Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 36

Chapter 36


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West of Imperial Dragon City, Blackwind Valley.

Territory of the Level 15 Blackwind Tiger.

Jiang Feng stood in front of the entrance to the Blackwind Valley and looked at the hundreds of Blackwind Tigers that were walking around.

The Flaming Tiger King followed behind him, and then glanced at the Blackwind Valley and asked curiously, “Boss, this is the territory of the Blackwind Tiger King. What are we doing here?”

Jiang Feng smiled at him, “It is to increase your power, of course. Follow me.”

With that, he rushed into the Blackwind Valley, and taunted a Blackwind Tiger that was roaming at the edge.


The Blackwind Tiger that was attacked by Jiang Feng let out a roar, then rushed towards him.

With that, he turned and ran, then stood next to the Flaming Tiger King and said, “Quickly, go stand next to the Blackwind Tiger.”

“Huh?” The Flaming Tiger King was confused.

“What are you doing? If you want to increase your power, go!” He shouted at the Flaming Tiger King coldly.


Once he remembered that Jiang Feng could make him as powerful as the White Tiger, he gave him an okay and then dashed towards the Blackwind Tiger.

“Transmute Monster!”

Once the Flaming Tiger King had gone next to the Blackwind Tiger, Jiang Deng quickly used his Transmute Monster skill.


A giant cauldron fell from the sky, covering both the Flaming Tiger King and Blackwind Tiger.

Ding! System Prompt: Please choose the main monster and ingredient monster. If the transmutation succeeded, the main monster shall fuse with the ingredient monster and have its powers increased. If the transmutation fails, the main monster shall remain unchanged, but the ingredient monster will disappear.

When he heard the voice from the system, he immediately chose the Flaming Tiger King to be the main monster.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmutation failed!

The giant cauldron disappeared and the Flaming Tiger King staggered out in a daze.

As for the Blackwind Tiger, it disappeared.

“Um I failed?”

Jiang Feng did not expect his first fusion to fail, and he began to give some thought into it.

When he was fusing the Piebald Tigers, his success rate was 70%. The 70% chance, and if he included his current increased Luck, the fusion shouldn’t have ended up in failure.

“Perhaps it’s because of the racial difference?”

As he thought of this, he felt that it was possible.

When he had been fusing the Piebald Tigers, he had fused two Piebald Tigers together. Both of them were the same type of monsters, so they don’t reject each other that strongly. Not to mention that the Blackwind Tiger was still alive, so it was resisting his skill. Therefore, his failing wasn’t that strange at all.


While he had failed the first time, Jiang Feng did not give up. After one minute had passed, he had asked the Flaming Tiger King to attract a Blackwind Tiger, and he then fused them again!

His second time was still a failure!

For the third time, he did not have the Flaming Tiger King to fuse with a living Blackwind Tiger. Instead, he had worked together with the Flaming Tiger King and killed a Blackwind Tiger, he then fused the corpse together with the Flaming Tiger King directly.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful!

And for the third time, the Flaming Tiger King had finally fused with a Blackwind Tiger.

“Looks like fusing with a corpse gives the highest success rate, but it’s a bit troublesome,” mumbled Jiang Feng in his mind as he looked at the Flaming Tiger King that had successfully fused.

“Haha! Boss, I’ve become stronger!” The Flaming Tiger King exclaimed excitedly as he went towards Jiang Feng after the fusion.

He looked at the Flaming Tiger King’s stats. His HP had increased by 1000, Attack by 50, and Defense by 20.

All in all, not a bad result.

“This was nothing, I will make you stronger!” He promised the Flaming Tiger King so that he would follow him loyally.

“Thanks, boss, if you can make me stronger, my life is yours from now on!” said the Flaming Tiger King excitedly after he had the first taste of power.

“Alright,” Jiang Feng nodded and then ordered him, “Go and kill a Blackwind Tiger and bring its corpse here. I will continue to make you stronger.”


The Flaming Tiger King agreed and was just going to kill a monster. However, Jiang Feng suddenly told him to stop.

“Wait, can you check if you can receive a party request?”

1In his status window, he also had the ability to form parties. He was going to try if he could form a party with monsters, and so sent an invitation to form a party.

“I can. Should I agree to it?” The Flaming Tiger King blinked his tiger eyes at him as he asked.

“Of course you should.”

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at the Flaming Tiger King.

What kind of joke was this? If he could form a party, that means that he could feed on the experience points.

After forming a party with the Flaming Tiger King, he then had the Flaming Tiger King to kill a monster.

As for him, he was thinking of finding a way to find the fragments of the Donghuang Bell.

Killing monsters and leveling up were the jobs of his followers. There was no need for him to do it himself as he had become the boss.

‘I can trade for the Donghuang Bell fragments, as they are useless for the players. So, I’m pretty sure that there are those that will want to sell it. But the money that I have now will not be sufficient to buy it from. Not to mention that I still don’t have enough money on me to pay back my loan, so I can’t use the money on me yet. That’s right, there is something that the players are interested in, I can use it to exchange for the Donghuang Bell fragments!’

As he was thinking of a way to get the Donghuang Bell fragments, he suddenly remembered an item in his Spatial Bracelet.

And that was the Secret Class Class Change Letter!

6That letter was equal to a secret class. At this stage, there weren’t many players that had reached Level 10 and had switched classes. If he took this letter out, he would no doubt cause a commotion.

As he thought of this, he used one of the new functions that the game had added after the update. And that was the Trading Hall.

The Trading Hall was similar to the Marketplace. The main page was about the recommended items that were on sales.

The slots of the recommended items on the main page were reserved for the rare items to increase their exposure and trading amount.

At this time, there were already many items in the Trading Hall. Most of them were class-change quest items and some good equipment.

After giving it a thought, he clicked on the trading button on the trading hall and placed the Secret-Class Class Change Letter on it. And the item needed for the trade was “Donghuang Bell Fragments x10.”

1He did not choose to sell the Secret-Class Class Change Letter.

First of all, he didn’t know the true value of the Secret-Class Class Change Letter. Secondly, he didn’t know if the money he got from it would be enough to buy the Donghuang Bell Fragments!

The Donghuang Bell fragments did not have any stats, but it was a piece of a Primordial Divine Artifact. And therefore, it lacked a fixed price. If the players drove the price up, he would be making a loss if he couldn’t buy it with the money that he gained from selling the letter.

On the other hand, as he used the Secret-Class Class Change Letter to exchange for the Donghuang Bell fragment, both of them had no fixed price and the players could only use quantity to judge its worth. That way, if there were players that really wanted the letter, they would spend their money to buy the fragments and use it to exchange with him.

As for how they would collect the Donghuang Bell fragments, that was not his concern.

After he had settled the Secret-Class Class Change Letter, he then placed all the pieces of equipment from his Spatial Bracelet in the Trading Hall. Even the top equipment “Greenwind Staff” on the Equipment Leaderboard and he noted down that he would trade using bank transfer.

After he had cleared the items in the Spatial Bracelet, he then closed the Trading Hall.

What he didn’t know was that once he had placed the Secret-Class Class Change Letter and all the equipment on the trading hall, his action had once again got many players to discuss it.