Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 367

Chapter 367 A Man A Wolf And A Weasel

The Ling Family Manor was extremely crowded.

All of them were leaders from the business world and officers from the political world.

In a mansion, all the members of the Situ family were there.

Situ Qian looked at Situ Hao and said, "Hao, you have to work hard. The Ling family is on the rise and has great hopes in becoming the Sixth Great Family. If you can marry Ling Feiyu, our familys strength can surpass that of the Xuanyuan Family and Nangong Family!"

Situ Hao nodded with a cold smile and said, "Dont worry, dad. I have recruited some people to block Jiang Feng and to delay him until the engagement ceremony ends. He shouldnt be a problem. My only worry is that the other families will interfere with us. Especially now that the Divine Medicine Tea has appeared and is under the control of Ling Yuntian, many of the other families would want the chance to be engaged with them!"

"Yes. Even though all the other families other than the Nangong and Xuanyuan family cant compare with us, you still have to be careful about Jiang Feng. Since the man that Ling Feiyu likes is him. Once his value surpasses yours, it will become dangerous for you!" Situ Qian reminded him.


In another mansion, Baili Yuanqin looked at Baili Shenye who had revealed a cruel smile, and said, "Shenye, you better not do anything foolish. If you dare to cause any trouble today, dont think that I wouldnt expel you from being part of the family!"

Baili Shenye swirled the red wine in his glass, and smiled viciously. "In the game, Ling Feiyu is the Shifter Emperors wife. If I can get married to Ling Feiyu in reality, and have Ling Feiyu divorce the Shifter Emperor in the game, and then bed her right in front of the Shifter Emperor I wonder what kind of expression would he have? Ahahah!"

When Baili Mingbu heard how Baili Shenye was talking about his goddess Ling Feiyu, he rebuked him with scorn, "Cousin, please be careful with your words!"

"Hahaha," Baili Shenye did not say anything and only continued to laugh maliciously.

When the others from the Baili Family saw Baili Shenyes condition, they could do nothing but sigh.

Baili Shenye, while arrogant in the past, would at least know when to keep it to himself.

But now, Baili Shenye was a crazed man. His spirit had been completely broken. Other than his grudge against Jiang Feng, nothing else was important to him anymore.


On a highway that was still very far from the Ling Family Mansion.

After eliminating the first wave, he did not travel very far when another wave of men appeared trying to stop his car in its tracks.

When he saw that, he became furious and said, "Go!"

He stepped on the gas, and directly crashed his car into one of the cars.


The car violently collided with one of the other cars. The moment the cars collided, Leiya and he flung open the car door and jumped out, and attacked those that were on the sides that were just about to shoot at them with guns.


A shot was fired. Jiang Feng managed to avoid it and he appeared next to the door of one of the cars. His palms directly pierced through the cars metal shell and grabbed the man-in-black inside, throwing him out of the car.

When the other four men from the car were about to attack him, he kicked it and flipped the car over.

Bang! Bang!

Another few shots were made toward him. He felt a sharp pain on his thigh as a bullet pierced his flesh and into his femur. The bullet was stopped by the bone.

He turned and saw the people from another car begin to shoot him. He jumped and flipped in midair, and into the grass by the highway.

At this time, he dropped one of the Enhancing Pills from his pocket.

He was just about to pick it up, but a weasel that was hiding in a hole covered by the grass quickly lashed out and swallowed that Enhancing Pill in one gulp.

He was slightly stunned when he saw that, but paid the weasel that had eaten his Enhancing Pill no attention as he quickly rushed toward those who were still in the car.


The moment that he rushed out, he saw Leiya quickly ramming into all the cars despite the wounds on him.

"Leiya, take his!"

He took out an Enhancing Pill and cracked it in half. He took one half while he threw the other to Leiya.

After eating the Enhancing Pill, he felt his pain from the injuries slowly disappearing, and the blood also stopped flowing.

He looked at the people who were in the cars moaning in pain as well as the cars that were flipped over, he was going to abandon them and leave.


At this moment, he noticed that the weasel that previously ate the Enhancing Pill was rolling in the grass.

He saw a golden light glowing from the weasels body.

"Hm? A normal animal at an entire Enhancing Pill and didnt die from it? This is no normal weasel!"

The weasel was still struggling, but after a while, the weasel managed to survive and its fur turned from yellow to gold. It looked extremely wondrous, and that piqued his interest.

The weasel that had eaten the pill was no longer afraid of him. It ran toward him and stared at him.

"Alright, little one. If you follow me, Ill give you the pills you just ate frequently. How about it?" Jiang Feng said as he looked at the weasel that stood on its rear limbs and looked at him with its round eyes.

"Squeak Okay!" The weasel nodded.

When he saw that the weasel had digested the Enhancing Pill and became intelligent, he said to the weasel with a smile, "Haha, cool! Lets call you Ahuang from now on!"

He then hopped onto Leiya.

The cars had been destroyed by Leiya and him. His only choice was to ride on Leiya to make the journey.


Leiya howled as it carried Jiang Feng and quickly sprinted forward.

Ahuang glanced at Jiang Feng and Leiya, looked at the handgun in front of it, used its mouth to carry it, and quickly followed Jiang Feng.

Weasels were already quite fast on their own. After eating an Enhancing Pill, its physical attributes had improved by more than ten-fold. It was so fast that it could follow up with Leiya.

And then, a man, a wolf, and a weasel ran like mad on the highway.

After around a dozen minutes, they went off the highway and headed straight into the city. Cars could be seen on the road.

When some of the passing cars saw that, they all looked on with their jaws dropped.

When one of the young men driving an Audi that was talking on his phone saw that, he quickly roared to the person on the other end of the line, "Honey, you know I dont lie. But Honey, let me tell you something, I just saw a man riding a wolf being hunted by a golden weasel! Im not lying! You have to believe me!"

When an old man riding a tricycle saw what was happening, he was even more shocked and said, "My goodness, everyones driving a sports car but this man is riding a wolf! Why do I feel that riding a wolf is much more imposing than driving a car?!"

"Haha, look at the weasel! So cute! It even has a gun in its mouth! This is too funny! If we can record this and put it up on Weibo, well be on the headlines!"


Jiang Feng did not know that he, Leiya, and Ahuang had challenged many peoples common sense!