Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 365

Chapter 365 The Astonished Ling Yuntian

When Ling Chen saw Jiang Feng being so angry, he was still completely clueless.

Looking at Ling Chen being being so gullible, he was completely speechless and decided to say nothing more and called Leiya back to them.

"Why did you call Leiya back, In-Law! Just one more round!" Ling Chen quickly said to Jiang Feng when he saw Leiya heading back.


Leiya was so furious that it pounced at Ling Chen and pressed him onto the ground.

Leiya stared at Ling Chen as it showed its teeth and stared at him. If it were not because Jiang Feng was next to it, it would have probably killed Ling Chen with a chomp.

"What are you doing?!" Ling Chen asked Leiya angrily.

"Leiya, get up. Ill teach him a lesson!" Jiang Feng said to Leiya.

Only then did Leiya let Ling Chen go, and slowly walked next to Jiang Feng, its angry eyes still staring at Ling Chen.

Next, Jiang Feng began to explain to Ling Chen about it.

Ling Chen also accepted it humbly, and apologized to Leiya knowing what he did wrong, and brought Leiya to have a great meal.

As it had eaten the Enhancing Pill, Leiyas wounds had basically healed.

Just as they were eating, Sis Hua came over.

Sis Hua had changed into a tight skirt, with black pantihose up her legs. As she approached them with her high heels, she was especially seductive, and both Jiang Feng and Ling Chen felt that their mouths were dry.

"Handsome, someone is looking for you. Come with me," Sis Hua said to Jiang Feng.

"Alright," Jiang Feng wiped his mouth and walked over, accompanying Sis Hua to a private room in the restaurant.

As for the identity of the man looking for him, he could somewhat guess who that person was.

Very quickly, he followed Sis Hua to a private room.

Sis Hua opened the door and then left.

Jiang Feng entered the private room.

He then saw a middle-aged man sitting by the dinner table within the room.

The middle-aged man was holding a glass that he brought and enjoying tea from the glass.

"Uncle, why are you here?"

The middle-aged man was not anyone else, he was indeed Jiang Fengs future father-in-law. Seeing who it was, he asked with a smile as he approached Ling Yuntian.

"Kid, you can stop the acting. You know why Im here, correct?" Ling Yuntian said to Jiang Feng.

"Yes, I think I have a clue," Jiang Feng nodded.

"I wont be wasting my breath. Sign this!"

Ling Yuntian was not someone that would waste time so he immediately took out a contract and gave it to Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng took the contract in front of him and then gave it a look. He then said to Ling Yuntian in surprise, "Uncle, there is no need for you to give me the shares from Lingshi Group. Let me be honest with you, I can mass produce the Divine Tea. But only I can do it, and no one else can. You can focus on selling your new products. I will keep on providing you with the Divine Tea, I dont want the shares!"

Ling Yuntian then said, "Are you an idiot? Without the Lingtian Groups shares, how are you going to marry Feiyu?"

Jiang Feng gave it a thought, then gratefully bowed to Ling Yuntian.

He knew that the reason Ling Yuntian did this was all for him.

"Kid, Ive also asked my researchers to analyze the Divine Teas composition. There are many special components within it, and one of them could only be obtained from animals. Can you tell me what they are?" Ling Yuntian asked Jiang Feng with a smile.

When he looked at Jiang Feng, he felt that he was getting more pleasing to the eye by each passing moment.

Jiang Feng then said with a bitter smile, "Uncle, its not that I dont want to tell you, but I dont know anything about it. I only know how to create them, and only I can create them. I cannot tell you how I do it for now, so I hope you can understand."

"Alright, I understand. Sign the contract and give me some more supplies."

Jiang Feng did not waste any more time and signed his name on the contract. He had formally become one of the shareholders of Lingtian Group, and he had 35% shares. It was very high.

And from this, it could be seen that Ling Yuntian was taking very good care of Jiang Feng.

After signing the contract, Jiang Feng took out the other half of the Enhancing Pill and gave it to Ling Yuntian. He then said, "Uncle, there is no need for any Divine Tea. You only need to grind this half of a pill and add it to any food or drink. They are both effective. However, do not immediately eat it, otherwise, it would become harmful to the body. You can only eat it after diluting it. The ratio that the effect is at its strongest is 10:1, while the normal effect is at 50:1."

"What?! Are you telling me that the reason that the Divine Tea could have such powerful effects was because of this pill?" Ling Yuntian looked at Jiang Feng with an inquisitive look before taking the Enhancing Pill and giving it a sniff.

Jiang Feng nodded. "Thats the pill."

Ling Yuntian then took the halved Enhancing Pill, and said with a smile, "Looks like you are quite adept at Alchemy. Very well, if that is the case, that means that the fields our company can expand to would be even wider."

"Yes. Uncle, if you and auntie drink the tea that has been created with this pill frequently, it can greatly improve your physical fitness. While both of you arent trained in the Ancient Martial Arts, you might become as strong as those Masters of the Ancient Martial Arts if you drink them for some time," Jiang Feng once again surprised Ling Yuntian with his words.


Ling Yuntian stood up suddenly with shock as his eyes beamed with excitement. He had lost his composure.

"I am saying that if someone drinks tea that is mixed with this pill for an extended period of time, it can turn a normal person into a master!" Jiang Feng said with a smile.

"Hahaha! I have finally managed to pick up a treasure this time! Little Feng, it is really helpful for you to become my son-in-law!" Ling Yuntian laughed maddeningly, just as he had first started his own business. "Haha, with this pill, the Ling family might really have a chance to become one of the Six Ancient Families!"

Those that could be called an Ancient Family, other than their immense wealth and influence, also needed a long life and survivability.

Improved fitness meant a longer life. And the abilities that they learned over time would strengthen their survivability.

Only then would they have more advantages when fighting against other forces.

With the Enhancing Pill, as long as those from the Ling family take it frequently, all the younger generations from the Ling family would become elites. And with the commercial values that the Enhancing Pill had, the Ling family could really become stronger in Ling Yuntians hands.

That was why Ling Yuntian was so excited.

"If I were to tell grandfather the use and hidden value of this pill, he would lean toward you. Perhaps this would even be enough for him to change our family tradition. No, I must go back and tell Grandfather about this!"

Ling Yuntian said to Jiang Feng, took the contract, and quickly headed out.

Looking at Ling Yuntian leaving with excitement, Jiang Feng shook his head with a bitter smile.

At that moment, he could no longer feel the pressure from Ling Yuntian. Instead, he looked like a child that had just gotten a lollipop.

"Whew I dont have any more Enhancing Pills. Time to make some more of them," With that, he walked out of the private room, and found Sis Hua who was next to a French Window in the restaurants dining hall.

"Sis Hua, bring me to where you keep the beasts corpses," Jiang Feng said to him directly when he stood next to Sis Hua.

"Er now?"

"Yes, now!"

Sis Hua stood up and said speechlessly, "Sigh~ I wonder why the corpses are so alluring to you. Even more alluring than me!"

Jiang Feng said nothing but gave her a smile.