Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 366

Chapter 366 A Man And A Beast

All the beasts corpses were stored in a basement underneath the Animal Arena.

Every day, there would be carts coming in for the beasts, and sending their corpses onto the dining tables of the rich.

He followed Sis Hua to a metal door in the basement of the Animal Arena.

He pushed open the door, and the smell of blood instantly washed over him.

Sis Hua frowned as she covered her mouth and said to Jiang Feng, "Go in on your own. This place is yours now."

With that Sis Hua quickly got out of the place. She could not stand the stench of the blood.

Jiang Feng did not care about Sis Hua and entered through the metal door.

The moment he went in, he saw that all the corpses were littered on the ground in piles.

"Huh I never thought that there would be so many beasts dying in the Animal Arena every day. So cruel!"

There were around twenty corpses in the room. Most of them were Tibetan Mastiffs and Wolfhounds.

There were only one tiger and lion corpses. That was because beasts such as tigers and lions were still difficult to capture.

Looking at so many corpses, Jiang Feng felt like he had obtained a pile of treasure. He quickly headed toward the pile of corpses and he completely ignored the overpowering stench of blood.

He quickly walked over to a purebred Wolfhound and put his hand on the corpse of the Wolfhound.


A soft light radiated from his hand and covered the entire Wolfhound. After a short while, the corpse became a pill.

After transmuting a corpse, he went to another corpse and continued to transmute them.

He had transmuted five corpses at one go, and his body began to weaken as he had overextended his stamina and willpower.

In order to quickly restore his physical and mental strength, he consumed an Enhancing Pill.

The Enhancing Pills transmuted from these beasts had powerful effects. Normally, he only needed to consume half of it. However, in order to quickly restore his stamina and willpower, he immediately ate one whole pill.


The moment he consumed an Enhancing Pill, he could feel a burning sensation and pain coming from within his body.

Next, he saw the veins on his arms expand before returning to normal. Then, he felt that his body was filled with energy, and he had become mentally refreshed. In fact, he felt he was even more spirited than usual.

"Whew~ Continue with the transmutation!"

Jiang Feng, who had restored his willpower and stamina, walked toward the corpse of a lion and placed both of his hands on it.


Perhaps it was because he had an overabundance of stamina and willpower, the light that emitted from his hands became even more radiant. It wrapped around the lions corpse and it was instantly transmuted into an Enhancing Pill.

After transmuting the Enhancing Pill, he still felt very spirited, and he continued with the transmutation. This went on and on.

After about one hour, all 26 beasts had been transmuted. He had eaten 6 Enhancing Pills in between, which meant that he had 20 Enhancing Pills on him.

"This wont be enough. I need to ask Sis Hua to get more corpses!" Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at the empty morgue. He gave Sis Hua a call so that she could get him more animal corpses.

"I seriously have no idea why you need so many corpses. Wait, Ill have them transferred from the nearby Animal Arenas. They should arrive within 5 hours!" Sis Hua replied to him.

In order to better transmute the beasts corpses, he went over to the restaurant and gorged on many of the foods that were a great dietary supplement.

After his meal, he returned to his room and had Lin Bao prepared something. At the same time, he also had Ling Chen bring Leiya to another room, where he kept on feeding Leiya with Enhancing Pills.

There were only two more days till the day that Ling Feiyu and Situ Hao would get engaged. At that time, he would definitely encounter many of the elites from the Five Ancient Families. He was going to strengthen Leiya, since he would be able to help him later.


Two days had slowly passed.

Within the two days, Jiang Feng had transmuted 55 more Enhancing Pills. Including the 12 Enhancing Pills that remained after he and Leiya consumed some, he had a total of 67 Enhancing Pills.

And out of the 67 pills, he had given Ling Yuntian, who came looking for him, 7 pills. That meant that he had 60 left.

"Whew~ I should go. Ling Feiyu and Situ Haos engagement is in three hours. Time to prove myself!" Jiang Feng mumbled and drove Sis Huas car, and brought Leiya out of the Animal Arena, and headed quickly toward the Ling Family Mansion.

Within these two days, he had eaten many Enhancing Pills.

He was not sure why, but there was a powerful Chi that appeared within his body. It was very intense. At the same time, his five senses had become even sharper.

Leiya was the same. Not only did it have the same transformation, but its body had also grown larger in size. It was much larger than a normal wolf now.

And its strength had even surpassed Xiaoheis. It had become extremely powerful.


The sky was slowly darkening. As he drove into the highway, four cars suddenly appeared out of nowhere despite there already being very few cars and were heading straight toward him.


The four cars drove past him and cut ahead of him, and they kept on hitting the brakes, forcing him to stop his car.

"They have a deathwish?"

Jiang Feng did not have to guess and knew that the four cars were driven by those employed by Situ Hao. Perhaps it was to stop him from appearing at the engagement ceremony. When that thought crossed his mind, a cold smile appeared on his face as he stepped on the gas, and violently crashed into the car in front of him.


The two cars violently crashed into each other, and both became malformed. His car engine began to release smoke, and it died.

He opened his car door, and both he and Leiya got out of the car.

"Dont move! Move, and well shoot!"

The moment he stepped down from the car, nine people got out of the four cars. All of them pointed their guns at him. As for the driver of the car that he crashed into, he was heavily injured from the crash and had fainted.

He stood next to Leiya, and then scanned the nine men. He then snorted frigidly and said, "Get out of my way!"

"Jiang Feng, is it? Come with us quietly, or we wont be able to guarantee your safety!" A bald man wearing a black suit said with a cold demeanor as he pointed at Jiang Feng with his handgun.

"I will guarantee my own safety. As for all of you, I dont think that what youre doing right now is very safe!"

Jiang Feng snorted coldly again. In the next moment, he stomped his foot on the ground forcefully and very swiftly appeared next to the bald man. He caught his wrist and cracked his wrist directly using a little bit of force. Next, he seized the handgun and then shot the other eight men.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After shooting continuously, four of the remaining eight were on the ground after being shot. The other four quickly looked for cover and shot at Jiang Feng at the same time.


At this time, Leiya howled and jumped. It landed on top of a car, and with one swipe, throwing a man that was hiding behind the car into the air.

Next, it quickly headed toward another man.


At this time, Jiang Feng dragged the other two men and hit them till they fainted!

"In the car, now!"

After finishing off the ten men, Jiang Feng found a car that was still in perfect condition and waved at Leiya.

Leiya jumped over and landed next to the car before getting in.

Jiang Feng then stepped on the gas and quickly left.

What he did not know was this was just the first wave of many. There were still several more waves of men waiting for him!