Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Black Ice Set Equipment

Chapter 356: Black Ice Set Equipment

Jiang Fengs attack had shocked all the accomplished youths that were present.

Another person that was shocked was Ling Qianfeng, who was hiding in a room in the manor.

Ling Qianfeng saw Jiang Fengs normal punch that managed to blast away Baili Mingbu who was a master of the ancient martial arts and even severely injured him. He shuddered.

"Where did Ling Feiyu find such a powerful boyfriend, so powerful. I guess he must be at least at the later stage. It seems that if there arent any elites from the Five Ancient Family, no one can really stop him!" Ling Qianfeng mumbled to himself and took out a mobile phone, and called a number.


After shocking everyone present, Jiang Feng pulled Ling Feiyu and took the tea that he had set on the ground, and walked toward the bridge.

This time, the two of them were not stopped by anyone and easily entered the manor.

"Little Feng, youre that strong?" Ling Feiyu asked Jiang Feng when they were on their way.

"Is it? Its just something basic," Jiang Feng smiled as he scratched his head.

"Okay, I was just joking and youre treating it seriously now," Ling Feiyu rolled her eyes at Jiang Feng and then pulled him toward another direction. "Come on, Ill show you where I live!"

When Ling Feiyu said that, she meant the mansion where her parents were staying.

She found a car in the manor and then drove Jiang Feng over to her parents mansion.

The Ling family manor took up a lot of space. Other than a grand structure in the middle, there were many mansions nearby. These mansions were where those holding power within the Ling family stayed.

After a short while, Ling Feiyu then brought Jiang Feng toward a mansion.

She stopped her car, took out her phone, and scanned on the reader. The door to her home then opened.

"Come in. My parents shouldnt be at home right now, and I guess they would only be back at night!" She pulled Jiang Feng into the mansion.

When Jiang Feng saw that there was no one in the mansion, he felt somewhat relaxed. He went to the toilet and then went to Ling Feiyus room.

Ling Feiyus room was orderly and clean. Even if she was not home, someone would always come by and clean it up.

"Little Feng, go and play for a little while. I am going to go see my great grandfather!" Ling Feiyu said to him with a smile as she entered the room and kissed Jiang Feng on his lips.

"Alright, go."

Since she had come home, she would naturally have to meet her elders. Otherwise, she would have broken social protocol and etiquette. He understood at least that much.

After Ling Feiyu left, Jiang Feng entered the game in Ling Feiyus room as he sat on the leather couch.

As for what had happened earlier, he did not pay them much attention.

It was Baili Mingbu that attacked first, and he only countered him while protecting Ling Feiyu. Even if he wanted to create problems for him, they would not have any excuses.

He still could not do anything at this moment, and he did not dare explore another persons home, he could only enter the game to entertain himself.

When he entered the game, he had set an alert that covered the entire mansion. Other than Ling Feiyu, he would get an alert from the system as soon as anyone else approached the mansion.


Ding. Welcome back to the game. Wish you have a good time!

After he had logged back into the game, he automatically reappeared next to the mayor.

Since he had completed the quest and logged out in the dungeon, he would automatically be sent close to the mayor.

"Shifter Emperor!"

His appearance once again became a contention for the players of the five servers. He found an empty space and sat down, then took out the piece of equipment that he did not manage to check.

The equipment that he got from the Super Divine Beast, the Insectoid Queen, was a piece of clothing.

Black Ice Set EquipmentClothing: Rank 1 Sacred Artifact

Sacred Health +30,000

Sacred Defense +2,000

Resist 30% damage

Active Sacred Skill: Black Ice ShieldAfter activation, a black ice shield will appear around him. Can be used to dispel three attacks and has a chance to freeze enemies. Cooldown of 20 minutes.

Black Ice Equipment Set Bonus: None, require at least three Black Ice Set Equipment.

Prerequisites: Level 120 Spellcasting class

"Haha, while its not an inheritor set, it is still a Sacred Level Equipment Set. I will save this for Feiyu," Jiang Feng was happy when he finished looking at the Black Ice Equipment Sets stat and put it away

"Time to farm for more equipment!"

He continued to enter the dungeon solo again after his first taste.

He felt that Sacred Level Equipment Set would appear much more frequently if he did it on his own.


Just when Jiang Feng was having fun within the game, an illicit trading was happening within an abandoned factory in Suhai City.

There were two groups of people within the abandoned factory.

One group of them was led by a man wearing a black coat and a tie as well as a pair of glasses.

The other group was led by a man with scars on his face and neck.

"Lin Bao, the only reason that you rose so fast was because of Sis Huas connection at the Animal Arena. But this time, youve miscalculated! We, from the Black Snakes, are not afraid of Sis Hua. If you know whats good for you, give us back what you stole from us, or well show you what were made of!" The man with the glasses said to Lin Bao with a frown.

Lin Bao gave a faint smile, and perhaps it was the scar on his face, his smile made him look terrifying.

"Even if Sis Hua didnt support me, I will still rob you of your goods. I said it before. I will teach anyone selling drugs in my territory a good lesson!" Lin Bao said.

"Lin Bao, you must be crazy. Drugs are where the money is. Youre part of our world so stop thinking of yourself as high and mighty. You have stopped the income of so many people as well as your own, do you think your own followers are willing to do that? If you have no money, how will you keep your followers fed?"

"Its my problem with keeping my followers fed, and theres nothing you should concern yourself with. This is where our conversation ends. Its still the same, if you dare to make a mess in my territory, I wont be letting you go that easily!"

Lin Bao said and headed toward a car.


Just as he was stepping into the car, he could hear the sound of gunfire. Next, he felt the stabbing pain coming from his shoulder.

Covering his wound, he turned and looked at one of his brothers that had fought with him saying to him apologetically, "Im sorry, Brother Bao. You have changed a lot since you came back. You know what we do, if we dont sell drugs, you really cant feed all of us. My daughter needs money for her operation. Im so sorry, Brother Bao"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Next, a series of gunfire was heard and several of Lin Baos followers betrayed him and all fired at him.

Lin Bao was quite cunning as well and quickly dived into the car. He started it and drove it outside.

He never thought that his brothers that had followed him for so many years would betray him. And he had never thought that the Black Snakes had the capability to do this.

Ever since he had come to Suhai City and had obtained Sis Huas help, it had been smooth sailing for him all these while. Unfortunately, he did not expect that he would fail so miserably this time.

"Damn it! Damn it!"

Lin Baos shoulder, thigh, and back had all been shot once. As he continued to bleed, he ate a small portion of the Enhancing Pill, grabbed the wheel tightly, and quickly drove away.