Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 361

Chapter 361 : The Divine Tea Was A Hit

Ling Yuntian put down the newspaper in his hand, then headed toward Li Ran.

As he walked, he mumbled, "Was it as wondrous as you said?"

Li Ran then extended her finger and said to Ling Yuntian, "Look. Just now, I accidentally cut my finger and only a shallow wound was left after three seconds of drinking that cup of tea!"

"Really?" Ling Yuntian could not believe it unless he had looked at it with his own eyes.

Li Ran became nervous and saw the knife on the table. He then took the knife, caught Ling Yuntians palm, and cut across his palm lightly.

"Oh, Wife, you are trying to kill your husband!" Ling Yuntian gritted his teeth from the pain.


Li Ran quickly poured a cup of tea and gave it to Ling Yuntian.

Ling Yuntian rolled his eyes at the woman who was strong and independent at work, but cute and naive at home. He could not help but shake his head and drank the cup of tea that Li Ran gave to him.


The moment he drank the tea, he could not feel the pain on his palm anymore. Next, the wound on his palm also stopped bleeding, and began to recover slowly.

"This" Ling Yuntian was astonished.

"Husband, the tea that Xiao Feng gave us is really Divine in nature. Not only can it make us vigorous, but it can also heal wounds. The speed of healing is so fast that if we sell it on the market, I cant even begin to imagine the number of sales!" Li Ran smiled with excitement.

"Looks like Feiyu really does have a unique perception. Lets go and ask Feiyu where they bought the tea, and make an analysis of the properties of the tea leaves. If we can analyze it, then all the pharmacies under our control could become the leaders within the industry even if sales were to only increase by 10%."

Ling Yuntian saw an opportunity within it. And it was a huge opportunity.

He could not care less about resting. He quickly put on his coat and headed outside the mansion.

Li Ran was also very curious about where Jiang Feng got the tea leaves, so she followed suit.

When she left her mansion, she also brought 500 grams of the Divine Tea, preparing to let the Ling familys old patriarch have a taste.

The moment they arrived at Ling Zhentians residence, many of the leaders within the business world had come to see the ex-patriarch Ling Zhentian and the current patriarch Ling Zhendong to propose. There were those that had not given up on Ling Feiyu, and there were those that wanted to propose to the other women within the Ling family.

When Ling Yuntian and Li Ran arrived, they explained to Ling Zhentian and Ling Zhendong about the effect of the tea leaves and made a pot for them.

Ling Zhentian, Ling Zhendong, and the leaders that were present were astounded after a drink.

In order to test the teas healing properties, they even demonstrated in front of them.

"Brother Ling Yuntian, you really possess a priceless treasure now. How did you get the tea leaves, may I join you in this endeavor?"

"Mr. Ling, you really are rich now. With these leaves, all the pharmacies under your company will become popular! I want to join you too!"

"I as well!"

In just a short moment, the tea leaves that Jiang Feng gave to Ling Yuntian became popular among the leaders of the business world.

Some of them even said that they were willing to buy 50 grams for the price of 10,000,000 after one drink.

Of course, Ling Yuntian did not choose to sell. He knew what some of them wanted to do. They wanted to analyze what was inside the tea leaves and then add them to their medicine, making the medicine produced by their companies to have similar properties.

In truth, he was not ready to take it out in front of so many people. However, after speaking with Ling Zhentian, he was of the opinion that he should do this.

The aim was to make this tea popular.

He even gave Ling Zentian a hint that he should prepare a press conference to announce a new product and popularize the tea leaves.

After letting Ling Zhentian and the leaders of the business world know about the tea leaves properties, he then went to look for Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu was gaming inside her room, and she was ready to go meet Jiang Feng within the game.

Unfortunately, just when she saw Jiang Feng come online, the system prompted her that someone was looking for her. Ling Feiyu quickly sent a message to Jiang Feng and logged out.

After she logged out, she then saw her parents standing in front of her and she had a moment of happiness in her. "Dad! Mom! Why didnt you come for me sooner? I dont want to stay here anymore, I want to leave."

Ling Yuntian then said, "We wanted to see you as soon as you came back, but your great grandfather stopped us. Fortunately, we have the Divine Tea. Otherwise, we wont even be able to see you today!"

Ling Feiyu blinked and asked, "What Divine Tea?"

Next, Ling Yuntian and Li Ran explained the effects of the tea that Jiang Feng brought and the uproar it had caused.


After listening to his parents explanation, Ling Feiyu shook her head in disbelief.

She was the one that accompanied Jiang Feng to choose the tea and knew the type of tea that Jiang Feng had chosen. She knew the quality of the tea leaves. But what she could not understand was why normal tea leaves would have such a great change after they were in Jiang Fengs hands.

Did Little Feng do something to it when he took the tea leaves to the counter?

Ling Feiyu then remembered that Jiang Feng had brought the 5kg worth of tea leaves to a small room at the back of the tea shop.

And she also remembered that Jiang Feng had told her that the tea would become very popular, and would become even more valuable than diamonds.

She did not believe him then, but now she believed him. She was also astonished!

"Feiyu, can you ask Jiang Feng if the Divine Tea can be mass-produced? If he could, then I will support your marriage!" Ling Yuntian said to Ling Feiyu excitedly.

"Alright," Ling Feiyu quickly nodded when she heard what Ling Yuntian had to say as her eyes beamed with excitement.

While he did not know how Jiang Feng could turn normal tea into Divine Tea, he believed that Jiang Feng could mass produce it.

"Haha! Alright, Wife, lets go! Back to the company!" Ling Yuntian said excitedly.

"Dad, Mom, its so late now. Why are you going back to the company?" Ling Feiyu asked inquisitively

Li Ran then went over and stroked Ling Feiyus hair and said with a smile, "Your dad is helping to fight for your happiness."

"What do you mean?" Ling Feiyu asked.

"This tea belonged to Jiang Feng. Your dad is going to let Jiang Feng join the Lingtian Group* using his formula so that he could have more bargaining chips for marrying you!" Li Ran explained with a smile.

"Dad!" Ling Feiyus eyes turned red as she looked at Ling Yuntian, touched.

Ling Yuntian then said with a smile, "When I was courting your mother, I had no help at all. I know how painful that could be. Not to mention that if I help Jiang Feng, my daughter would be able to obtain happiness. I have finally done something that a parent should!"

"Dad!" Ling Feiyu cried out with tears as she jumped into Ling Yuntians arms.


Ling Yuntian and Li Ran quickly left the Ling familys residence and returned to their company. They then gathered all the technicians that were working on medicine development and began to analyze the properties of the Divine Tea.

At the same time, they had registered a patent for their new products, and even invited many of the media, and started a press conference immediately.

At the press conference, they immediately introduced the two new products that had yet to be completed, the Divine Tea Pill and Divine Medicine Tea!

In just one night, the Divine Tea Pill and Divine Medicine Tea had become instantly popular throughout China.

As for the creator of the Divine Tea, Jiang Feng, he had gone to farm in the dungeon after reading the news that Ling Feiyu sent him. He did not know what was happening back in reality at all.