Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Battle Of Chibi

The content of the message that Ling Feiyu had sent him basically said that she could not leave the Ling Familys Manor for the time being.

She also promised him that she would not marry Situ Hao.

Jiang Feng replied to her message, closed the chat panel, and entered the dungeon.

His thoughts were messy as he could not think of a way to marry Ling Feiyu.

The only thing that he could do was to unleash his anger in the game while waiting for Sis Hua.

At this stage, all of the players in the game were trying their best to level and to escape from the Starter Town so that they would be able to enter the main cities.

If they could enter the cities earlier, they would get more resources.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching level 130. You have received 10 free attribute points.

After he had finished farming another round, his level had increased by one.

However, he still did not get any Sacred-level Set Equipment. That would give one a hint on how difficult it was to get a whole set.

Just as he continued to go into the dungeon, the systems voice rang in his ears.

Ding. System Prompt: Your level has surpassed the dungeons maximum level. Access denied!


When Jiang Feng heard the system prompt, he was slightly stunned. He clicked open the dungeon to give it another look, and indeed there was a level limit set on it.

All he could do was to give up on this dungeon, and head to another NPC that would open up the other dungeon for him.

There were two dungeons in the Starter Town.

The first one was "Slaying the Insectoid Queen," and the other one was "Battle of Chibi."

The first dungeon could enter solo or with a party. The second dungeon would require three parties to enter together. Each party would lead an army of a thousand men. The army that has won would receive a key from the other leaders of the armies, and open a chest in the middle of the map.

The rule for getting the first clear is that the party leader must survive.

The NPC for the Battle of Chibi was located within the Academy of the Starter Town.

There were already a lot of people in the Academy. All of them were players from the other five servers.

They had all reached level 130 and they were discussing something.

"Damn it! Jackson, come out! Weve discussed this and you would give me the First Clear for this dungeon! Why did you still lead your army and kill me!"

"God, I was killed by the archers in less than 5 minutes. I thought that as long as we can work together with the other armies, we should be able to get the First Clear. But I didnt know that it would be impossible! Damn poison mist! Damn troops that attack at will!"

"Why did they choose a battle based on Chinese history? This is too hard! I couldnt even handle this for ten minutes!"

Hm? That hard? Jiang Feng thought to himself when he heard the discussion from the other players.

In order to test if the dungeon was really that difficult, he sent a message to the Thunderclap Mantis.

In a short while, the Thunderclap Mantis, Xiao Longnu, Heifeng, Yanhu, and Guapi had arrived.

For the past few days, he did not put away his followers but instead allowed them to farm the dungeon. However, they could not leave town.

For the past two days, they had done well in increasing their power. Their levels had also reached level 130 and more. The most powerful were Xiao Longnu and Guapi, their level had reached level 132.

Heifeng had a roast chicken in his paw, and said with a smile, "Boss, why did you ask us to come over? Xiao Longnu was just going to treat us at the restaurant for a good meal."

"Stop eating. Accompany me in a dungeon!" Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Heifeng, and then said to Xiao Longnu and Guapi.


Xiao Longnu nodded.

Next, Jiang Feng led them into the Battle of Chibi dungeon.

Ding. System Prompt: Allocating team, please wait

Ding. System Prompt: Allocation complete. Good luck, have fun!

After they had been allocated, they appeared on an island.

After a slight startle, he then looked at the map for the Battle of Chibi.

Even though the dungeon called itself the "Battle of Chibi," it only borrowed the name.

On the map, there were three islands that were very close to each other. Each of the islands could only sustain around a thousand men. Behind the islands were a wall of purplish-black mist. There was an ocean in the middle of the islands, and a golden chest was floating on it.

Ding. System Prompt: In one minute, the poison will begin to spread. All players that are within the poison mists boundary will be poisoned. Its effectiveness is doubled against leaders. The Dungeon begins. Good luck, have fun!

As soon as the system had announced its message, a giant clock appeared in the sky and it began its countdown.

"Boss, quickly board the ship and begin to kill the enemies. We cannot stay on the island, or we will get poisoned!" Said the Thunderclap Mantis to Jiang Feng.


Jiang Feng nodded and led the thousands of soldiers of various classes to board the two ships on the side of the island.

When he was heading to the ship, Jiang Feng finally realized how difficult this dungeon was.

The clear conditions for this dungeon were for the leader to be alive, and to get the keys from the other two leaders.

The soldiers from each army would attack as long as you were the enemy, and their attacks would focus on the leaders first.

In that case, being a leader would be very dangerous.

But if the leaders stayed at the back of the army, once the purple poison began to approach, the leaders would die even faster if they were poisoned.

Even if you were to hide amongst the army, once the soldiers in front were killed off or the soldiers at the back were killed off, they would still be killed.

That was why it was difficult despite the fact that all the teams that knew each other, yet they still could not get the dungeons first clear.


After a short while, all six ships crashed into each other.


At this moment, the soldiers began to attack the enemies that were within their aggro zone. They would prioritize the leaders. As Jiang Feng was a leader, all the attacks were being unleashed on him.


When Jiang Feng saw that, he did not retreat. Instead, he took out Deicide and attacked one of the enemy armies.

One of the armies was led by a party from the Japanese Server, the other was from the American server.

Both parties leaders were players with a large amount of health, to prevent them from being killed or poisoned.

When they saw who was wielding Deicide and attacking the soldiers on their ships, they both gasped out in surprise, "The Shifter Emperor!"

"Damn it, why would we get the Shifter Emperor!" One of the leaders cursed.

"What are we afraid of? Kill him!"


Next, the leaders of the other two armies led a large number of troops and headed directly toward Jiang Feng.

When Jiang Feng saw the two leaders stats, he let out a frigid smile. "Clowns. Kill the leaders and then the other two thousand troops, then this dungeon is cleared. Taking the first clear from this dungeon isnt as difficult as I thought."

While the two leaders Sacred Health was quite high, reaching 150,000, but their Sacred Attack and Sacred Defense were quite normal.

It would be a simple matter for him to kill both of them.

"Dimension Door!"

When the soldiers attacks had almost reached him, Jiang Feng quickly teleported three times and appeared next to the leader from the Japanese Server.

"Oh no, protect me!" When that player saw Jiang Feng had appeared in front of him in a matter of seconds, he was shocked and quickly yelled at his teammates next to him to protect him.