Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Gathering At The Ling Familys

As he rode on Leiya, Jiang Feng quickly headed toward the Ling Family Manor.

At this time, the Ling Family Manor had been decorated with giant red lanterns.

Not only was today the engagement ceremony for Ling Feiyu, but it was also the day before Chinese New Year.

The entire Ling Family Manor was filled with a joyous mood.

Many of the staff were setting fireworks around the Ling Family Manor.

Not only was it for the celebration of Ling Feiyus engagement, but it was also to celebrate the coming of a new year.

Within a bigger mansion within the Ling Family Manor, a ball was underway on its first floor.

There was a very long red carpet in front at the entrance of the ball, and it was surrounded by many reporters.

Not only was it attended by many of the leaders of the business world, but many celebrities had also come to congratulate the Ling Family.

The reporters would snap pictures wildly as the leaders of the business worlds and the celebrities stepped into the ballroom with their families.

"Look, its the superstar Murong Xi! Tsk, I never expected that she would be so beautiful!"

"Oh damn, even the Penguin Groups CEO, Mr. Ma Teng, is here! Looks like the Ling family is really very influential!"

"It seems that the bosses from all the different areas have really gathered here. I heard that someone is going to fight over the bride. I wonder if theres any truth to it?"

Many of the reporters continued snapping shots as they talked with their peers next to them.

The entire red carpet had only ended after about two hours. It was clear that many famous people had come.

In truth, if it were not because of Ling Yuntian pushing out his new line of products, not many would come.

That was because his new products would cement Ling Yuntians status in the medical field as well as a few other fields. Then, the Ling familys influence would grow even more powerful.

That was why there were so many people here today. All of them wanted to use this chance to work with the Ling family.

Despite so many people entering the mansion, it did not feel crowded at all. Instead, everyone was enjoying themselves, looking at the decors.

Around the mansion, it was filled with exquisite and delicious food and tasty wine.

The most famous orchestra was playing a slow and soft melody, with many of the attendees dancing together with their dance partners on the dance floor.

Many of the bosses and celebrities were chatting with each other. They were chatting about what they had achieved for the year, as well as chatting about next years business opportunities.

The ball was no different than other occasions.


At a table, Nangong Tiaotiao was eating dessert as she looked at the beautiful woman next to her and asked, "Big sis, if Sis Feiyu marries that Situ Hao, then what will happen to the Shifter Emperor?"

That beautiful woman was none other than Nangong Tiaotiaos elder sister Nangong Muxi.

Muxi swirled her wine glass, her eyes losing focus, but she still answered Nangong Tiaotiaos question, "I dont know."

"Mu Xi? Nangong Tiaotiao!"

At this time, a handsome man and a beautiful woman came toward them.

"Yingqi? Haifeng?" Muxi raised her head and looked at the approaching duo, completely taken by surprise.

"Tsk, tsk Muxi, I didnt think that you are so beautiful in real life. Even my brother is salivating when looking at you!" Xue Yingqi walked over to Muxi with a smile.

"Sis, I didnt!" Xue Haifeng said as he rolled his eyes at Xue Yingqi.

Muxi then smiled and said to Xue Yingqi, "Stop joking, you are much prettier than me."

"Alright, lets stop flattering each other. When the main character for tonight comes out, all of the women here are going to meld into the background!" Xue Yingqi laughed.

Mu Xi nodded with a smile as she whole-heartedly agreed with Xue Yingqis words.

Both sides knew each others identity, within the game, and outside the game. Very quickly, they began to chat. They would talk about the real world for a moment, and then the game afterward. Regardless, they were having quite a good time.

Some of the young men originally wanted to join them, but they were all yelled at and chased away by Xue Yingqi.

Some of the men tried to teach her a lesson after they were yelled at, but when Xue Haifeng showed them who he was, all of them ran away with their tails between their legs.

As time went by, the engagement ceremony was about to begin.

"We welcome the man and woman of the hour, Ling Feiyu and Situ Hao!"

At this time, the lights had dimmed and the spotlight focused on a door to the left and to the right.

Ling Feiyu walked out, together with Ling Yuntian and Li Ran, with plain makeup on.


After looking at Ling Feiyus face, all of the attendees could not help but take a deep breath.

All the beautiful women lowered down their heads. They could not even compare themselves to Ling Feiyus beauty.

Even Murong Xi, who was publicly acknowledged as the prettiest among the celebrities, felt that she had lost some of her confidence when compared with Ling Feiyu.

Situ Hao was also very handsomely dressed. He came out from the other door with arrogance on his face, and the young men who once competed with him could only grit their teeth as they watched on.

"Please, everyone, quiet down. Today is the day that the second son of the patriarch of the Situ family and Ling Feiyu from the Ling family are going to be engaged. As both families have their own traditions, we have a ceremony that needs to be completed. We now welcome the patriarch of the Situ family, Situ Qian, the patriarch of the Ling family, Ling Zhengdong, and the Founder of the Ling family, Ling Zhentian!"

The master of ceremonies said loudly.

At the next moment, Ling Zhentian and Ling Zhendong walked out together. While Ling Zhentian was almost a hundred years old, he was still quite fit. He did not need anyone to help him. He walked out on his own with a walking stick.

But even then, when the women in the Ling family saw this, they all quickly approached him and assisted him by the arm.

Even Situ Qian walked over toward Ling Zhentian with respect.

Ling Zhentian smiled at Situ Qian, and then loudly announced, "I believe everyone here knows the traditions of the great families. The sons and daughters of the Ling family must marry someone of the same social status. Those that they marry must have skills and abilities that surpass others, and that they have some accomplishments. Situ Hao began managing a corporation in his youth and is considered to be quite well known within our circle. I have no reason to reject his desire to get engaged with my great-granddaughter. If anyone believes that they are better than Situ Hao and is in love with my great-granddaughter, step out now and I will allow you to compete with Situ Hao!"

After that, the entire ballroom was quiet. While some of the talented young men wanted to say something, they all shook their heads and took a step back in the face of a challenger such as Situ Hao.


"Big Sis, what kind of a tradition is this? Does the Nangong family have this kind of tradition too?" Nangong Tiaotiao asked with a frown after she had finished listening to Ling Zhentian.

While she did have some problems with her mind, she still had the intellect of a young teen. She could understand what Ling Zhentian was saying, that was why she asked her.

Nangong Muxi smiled but did not say anything. She acknowledged it with her silence.

Xue Yingqi sighed and said, "That is the sorrow of being born in a great family. While you have access to endless wealth, you will be bound by all the rules and traditions. You cant live in freedom!"

Xue Haifeng nodded and said, "Some of the family traditions are as stringent as a countrys laws. They are so stringent that they can become suffocating. If its possible, Im even willing to live the life of a commoner!"

"I believe that I, too, have the right to marry Ms. Ling Feiyu. I wonder if you would give me this chance!"

Just as Xue Yingqi and Muxi were sighing about the rules and traditions, the silence in the ballroom was broken by a haughty voice.