Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Meeting Lin Bao

When he was leaving the Ling family manor, he turned and looked at the giant structure in the middle of the manor as he stood on the bridge.

"Feiyu, dont worry. I will come back and take you home!" He said and left.

This was where Ling Feiyus home was. It was only because of tradition and rules that she could not come out. She would not be in any danger. That was why he could leave without worry.

If he knew that Ling Feiyu would be in danger, he would immediately cause a ruckus in the Ling familys.

But if he did that, he would become an enemy of the Ling family and there would be no way back.

"In-law, over here!" Just when he had reached the lake, Ling Chen was standing by the side of his red sports car under a gigantic tree. He was waving at him.

Jiang Feng was slightly taken aback when he was called as his in-law.

The kid is quite a sweet talker, He thought to himself as he looked at the bright and smiling Ling Chen. Even his low mood had slightly recovered.

Jiang Feng approached him and then asked, "Ling Chen, hows your sister?"

Ling Chen smiled and said, "Hop in. Ill explain when were on our way."

While the two had never seen each other, they knew each others personality well enough from Ling Feiyu. Luckily, they had quite an affinity for each other and became quick friends.

Not to mention that Jiang Fengs one attack managed to severely injure Baili Mingbu, and that alone had made Ling Chen very impressed with him.

Ling Chens driving skill was quite good. After a few turns, they then left Ling familys territory.

"In-law, where are we going?" Ling Chen drove out of Ling familys domain and asked Jiang Feng.

"To the Animal Arena!" He was going to go to the Animal Arena to make some more Enhancing Pills, as well as to use the two promises that the Animal Arena owed him.

"Okay! My big sis told me that you are quite the animal trainer! I should go take Leiya from my place, and then we can go to the Animal Arena to have some fun!" The moment that Jiang Feng heard that they were going to the Animal Arena, Ling Chens eye beamed. He did a drift and turned toward a nearby mansion.

As he was still going to school, he was not in control of any of the familys businesses. He could only live in the outskirts, and he even needed to buy it using his own money.

When they reached a mansion, Ling Chen got out of the car and quickly took out a pure-bred wolf with silver fur.

When he got back in, Ling Chen said, "My pets not bad, huh?"

Jiang Feng glanced at Leiya and nodded. "Not bad."

Leiya looked a little bit like a dog, but he was sure that it was a purebred Silver Wolf. Its combat capabilities were no weaker than a Tibetan mastiff. If he used Enhancing Pills to make it stronger, it could eventually reach Xiaoheis ability.

When they were on his way there, Ling Chen asked him a lot about how to tame animals. Meanwhile, Jiang Feng kept on asking him about Ling Feiyu.

"Let me put it this way. My parents and I are okay with you. Others might not understand my big sis, but we do. My big sis has extremely high requirements for a partner. There were so many great candidates that were rich, handsome, just among those from the Five Ancient Families, but she did not want any of them. If she had her eyes on someone, she wouldnt budge. And that someone wouldnt be an average joe. And from this morning, I know that you are different from everyone else!"

"So what if I am different? Its not going to be that simple to be your brother-in-law!"

"Naturally. Let me tell you about my parents story, and see if you can find some inspiration from then. At the time, my dad was just a masters student that had finished studying. When they were going to university, my mom caught his eyes and they both fell in love. But my moms family is quite powerful. While she was only a member of Xuanyuan Familys branch family, she was very beautiful. That meant that she had value to the Xuanyuan family."

"Branch family?"

"Yes, only those from the main family used the surname Xuanyuan. Those from the branch family used the surname Li. Of course, dont connect it to the legendary emperor Chi You. The two of them have no connections at all. It is just a surname. At that time"


Next, Ling Chen explained to Jiang Feng how Ling Yuntian pursued Li Ran.

He did not expect that Ling Yuntian would be so wild in his youth. He had spent three years creating the Lingtian Group. He then used his reputation, social standing, and the Ling familys support to force the Xuanyuan Family.

But what nobody knew was how much Ling Yuntian had suffered during those three years.

While he looked like he was a kind and relaxed man having a simple life, nobody knew that he was once called "The Madman" and he was very well-known in the business world.

Suhai Citys Animal Arena was at the outskirts, and they even needed to take the highway.

As Ling Chens sports car drove on the highway, it was exceptionally eye-catching. It was so fast that he could feel that he was going to fly.

In the middle of the journey, he took out an Enhancing Pill and broke it in half. He gave one half to Leiya, and he ate the other half.

He did not choose to give to Ling Chen because he was driving. It would have a strong after-effect the first time someone takes the pill, and he was also afraid that they would end up in an accident.

As for Leiya, he gave half to it because he might have a use for it later.

After Leiya had eaten the pill, it struggled under the car seat under Jiang Fengs warning and did not dare to make any noise, so that it would not draw any attention from Ling Chen.

"Damn! What is that thing!"

When they reached a part of the highway where it was quite reclusive, Ling Chen suddenly yelled out in surprise.

Jiang Feng was also caught by surprise and looked at what he was looking at. He saw a bloodied man waving at them on the side of a farming field next to the highway.

It would be strange if the person was not shocked at a bloodied man waving at him in the middle of the night.

But when Jiang Feng looked carefully at the bloodied man, his face paled and he quickly said to Ling Chen, "Stop the car! Quickly, stop the car!"

Ling Chen looked at Jiang Feng, all confused. "Why are we stopping? Didnt you see the ghost there?"

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at him. "Thats not a ghost. Thats my bro!"

"Huh" Ling Chen opened his mouth and drifted on the spot a few times, then turned toward the bloodied man and stopped right in front of him at the highway.

The moment that the car stopped, Jiang Feng quickly got out of the car and headed to the bloodied man.

"In-law, be careful! If you got it wrong" Ling Chen cautioned him from behind.


After escaping from the Black Snakes, Lin Bao had been pursued several times on his way back. He was hit several times again, but he had already used up the Enhancing Pill on him.

Just as his gas was going to run out, he drove it into the river and escaped via the waterway.

His phone had already died, and so he had to walk. After walking for a while, his consciousness was already slipping away when he suddenly saw a car approaching where he was. In order to survive, he kept on waving at the car.

But the moment the car zoomed past him, he gave in to despair. He would not be able to hold on for long in his current condition.

Just when he was about to give up, he saw the car drifted a few times and made its way back to him. He was filled with hope once again.

In a short while, he saw Jiang Feng get out of the car and he was running toward him.


He did not expect that figure coming toward him to be his own brother. His eyes were wet, and he finally relaxed.

The moment he relaxed, his body collapsed on the ground.

"Little Bao! Wake up, dont you dare go to sleep"

Jiang Feng held on to Lin Bao who had just collapsed onto the ground. He quickly took out an Enhancing Pill, broke it in half, and gave half of it to Lin Bao with concern all over his face.