Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 355

Chapter 355 : My Husband Is That Strong?

Ling Feiyu had a younger brother called Ling Chen who was 17 years old, and they were the only two siblings in their part of the family.

According to Ling Feiyu, Ling Chen was someone open and straightforward but sometimes can play the fool. He loved car racing and could be quite hot-blooded.

After listening to Ling Chens words, Ling Feiyu frowned.

She would not return home most of the time. On one hand, it was because of her academics. On the other hand, it was to avoid all the wedding engagements that were forced on her by her elders.

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Feiyus expression and extended his hand, and grabbed hers tightly.

Ling Feiyu looked at Jiang Feng next to her and rested against him with slight relief.

They had finally reached a bridge on the lake under the escort of so many luxurious cars.

At this time, there were many exotic cars parked by the bridge. There were many accomplished young men holding bouquets of flowers waiting by the cars. It seemed that these men were all waiting for Ling Feiyus arrival.

The driver stopped his taxi and said to Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu, "Were were here."

Jiang Feng took out three red notes and gave them to the driver and said, "Thanks!"

After the driver took the money, he quickly drove away as soon as Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu exited the car.

All the Ling familys children that drove the expensive cars laughed.

However, Jiang Feng could nott smile at all as he looked at all the young men, and had his arm around Ling Feiyus waist with a poker face.

"Lets go!" Ling Feiyu said calmly, and coiled her arms around Jiang Fengs, and walked toward the bridge.

Seeing how close Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu were, the young men that were originally smiling all become irritated.

When all the sports cars were parked by the side, Ling Chen exited his car and leaned against it as he said with a smile, "Haha! Looks like theres going to be a good show soon! Big Sis really is a beauty that attracts troubles wherever she goes. A war shall soon begin!"

The moment he stopped, Ling Feiyu turned and glared at him. He stuck his tongue out like a child that did something wrong and shut up.


When Jiang Feng walked toward the bridge, the group of young men all walked toward Ling Feiyu holding their bouquet of flowers. Some of them were talking among themselves.

"Whos that kid? Why is he so close with Feiyu? Damn!"

"Doesnt matter who he is. Since we dont know him, lets kill him!"

"We will use our own strength to court Feiyu. As for that nobody, lets push him away. I dont like him!"


Ling Feiyu coiled Jiang Fengs arm with hers. The group of young men all approached them and gave the bouquet to Ling Feiyu.

"Congratulations and welcome home, Feiyu! It must have been hard outside. I have booked the Prince Hotel and prepared a party for you tonight, to welcome you back home!" A handsome man wearing a red coat gave a bouquet to Ling Feiyu.

"Hey, servant, you can go away. These are your tips. Thanks for sending Feiyu back home," Another handsome man took out a stack of cash and threw it on Jiang Feng with a sneer.

"Here, I have tips for you too. Thanks, haha!"

Another man took out another stack of cash and threw it at Jiang Feng.

Next, all eighteen of them threw money at him. They thought that Jiang Feng was courting Ling Feiyu simply for money.

And the money they took out was progressively getting more and more since socialites like them cared the most about their dignity.

In a short while, Jiang Fengs feet were filled with banknotes. One of the men called Baili Mingbu even threw a briefcase full of money by his feet. It looked like it had at least 500,000 in it.

There must be at least 3,000,000 in cash burying his feet right now.

If a normal man were to see this, they would have thought that they were dreaming. Jiang Feng however did not even bat an eye.

He was not angry at all, but he merely smiled faintly and said to the eighteen men, "Scram!"

His tone was very friendly. It was not hostile at all. But when the eighteen young men heard it, they felt that it was filled with mockery.

"What did you say? Which family are you from? I will make it so that your family is removed from China!" Baili Mingbu said coldly.

"Kid, I advise you to take that back or you will get hurt very badly!"

"Kid, Feiyu will never fall in love with you. Many of us here are more good-looking than you. As for power, there is nothing you have that can be used to compare to what we have!"


"I told you to scram! Who the hell are all of you anyway?! Are you trying to cross the line?!" Jiang Feng, who was originally smiling, suddenly yelled out in anger as he began to show his aura.

Intially, he was not going to cause any trouble, since it was never a good thing to cause trouble at Ling Feiyus home. But he could not back down any longer when they kept intimidating him like that.

Ling Feiyu looked at Jiang Feng worryingly, "You dont have to pay attention to any of them, lets go!"

"Feiyu, this has nothing to do with you. Move away," Baili Mingbu said to Ling Feiyu, then stared at Jiang Feng coldly. "Damn, no one has ever dared to yell at me like that. Youre the first one to have ever done so. Im going to teach you a lesson today!"

"Baili Mingbu, beat him up!"

"Baili Mingbu is already a master in ancient martial arts! Hes going to squash him like an insect!"


The Baili family was also one of the ancient families, and all of them had been trained in some form of ancient martial arts. They had no problem beating up four or five normal people.

Baili Mingbu had been training all this while. He did not even play much of Divine Dominion, and that made him even stronger.

Among the accomplished young men here, only those from the other four ancient families would dare to fight him. No one dared to be so cocky in front of him.

He naturally would not hold back after being yelled at.

After telling Ling Feiyu off, he immediately attacked Jiang Feng on the face using his two fists.

"Baili Mingbu, stop your insolence!" Ling Feiyu knew Baili Mingbus strength. When she saw him attacking Jiang Feng, she was shocked and instinctively stepped in front of Jiang Feng, protecting him.

When Baili Mingby saw Ling Feiyu blocking in front of Jiang Feng, his face paled. He could no longer pull his fists back.

When everyone saw this, their face paled.

If they were to hurt Ling Feiyu in the Ling familys own front lawn, none of them would be able to escape the punishment from the Ling familys patriarch.

However, what they saw surprised them to the max.

Jiang Feng pulled Ling Feiyu to the side using his left hand, and his right fist violently crashed into Baili Mingbus two fists.



There was the sound of bones cracking and Baili Mingbu could only scream out in pain as he was flung aside and he violently smashed onto the side of a bridge.

He was in absolute pain and his arms were bent in an unnatural manner, blood flowing down from his wounds.


Other than Baili Mingbu screaming in pain as he laid on the ground, no one made any noise and everyone looked at Jiang Feng with disbelief.

Even Ling Feiyu was looking at Jiang Feng with astonishment.

Ling Feiyu knew that Jiang Feng knew some basic moves and knew that Jiang Feng was extremely powerful in the game, but she did not know that Jiang Feng would be so powerful in reality as well to the point of being able to blow away Baili Mingbu in one strike and even break several of his fingers.

Ling Feiyu pursed up her lips as she thought to herself.

My husband is that strong?