Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Ling Family Manor

Prince Mall, tea shop.

Jiang Feng had asked the owner to separate the 5kg worth of tea leaves into 10 smaller packages and had them elegantly decorated.

After he had finished buying the gifts, he left the tea shop together with Ling Feiyu.


As soon as he left the tea shop, he could hear a whooshing sound in the air.

Jiang Feng frowned and instinctively raised his hand to catch whatever it was. The next moment, a brick appeared in his hand.


He looked at the brick, and then turned over and looked at three gangster-like young men.

When the three men saw that Jiang Feng had managed to catch the brick, they were all stunned. Two of them still had a brick in their hands, and they still had not managed to throw them out in time.

"Who are you?!" Jiang Feng asked the three of them coldly.

"Run!" When the three gangsters saw that their ambush had failed, they turned and ran.

Jiang Feng looked at the brick in his hand and squeezed. The brick turned into three pieces, and he threw them at the three men.


There were three separate whooshing sounds in the air. The three bricks flew through the air and slowly separated, and smacked right at the back of the three gangsters.


The three gangsters all vomited blood when they were hit by the bricks, and fell on the ground. Blood flowed from their backs as they could only moan in pain.

He walked toward the three of them with a frown.


He stepped on the wrist of one of the gangsters and shattered it immediately, and snorted, "Speak, who asked you to ambush me?"

If he did not catch the brick, the brick would have hit his head. He would be the one with a bleeding head then.

While it would not kill him, he would definitely have a concussion. Or worse, he would have a hemorrhage in his head.

Jiang Feng had always been someone who knew who his friends and enemies were. He would not simply let those that seek to do him harm go as easily!

"Ah Im sorry, I didnt mean to, I thought it was fun, so"

"Fun? Ill have fun with you!"

Jiang Feng then stepped on that gangsters ribs and broke one of his ribs.


That gangster let out a painful cry and fainted.

"Now tell me, who sent you?" Jiang Feng asked the other two that were still awake

"No I really dont know other than someone giving us a call."

"Give me your phone."

After Jiang Feng got the phone number, he called it.

"Beep, Beep Hello, is it done?" A young mans voice came from the other side.

"You son of a B. If youre a man, come here and fight like a man! Youre not a man if you simply hide behind someone else! You coward! Chicken!"

After the call went through, he immediately started cursing.

He was no gentleman, so he would not reserve his cultured side for the people that wanted his blood.

"Beep Beep"

The man hung up the call.

Ling Feiyu looked at the number on the phones screen, and said "I think I know who it was."

"Who?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Situ Hao, the son of the Situ family. One of the five Ancient Families," ling Feiyu said.

"Him again?" Jiang Feng narrowed his eyes and remembered the young man that he had met in the Animal Arena.


"You know him?" Ling Feiyu asked in surprise.

"Yes. We had some problems with each other at the Animal Arena," Jiang Feng said with a smile as he had his arms over Ling Feiyus waist. "Lets go, no need to pay him any attention!"

He then flagged down a taxi and headed toward the Ling familys manor.


Situ Hao, who was in the Animal Arena back in Qyingyang City was very angry.

His hands clenched at the phone and he mumbled to himself coldly, "Jiang Feng, just you wait!"

With that, he called a number using his phone, "Hello, book me a ticket to Suhai City. Also, help me prepare a gift!"

The Ling family manor was located at the center of Suhai City, within a lake garden.

It was a manor built on a giant lake. It was like an island, and at the shore of the lake were many mansions. These mansions all belonged to the Ling family, and the Ling family members lived in them.

The path heading to the lake garden had Osmanthus trees with red leaves by their side.

If one were to look from afar, they would see a line of burning-like red clouds. Yellow Osmanthus decorated the red leaves, giving the path some beauty and sweet scent.

Even the taxi driver was quite appreciative of this path.

But as soon as he remembered who lived here, his entire body shuddered.

"Mr, Miss. You sure you didnt come to the wrong place?" The driver knew that anyone who lived in a place like this would have their own private drivers to pick them up and send them away. There was no need for a taxi.

"Dont worry, mister driver. No one will stop you!" Ling Feiyu said.

Very quickly, the taxi reached a gate. Ling Feiyu took out a jade for the three guards to see. The guards exchanged terrified glances and quickly let them in.


From the way the three guards walked and stood, he knew that they would not be weak. At least, they were more powerful than the special forces. Most probably the best in their batch.


At this moment, a dozen sports cars appeared from the byroads and surrounded the taxi. However, they meant them no harm. It was more like they were escorting them.


The taxi driver was so shocked by the greetings that he kept on wiping the sweat on his forehead.

The driver was not the only one. Even Jiang Feng was shocked. It was too majestic since he had never seen so many exotic sports cars escorting them. It was normal to be surprised by it.

On the other hand, Ling Feiyu was quite calm. However, her quietness and liveliness had slowly disappeared. Instead, she was becoming more imposing, and her expression became prideful and cold.

When Jiang Feng saw that, he was slightly stunned by it before smiling to himself.

Next, he emptied his mind and remembered his status as the Shifter Emperor within the game. He himself was becoming more imposingand at times, was even more imposing than Ling Feiyu.

If Ling Feiyus imposition could be described as prideful and cold, then his was fierce and sharp.

The driver felt so much pressure that he felt that he was sitting on a carpet of needles. He wanted to quickly drop Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu home and quickly leave.

The so-called imposition was ones aura.

Learning arts such as learning to play the Guqin, chess, calligraphy and brush painting could strengthen ones aura slowly. When actors frequently took the role of different characters, and even the leaders of various fields, it could create auras. That was why when the fans saw their favorite idols they always said that they were elegant.

Of course, their elegance was quite soft and it could not be compared with Ling Feiyu and Jiang Fengs.

At this time, a bright red sports car came close to the taxi and rolled down its window, revealing a handsome face who spoke to Ling Feiyu and Jiang Feng, who were still inside the taxi, "Big Sis, youre home! This must be my future brother-in-law! He has quite the imposition! But ask him to be careful. The people from the Five Ancient Families have all come to ask for your hand in marriage. Some of the reputable noble heirs have also come!"