Ling Feiyus father Ling Yuntian. He also had some authority within the family.

In order to strengthen Tianfeng Holdings influence, he wedded his daughters to some of the ancient families for profit.

And this time, he had turned his attention to Ling Feiyu.

Originally, he was going to introduce Ling Feiyu to Situ familys second son, Situ Hao. But he did not expect to find Jiang Feng here.

Not only that, but he had the audacity to curse him in front of so many people.

He became extremely angry and pointed at Jiang Feng without caring for his image and said, "Alright, Ill wait. Ill write my name in reverse if you are accepted into the Ling family!"

After he had finished saying so, he then left the first-class cabin.

All the others that had some social standing and were watching looked at Jiang Feng with pity.

They did not expect that a child like him would dare to curse Ling Qianfeng.

But they knew what Ling Qianfeng was capable of. As soon as he disembarked, Jiang Feng would be in danger.

After Ling Qianfeng left, everyone pulled their attention away from them and put on their safety belts, as the plane was going to land soon.

Jiang Feng held Ling Feiyus hand and said apologetically, "Sorry, Feiyu. I was too impulsive!"

Ling Feiyu then shook her head with a smile and said, "Dont worry. My third uncles name is Ling Qianfeng. He can be quite a snob and he wants to have a hand in the marriage of all the younger generations so that he could get some profit out of it. After his wifes family had fallen, he even divorced her and kicked her out. I dont like him at all. Even if you dont curse at him, I will!"

"What a jerk!" Jiang Feng gave Ling Qianfeng a descriptor after he had heard Ling Feiyus introduction of him. "Feiyu, can you tell me more about your family? I dont want to do the wrong thing when I meet with your family later."


Next, Ling Feiyu began to explain to Jiang Feng about the people in the Ling family and their family history. She had really treated Jiang Feng as her husband. As such, she did not hide any of it and told him everything.

It was not because she was stupid. It was because she trusted Jiang Fengs personality.


As Jiang Feng began to have an understanding of the Ling Family when the plane descended, he could only gasp in surprise.

Ling Zhenhong had three sons and three daughters.

The eldest son was Ling Zhendong, the current patriarch of the family

The second son was Ling Yuntian, Ling Feiyus father.

The third son was Ling Qianfeng, the overweight middle-aged man that he had seen just now.


Other than Ling Feiyus grandfather, Ling Zhenhongs siblings had a lot of children. It could be said that theirs was a huge family.

The assets in their hands comprised of 10% of the total Chinese market. That was a terrifying percentage.

Of course, what made Jiang Feng even more surprised was that Ling Feiyus great grandfather Ling Zhentian was still alive. He was already 98 years old and had very high authority within the family.

If he wanted, he could always remove her eldest uncles position as the patriarch of the family and no one would object.

The entire Ling family was built by his great grandfather, and he still held the lifeline of her entire family.

"There are three stages in front of you. The first stage is my parents. The second stage is my eldest uncle or tradition. The third stage is my great grandfather. Of course, dont feel pressured. I will marry you no matter what!" Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng with a smile.

"Alright." Jiang Feng nodded.

While Ling Feiyu had already expressed to him her love for him, but he knew that as a man, he had to let his own woman live a life free of any grievances.

Three stages, is it? Then, let me give it a try!

The larger the family, the more traditions there were. And traditions were the chains that were the hardest to break. Jiang Feng was going to give it a try.

From Ling Feiyus description, he knew that the Ling familys tradition is that the men must marry a woman from a family that wielded influence and power while the woman must marry a man that wielded influence and power as well.

The reason that this tradition was set was that they wanted the Ling family to continue to be strong and to form an ancient Great Family, so that it would prosper forever.

Jiang Feng felt great pressure, but Ling Feiyu did not show it at all.

Very quickly, the plane had landed. After disembarking from the plane, they took a taxi and headed to Suhai Citys biggest and most famous mall.

He had to bring something to meet his future in-laws.


Just as Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu left for the mall, Ling Qianfeng made a call.

"Hello? I have just seen Feiyu and a man heading to the Prince Mall. Dont say I didnt give you any chances. Its up to you if you are able to court Feiyu. Dont worry, I will always support you from behind. Of course, tell your dad to take care of my Tianfeng Holdings."

Ling Lianfeng hung up the call with a cold smile and muttered to himself, "Kid, lets see if you are as tough as you said you are! This is for humiliating me!"


Prince Mall was where those from high social standing would spend their money at.

When they had arrived at Prince Mall, Ling Feiyu brought Jiang Feng to see many shops, but Jiang Feng did not buy anything.

Ling Feiyu pointed at a jade statuette and said, "Maybe we can just pick a jade statuette" My parents arent lacking in anything, so anything would do."

Jiang Feng frowned and shook his head and said, "If your parents dont lack anything, that means I cannot do this without any effort."

With that, he sat on a chair by a jewelry store and gave it some thought.

Both Ling Feiyus parents were workaholics. Their stamina most probably could not keep up with their long working hours.

Right, isnt the Enhancing Pill the best gift, then? With that thought, he pulled Ling Feiyu out of the store. "Lets go, I know what to buy for them now!"

"What?" Ling Feiyu blinked uncertainly as she asked.

"Youll know when you see it!"

Very quickly, Jiang Feng brought Ling Feiyu to a shop that sold tea.

Ling Feiyu looked at the collection of teas and said, "Tea? But we have plenty, too?"

Jiang Feng smiled faintly. "Do your family members love to drink tea?"

Ling Feiyu nodded. "Yes."

All the socialites loved tea. The tea that they drank could be compared to gold, especially certain types of tea leaves that could improve their alertness.

The worlds most expensive tea would be Mount Wuyis Da Hong Pao. There were only a few tea trees that could produce traditional Da Hong Pao tea. They were so precious that money could not buy it.

Of course, Jiang Feng was not prepared to buy those. He bought 5kg of normal Da Hong Pao.

After buying it, he crumbled the Enhancing Pill into powder form and mixed it with the Da Hong Pao.

"This is just a normal Da Hong Pao. They probably drink it so much they dont want to drink it anymore. Why dont we buy some fruits?" Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng as she looked at him, mixing things up for quite some time.

While she had been drinking soup that had been mixed in with Enhancing Pills, she did not know about the Enhancing Pills.

Not only her, but his father and Su Qing also did not know about the effects of the Enhancing Pill.

Jiang Feng smiled mysteriously then said to Ling Feiyu, "Dont worry, they will definitely like this. Ill even make a bet with you that this 5kg of tea leaves would become popular among the socialites within a week. At that time, one gram of it would be even more expensive than diamonds!"

"Sure, dont stop with the boasting. I will consider that you have won if your boast can win you a wife." Ling Feiyu smiled as she covered her mouth with her hand.