Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 364

Chapter 364 I Would Have Punched You If You Werent My Brother In Law

Jiang Feng had farmed the dungeon for the entire night when he was in the game.

Other than increasing his levels to level 134, he had gotten a pile of materials. However, he did not get any Sacred-level Equipment Set.

After playing for the whole night, someone entered the office, he then logged out of the game.

After he had logged out, he then felt that his lips were slightly wet and sweet.

He opened his eyes and noticed that Sis Hua was staring at him with her pair of seductive eyes.

"Oh God, Sis Hua, youre such a rogue!" Jiang Feng quickly pushed her away with a laugh.


Sis Hua licked her lips and then touched her lips seductively. "Not bad."

"Sis Hua, youre a woman. Can you be somewhat more reserved?" Jiang Feng said speechlessly.

"A woman has to be reserved, huh?" Sis Hua rolled her eyes at Jiang Feng. She was going to say something, but she swallowed the words in the end.

"Alright, whatever. How did the thing that I asked you to do go? Is your boss going to help me?" Jiang Feng asked Sis Hua.

"I did it!" Sis Hua said with a smile.

"What?! The arenas boss is willing to help me?" Jiang Feng said excitedly.

If the boss of the Animal Arena was willing to help him, he would already have a 30% chance to be able to marry Ling Feiyu.

As the Animal Arena was established across the entire country, their connections and information gathering abilities were superb. Other than the Five Ancient Families, the Animal Arena had the most powerful influence.

If the boss of the Animal Arena was willing to help him, that meant that he already had the right to challenge the Situ family

"Yes, dont worry. The boss is a man of his words. Now, all you need to do is to wait for the night that Ling Feiyu and Situ Hao are engaged. For the time being, prepare your endowments. When you go there to snatch yourself a wife, you should at least get some better ones!" Sis Hua said to Jiang Feng.

"Hehe, youre right," Jiang Feng said to Sis Hua with a smile. "Sis Hua, Im not sure about the endowments. Can you recommend some for me?"

"Hm The best endowment now is definitely the Divine Medicine Tea. But the Ling family was the one that created that Divine Medicine Tea, so they probably dont need it. As for others Im really not sure what will happen," Sis Hua raised her head as she gave it a thought.

"Divine Medicine Tea?" Jiang Feng said as he blinked his eyes and cluelessly asked Sis Hua about it.

"You dont know what the Divine Medicine Tea is?" Sis Hua asked in surprise.

Jiang Feng shook his head.

"My god! Where were you last night? Do you know that Ling Yuntian had announced the Divine Tea Pill and Divine Medicine Tea? I hear that they managed to get their hands on a kind of tea that, when drunk, not only would restore your mental vigor, it would also heal your wounds. In the black market, the price for the tea has already reached 10,000,000 for 50 grams. Unfortunately, only the Ling family has the tea and they are not for sale, so even some of the bosses still cant get their hands on it. Some of them are already looking for Ling Yuntian to work together on this!" Sis Hua explained, expressing envy and anticipation. "I really wish to have a taste of that tea!"

Divine Tea Pill? Divine Medicine Tea? 10,000,000 per 50 grams?!

Hm, it looks like it was the 500 grams of tea that I gave Ling Yuntian. I just didnt expect that it would become so popular so quickly.

When Jiang Feng heard Sis Huas explanation, Jiang Feng then understood what had happened.

The Divine Medicine Tea that Sis Hua had mentioned was just normal Da Hong Pao mixed in with an Enhancing Pill.

But what he did not expect was Ling Yuntians speed. In just one night, they had already announced new products based on analyzing his tea. He even promoted it to the point of making it popular overnight.

However, after giving it some thought, he understood why Ling Yuntian did that.

There were two reasons.

The first reason was that he could already create the Divine Tea on his own. Otherwise, he would not announce it as new products. Otherwise, if they did not have the ability to produce and supply them, the new products would not be able to be maintained.

The second reason was that Ling Yuntian was helping him. If he guessed it correctly, Ling Yuntian would look for him soon enough.

"Dont worry, Sis Hua. It wouldnt be long before you can have a taste of it," Jiang Feng said with a smile to Sis Hua, then left the office.

After he left the office, he appeared on the walkway toward the Animal Arena, and walked toward Ling Chen who was still gambling.

"Haha, Leiya, bite it! Bite it to death!"

Ling Chen felt that his blood was boiling with excitement despite his panda eyes and kept on giving Leiya orders as it fought in the Animal Arena.

Several of the socialites within the cubicles did not sleep as well and continuously looked for beasts to fight with Leiya with high spirits.

When he saw that, he was speechless.

He then walked over to Ling Chens side, and asked him, "Ling Chen, why are you still betting? Look at your panda eyes!"

Ling Chen said to Jiang Feng excitedly and said, "In-law, do you know what happened? I earned 50,000,000 in just one night! All I need is to win one more round, and I will be able to get the newest Bugatti Veyron AS!"

Jiang Feng looked into the arena and saw that Leiya was fighting with a tiger.

After an endless fight for one night, Leiya already had a few wounds on it, and it also looked very tired.

If there were no accidents, Leiya would probably die in this match in the jaws of that tiger.

When he saw that, he was so angry that he slapped Ling Chen, "Ling Chen what the hell are you doing? Leiya is your pet, and you are sending it to its death!"

Ling Chen then blinked and asked him, "But Leiya is very strong! It has even killed a lion! It wont lose to a tiger, will it?"

"Are you an idiot? No matter how strong Leiya is, it wouldnt be able to handle fighting consecutively like this! Damn it!" Jiang Feng could not help but start cursing.

"Howl~ Save me, I cant hold it for long"

At this time, Leiya had been bitten again, and blood began to flow from his wounds. The people on the opposite side kept on yelling at the tiger, "Bite it to death! Bite it to death!"

Jiang Feng could not watch it anymore, and howled like a wolf, "Leiya, come to my direction and eat the Enhancing Pill!"

Because he was using the Tongue of the Beasts to talk to it, the others did not understand what he was talking about.

Of course, the tiger could understand him and raised its head to glance at Jiang Feng. As it did not know what an Enhancing Pill was, it ignored it.

As Leiya ran toward the iron wall where Jiang Feng was, Jiang Feng took out an enhancing pill, cracked it into half, and let half of it roll down the iron wall when no one was paying any attention.

At this time, Leiya used whatever strength it had left and jumped up just as the tiger pounced toward it, its four limbs landed on the iron wall and ran, and swallowed the Enhancing Pill as it did that.

After it ate the Enhancing Pill, Leiyas stamina and will began to recover.


With its stamina restored, Leiya let out an angry roar as it jumped from the iron wall, and dropped behind the tiger after making a flip in the air.

As soon as it landed on the ground, it jumped off its four limbs high into the air and then gnawed at the tigers neck, and instantly chewed off the tigers aorta.

"Haha! I won! I told you Leiya is strong!" Ling Chen cheered.

"What are you cheering for? I would have punched you if you werent my brother-in-law!" Jiang Feng said as he stared at Ling Cheng who was celebrating his win.