Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 357

Chapter 357 Traditions Of The Affluent

Jiang Feng played the game until it was afternoon and a housekeeper had come to deliver his meals.

As Ling Feiyu had just come back, she would be having lunch together with her great grandfather.

After lunch, Jiang Feng reentered the game.

Once he had logged back in, he continued to farm the dungeon.

He only had one piece of the set equipment, so it did not have many effects. As he did not manage to farm for the other pieces, he did not want to simply let it pass him by.

This time, he played until 6 in the evening.

His level had also reached level 129 after half a day. His leveling speed was very fast.

The main reason that levels could increase so quickly was that his one attack could instantly kill a Black Poison Spider in hard difficulty. He could kill a large amount of them using one area of effect skill.

Not to mention that the monsters would not reduce in number, and they would simply respawn regardless of the number that had died.

That meant that they would keep on giving him an unlimited amount of experience points. That was the secret to his quick level up.

By his estimation, he should be able to leave the Starter Town in less than one week. He could then go and work on the Plot Quest that Baiqi had given him.

Ding. System Prompt: Someone is approaching you back in reality. Will you log out?

"Log out!"

Jiang Feng had just finished farming, and he quickly withdrew from the dungeon.

He took down the game terminal and then looked out from the window facing the yard.

He saw a handsome middle-aged man and a beautiful woman coming from the outside and entering the mansion. He could see some of Ling Feiyu from the middle-aged man and beautiful woman.

He knew that these two must be Ling Feiyus parents.

"Whew Finally meeting the in-laws. But I cant go down from here or else it would be awkward. I should use the main door!"

If Ling Yuntian knew that he had come out from his daughters room, even if he were to originally agree to their relationship, he would most probably refuse then.

He opened the window and jumped down together with his tea in hand. He then climbed out of the mansion and then walked to the main door. He also gave Ling Feiyu a call.

"Beep. Beep. The number you are calling is currently switched off, please call again after the tone"

"Hm? Did Feiyu switch off her phone?"

He could still get the call through earlier, but now her mobile had been switched off. He frowned and had a bad feeling about it.

He decided not to wait for Ling Feiyu, and walked to the front door of the mansion and pressed the doorbell.

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Yuntian with a smile, and said politely, "Uncle, nice to meet you. I am Jiang Feng."

Ling Yuntian looked quite tired. But even then, he maintained a certain sternness. He scanned Jiang Feng from top to bottom, then said plainly, "Ive heard about you. Youre quite bold. Injuring Baili Mingbu so severely."

"Im sorry to have caused so much trouble," Jiang Feng scratched his head and said awkwardly.

"Little Feng, is it? Come in and we can talk," Ling Feiyus mother Li Ran said to Jiang Feng and Ling Yun with a friendly smile.

"Thank you, Auntie."

Jiang Feng and Ling Yuntian then entered the mansion.

There was no one else earlier, so he could move around without a care. But now that Ling Feiyus parents had returned, he had become somewhat more restrictive.

If Ling Feiyu and he were to get married, they would become his parents as well.

"Sit. Feiyu has an extremely high requirement for her partner, and the way that she looks at people is quite special. She can easily discern someones true personality. Since she has chosen you, that means that there is something special about you. We will not oppose your relationship," Li Ran asked Jiang Feng to sit, then gave him a cup of water.

After hearing what Li Ran had to say, Jiang Feng felt touched.

He originally thought that it would be difficult to convince Ling Feiyus parents, but he did not expect that Ling Feiyus parents had already accepted him. That had slightly soothed his anxiety.

"Oh right, Uncle, Auntie. These are tea leaves that I have specially made for you. Theres only 5kg of this tea. Not only can it heal any of your injuries, but it can also restore your mental awareness!" Jiang Feng suddenly remembered something and gave the 5 kg worth of tea to Li Ran.

"Oh? What kind of tea would be so miraculous? And it can heal any injuries?"

The moment that Li Ran and Ling Yuntian heard that the tea could restore mental awareness, their eyes beamed with interest. But when Jiang Feng said that it could heal injuries, Li Ran was slightly skeptical of it.

After receiving the tea, she opened and took a look, then asked Jiang Feng suspiciously, "Isnt this just normal Da Hong Pao?"

"Auntie, you will know what I mean after you taste a cup," Jiang Feng smiled mysteriously.

"Alright, please let us try your miracle tea then," Li Ran nodded and took the tea into the kitchen.

After Li Ran had left, only Ling Yuntian and Jiang Feng were left in the living room.

Ling Yuntian looked at Jiang Feng, then said calmly, "I have checked your background. While you are slightly different from what my investigation shows, I only want to ask if you really, truly, love Feiyu?"

"Yes. I will marry no one else but her."

Ling Feiyu was very nice to him. She would put him first in everything. She would sometimes be wise, sometimes be quiet, sometimes be cute. While they did not have a burning love story to tell, but they felt very comfortable when they were together. He had already treated Ling Feiyu as part of his family. No matter what happened, he will have her hand in marriage.

"You are challenging the Ling familys tradition. You will probably die in your war in pursuit of love!" Ling Yuntian said.

"Im not afraid. Traditions are set by men. I will let Great Grandfather and the patriarch of the Ling family know that I am better than any other rich family. I myself am a force that few can compare!" Jiang Feng said with great confidence.

"Haha! Such arrogance! You are similar to me when I was young. However, arrogance and reality are two different things," Ling Yuntian laughed before becoming serious once again. "Then, there is one problem that you must solve now. Feiyu has been locked up by my grandfather and eldest brother. They are going to make her marry Situ Hao from the Situ family. They will be engaged in the new year so that no changes can be made. If you wish to see her again, it is time to show us what you can really do."

Jiang Feng immediately stood up from the sofa when he heard what Ling Yuntian had to say. His fists were tightly clenched, and anger was burning in his eyes.

He finally knew why Ling Feiyu took so long to return from meeting her grandfather, and even her phone was switched off. She had been locked up.

He knew that such great affluent families would have their own traditions, etiquette, and rules to follow. He just did not expect that they would be so strict about it.

"Uncle, can you tell me where Feiyu is? I will go find her!" Jiang Feng said to Ling Yuntian with a frown.

"Wait until Feiyu is to be engaged. You should only approach us then. If you do anything rash now, no one will be able to protect you. They would even kill Feiyu just so that she could not marry you. This is the cruelty of the great families!" Ling Yuntian said and looked at Li Ran, who came over with a tray of tea.

When he wanted to ask Li Ran to marry her, he too faced great difficulties. He himself had worked extremely hard to gain the Li familys approval, and that was why he did not oppose Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Yuntians gentle eyes when he looked at Li Ran, he understood.

Li Rans surname was Li. And the surname Li pointed to Xuanyuan. That meant that Li Ran was a member of the leaders of the Five Ancient Families, the Xuanyuan family.

He did not even have to give it much thought to know how difficult it was to get the recognition of the Xuanyuan Family.

"Uncle, I understand now. Thank you!"

Jiang Feng stood up, and bowed toward Ling Yuntian and Li Ran, then headed outside.

"Little Feng, we have to apologize as well. We cannot even decide our own daughters marriage," Li Ran smiled self-deprecatingly.

"Auntie, I understand. Dont worry, I will have Feiyus hand in marriage!" After he had said that he bid Ling Yuntian and Li Ran farewell and then left the mansion. He then chose to leave the Ling family manor.