Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 360

Chapter 360 The Animal Arenas Boss

When he saw Sis Hua walking out of the room and he could hear the sounds of her taking a shower, he picked up the pack of cigarettes that she left on the table and lighted one up for himself.

He then said to himself in a tone that was undiscernable between a cry and a laugh, "There is nothing to think about!"

It was not possible to eliminate all the bosses of the underground faction.

While he was in the game, he still had plenty of skills to block the attacks of others. If he were to die, he could still respawn.

But this was reality. There was no way he could dodge a head shot from a gun. He would immediately die from it.

This was no television drama or movie.

Jiang Feng rejected Sis Huas three solutions as they were not well grounded at all.

"Oh well. One step at a time. Worse come to worse, Ill use the stupidest way and elope with Feiyu," Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he snuffed the cigarette in his hand.

He stood up and walked toward the room where Lin Bao was in.

Lin Bao had already removed all the bullets. As he was in pain, he kept on drinking the watered-down Enhancing Pill to stop the wounds from bleeding continuously.

"How wonderful! The wounds are healing so quickly!" The beautiful doctor said in shock as she observed the wounds on Lin Baos body begin to heal and seal themselves.

Even Ling Chen could only watch in amazement. "This is so fantastic. Brother Bao, how did you do that?"

As his wounds were healed thanks to the Enhancing Pill, Lin Bao clothed himself and said with a smile. "Its nothing. I used a familial remedy."

"Do you sell it?" The beautiful doctor asked Lin Bao excitedly.

"No!" Lin Bao said plainly as he glanced at Jiang Feng.

"Alright. Thank you, Doctor," Jiang Feng said to the beautiful doctor, then turned his attention to Ling Cheng, "Are you going home, Ling Chen?"

"Since Im on holiday, I am a free man! Im not going back tonight. Since Im at the Animal Arena, I have to at least walk around and earn some pocket money. Of course, you have to help me, In-Law!"

"Of course!"


Afterward, the three of them went to have dinner, then head toward the Animal Arena to get one more promise.

He had already thought about how to use the promises.

The first one was to get some beasts corpses to replenish the Enhancing Pills on him. He had been using them a lot lately, and he no longer had enough.

The second one was to have the Animal Arena protect his family.

Since he might have to elope, it would be bad if they used his family to threaten him.

He wanted to win once more in the Animal Arena and have the Animal Arenas secret boss to help him three days later.

For someone that could use the Tongue of the Beasts, it would be very easy for him to win in the Animal Arena.

After his victory that night, he requested to use up all three of his promises just as he had planned.

In an office within the Animal Arena, Sis Hua looked at Jiang Feng and said, "No problem with the corpses of the beasts and protecting your family. But Ill have to make a request to the higher up about your third one. You must know that our boss is quite secretive. Even I dont know how he really is."

"You dont know who your boss is?" Jiang Feng said in surprise.

"Yes," Sis Hua nodded and said to Jiang Feng. "Meanwhile, stay awhile and have some fun. Ill put in your request for you."

With that, Sis Hua left the office to contact the Animal Arenas mysterious boss.

When he saw that Sis Hua had left, he looked at Ling Chen who was still betting excitedly outside of the office.

Thanks to him, Ling Chen had also won the bet once.

He had used that promise in exchange for an upper limit of 10,000,000 at the Animal Arena and then continued to bet.

But after listening to what he had to say, Ling Chen had only bet on one-on-one beast fights using Leiya, who had consumed an Enhancing Pill. While it was not as strong as Xiaohei, it was already a king within the animal arena. As long as it did not meet any particularly powerful beasts, it would not have any problems to keep on winning.

He moved his attention back and put on the game terminal. Since he still had some time left, he was going to enter the dungeon so that his level would not be behind.


Just as Jiang Feng was farming for experience points as he waited, Situ Hao was over the moon when he knew that Ling Feiyu would be engaged to him in three days.

"Haha, youre serious, Dad? The Ling family wants Ling Feiyu to marry me?" Situ Hao put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hand and asked a stern man excitedly.

Situ Qian looked at his over-excited son and put down the chopsticks in his hand and said calmly, "Do not be so happy about this. The only reason that the Ling family wants Ling Feiyu to have an engagement with you is to test if the kid that has injured Baili Mingbu has the right to marry Ling Feiyu. As soon as he is confirmed to have the rights to marry her, then you will be the one losing all your dignity!"

Situ Hao then said to Situ Qian, "Dont worry, Dad. Ive checked that hes just from a normal family background. His dad is just a normal old man. He has nothing on me! Not to mention that even if there were a miracle, and he has the rights to challenge me, he cant handle the entire Situ family!"

"Do not forget that as long as he has enough potential, the Ling family would no doubt choose the person that Ling Feiyu likes more," Situ Qian reminded him.

"Then I will simply destroy all possibilities that he may appear that day!" Situ Hao squinted as a hint of ferocity flashed across his eyes.


Suhai Citys best Private Hospital.

Baili Binghua looked at his son lying on the bed as he clenched his fist, anger erupted in his eyes. "He dared to injure one of us from the Baili Family? He must have a death wish!"

Another young man standing beside him revealed a vicious smile as he looked at Baili Mingbu lying on the bed. "Dont worry, Cousin. I will kill that man that dared to hurt you. Whoever that dares to fight against the Situ family must die!"

Baili Binghua looked at the young man smiling viciously and quickly said to him, "Shenye, dont be rash. You have just gotten into trouble. If you did something again the entire Baili family would be in ruins."

"Dont worry, Second Uncle. I know what to do!" Baili Shenye smiled savagely and left.

If Jiang Feng were here, he would definitely be able to recognize that Baili Shenye was Shen Ye from the game.


In a mansion within the Ling family manor grounds, a scream could be heard.

"Oh my God!"

Li Ran and Ling Yuntian had become more spirited after drinking Jiang Fengs tea. They had not tried if Jiang Fengs tea had the power to heal injuries. As such, when Li Rain was cutting an apple and accidentally sliced her finger, she remembered what Jiang Feng said and drank some tea. And it shocked her to find out that her cut was healing with a speed visible to the eyes.

"Honey, you called me?" Ling Yuntian moved his attention from his book to Li Ran as he raised his head.

"Yuntian, come quickly and look! This This tea it really could heal wounds! And its very powerful too! If we put it on sale, you cant even buy it at a price point of 100,000 a gram!" Li Ran said breathlessly as she could not even put these sentences together.

She was not trying to say how much they could sell it for, but she was too thrilled about the teas effect.