Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Yes I Am The Shifter Emperor

When Ling Feiyu first heard that sentence, there was a spark of joy in his eyes, but she immediately became angered.

Because the sentence was not spoken by the person that she hoped for, but by a person that she had a deep hatred for.

It was none other than Baili Shenye, who was known as Shen Ye in the game.

When the guests heard that, they were stunned at first. And then, they all started to talk amongst themselves.

"Looks like theres going to be a great show to watch. The Baili family is no weaker than the Situ family. They could be said to be equals. At the same time, Baili Shenye also has his own corporation. While it isnt doing that well, their performance will no doubt recover once this has passed. Not to mention that his achievements are no lower than Situ Haos!"

"Thats right. But between Situ Hao and Bali Shenye, I like Situ Hao more. Baili Shenye is a traitor, a madman!"

"True, Baili Shenye did seem like he had become mentally unstable. He looks different from before.


Baili Shenye smiled coldly as he walked onto the stage amidst the discussion.

When Baili Yuanqin saw his son walking out, he quickly told him to step back furiously, "Shenye, what are you doing? Come back!"

The Situ family and Baili family both had a working business relationship.

What Baili Shenye did had basically cut off their relationship with the Situ family.

However, Baili Shenye did not pay any attention to his father. He quickly approached Ling Feiyu and stood in front of her.

"Ling Feiyu, the Shifter Emperor is only data! You should marry me and not it! As for Jiang Feng, he is just a low-life. I think the two of us are a much better match for each other. What do you think?" Baili Shenye said with a sadistic smile.

"Go away!" Ling Feiyu said with detest.

Ling Feiyu was not the only one. Even Ling Zhentian and Situ Qian were looking at him with anger.

Baili Shenye smiled and did not care. He looked at Ling Zhentian, "Great Grand Uncle Ling, I believe that I am much better than Situ Hao. Even if its influence or accomplishments, he is no match against me. I believe that I am the person that should be engaged with Ling Feiyu!"

"Baili Shenye, do you have a death wish?" Situ Hao took a step forward and said to Baili Shenye with rage.


Baili Shenye did not waste his breath. He threw a punch at Situ Hao, and blew him away.


When everyone saw Baili Shenye attacking Situ Hao, they could not help but draw a cold breath.

When Baili Shenye stood up to challenge Situ Hao, the Situ family was already quite unhappy. When they attacked Situ Hao, Situ Qian could no longer stand by. He jumped toward Baili Shenye, and swung his fist toward Baili Shenyes face.

"Hmph!" Baili Shenye snorted and threw another punch toward Situ Qiaos fist.


When the two fists slammed together, Situ Qiao was the one that was knocked away flying. Baili Shenye was standing there, unaffected!

"Peak Expert Stage! How did Baili Shenye become so strong so quickly!"

All the descendants of the Five Ancient Families knew some Ancient Martial Art. Situ Qiao had already reached the Mid-Expert Stage and could be considered one of the best. But he was thrown away after one strike by Baili Shenye, and this had astonished all members of the Five Ancient Families.

Even Baili Shenyes father Baili Yuanqin felt that it was incredible.

"Baili Shenye, you dare to cause chaos in the Ling family? Take him down!" The patriarch of the Ling family, Ling Zhendong yelled out coldly and waved his hand. Several security guards came equipped with their weapons.


Baili Shenye jumped over and severely injured the security guards with a few punches. One of the guards even had his entire arm stripped off. His actions were unspeakably cruel.

No one dared to approach Baili Shenye as he was able to defeat so many people in less than one minute.

Baili Shenye picked up a gun from the guards waist holster, and then smiled as he scanned everyone present before saying calmly, "Other than the old geezers from the other four Ancient Families, no one in China can defeat me."

When Baili Yuanqin saw that his son had gone mad, he gritted his teeth before yelling with a face as white as ghost, "I, Baili Yuanqin, announce that from today onward, Baili Shenye is no longer a member of the Baili family. Baili Shenye has been expelled from the Baili family!"

There was nothing that Baili Yuanqin could do. Baili Shenye had offended so many people. If he did not do anything, he would cause the entire Baili family to incur immeasurable losses. What he did, he did it out of powerlessness.


Baili Shenye smiled coldly and shot at Baili Yuanqins thigh, and then laughed out maddeningly, "Dad, let me tell you something. From the day that you forced my mother to her death, I was no longer a member of the Baili family. This shot is for my mother. The debt between me and the Baili family is cleared!"

With that, he then turned to Ling Zhentian. "Great Grand Uncle Ling, I now have the right to marry Ling Feiyu, am I right?!"


Ling Zhentian looked at Baili Shenye furiously.

Not only was Baili Shenye the strongest present, he even had a gun in his hand. No one could do anything against him for the time being.

If he were to anger Baili Shenye and some of his guests were injured, all the responsibilities would fall squarely on the Ling familys shoulders!

"Who the hell do you think you are?!"


As soon as Baili Shenye had finished speaking, the originally closed doors had been broken down as a large boom could be heard.

A silver wolf that was larger than any other normal wolf carrying a bloodied man slowly walked into the room. Behind the man was a weasel with a gun in its jaws, scanning its surrounding.

Everyone was frozen in place when they saw the silver wolf slowly entering, and the blood on the man and the silver wolf.

"Little Feng!" Ling Feiyu was overjoyed when she saw that.

It was none other than Jiang Feng, who made it in time after bolting his way here.

Those three hours had been extremely thrilling to him. He had been ambushed several times on the way. Leiya and his bodies were all filled with wounds. Even his clothes were soaked red.

Luckily, he had enough Enhancing Pills and he had made it here.

Jiang Feng was riding on Leiya as his imposing presence began to spread out, his eyes staring at Baili Shenye

"Shifter Emperor!" Looking at Jiang Fengs figure, the steed under him, the familiar stare, and the presence that he had. Nangong Muxi, Xue Yingqi, and Xue Haifeng all exchanged a glance. They were so shocked that they could not even speak.

Baili Shenye also noticed something, and roared out exasperatingly with a pale face, "You are the damn Shifter Emperor! You are not an NPC! You are a player!"

Jiang Feng smiled calmly as he slowly jumped down from Leiya, then said, "Correct, I am Jiang Feng. My ID in the Divine Dominion is Shifter Emperor!’"

He spoke very softly, but everyone felt as if a giant hammer had just struck on their hearts.

Many of those present were playing Divine Dominion. Naturally, they knew what the name meant.

Originally, Jiang Feng did not want to expose his identity. However, in order to have the right to marry Ling Feiyu, he was going to borrow his influence from within the game.

Of course, the older generation might not recognize this game. But he had to use everything he could now.

Not to mention at this stage, he had already collected enough power. Even if his identity was exposed, he was not afraid of being stabbed in the back.

After today, he was going to use Enhancing Pills to strengthen all his family members. Then, it would not matter if he was exposed, because no one could defeat them.

Maybe changing ones physique could not stop bullets, but he would not let his enemies have the chance to fire a gun.