Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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“Damn, how could that boss move everywhere at will? And why would it be so strong? Most importantly, why was it targeting me?!” said Shen Ye angrily as he slammed his hand on the table angry as he sat in the tavern.

1By now, Shen Ye had already been killed by Jiang Feng twice.

When he was killed at the volcano and sent back to the Starter Village, his luck wasn’t bad. He had managed to accept a hidden quest. Because he fell from Level 9 to 10 and he only needed half the experience for him to get back to where he was. So, he had spent an hour plus to go back to Level 10.

When he had just returned to the Imperial Dragon City, he was then met with the event that the Donghuang Bell fragments flew out from the moat. He even managed to snatch three of the Donghuang Bell fragments.

Unfortunately, his greed and fury against Jiang Feng caused him to die a second time to him.

He Was killed twice by the same monster, and he had even dropped his equipment and two of the Donghuang Bell fragments. It was a great humiliation to him, and it would be strange for him not to get angry.

“Guildmaster Shen Ye, this game was made to be realistic, so it was not strange for monsters to have that level of intelligence. Not to mention, didn’t you say you had lodged a complaint? What did the customer service rep say?” Asked a smiling young man with mystique eyes and in armor sitting opposite of Shen Ye as he drank some beer.

The young man with the mystique eyes was called Zhi Qiubai. He was a know-it-all in the gaming world. He had formed an information-broking company, and his relationship with the major companies was quite good.

Shen Ye’s face paled as he shook his head and said, “The rep said that this game was like the real world. Everything in this world was generated naturally, and even the designers themselves can’t interfere with it. Even if a monster became the game’s overlord, it would be considered normal.”

1Zhi Qiubai smiled with a nod, “Haha, just as I thought! Don’t you think that this game is much more interesting and enjoyable this way?”

Shen Ye turned his thinking around, and his eyes beamed. He said, “You’re right. If monsters could become this game’s overlord, then we as players have even more hope to achieve that. Even if I couldn’t become an emperor in the real world, becoming an emperor in the game would be great!”

Zhi Qiubai did not say anything as he drank his beer, but he thought to himself in his mind, ‘Never thought that Shen Ye would be so ambitious, hoping to become an emperor in the game.’

1“Quickly, look at the Trading Hall! Never thought that someone had gotten a Secret-Class Class Change Letter, and even more so that he would be willing to exchange things for it!”

Suddenly, one of the few players on the table nearby suddenly yelled out.

“What? A secret-class? Don’t tell me it’s the secret classes that are more powerful than the basic classes?”

“That’s right, and the player that took out the Secret-Class Class Change Letter was the game’s top player Jiang Feng. Not only that, but he had also placed many great pieces of equipment at the Trading Hall. Hehe, I’ll contact him now. He wanted to exchange the Secret-Class Class Change Letter for Donghuang Bell fragments. I don’t have any on me, so hopefully, I can buy some equipment!”

Secret-Class Class Change Letter?

Hearing the conversation from the players, Shen Ye and Zhi Qiubai quickly checked the Trading Hall.


Looking at the Trading Hall’s recommended items, he saw the Secret-Class Class Change Letter and a few pieces of great equipment. He frowned.

“Weird, didn’t I drop my Qingyun Bow by that beast? Why would it be up there?”

2“How strange can it be? While the Qingyun Bow is a piece of good Green-Bronze equipment, don’t forget that there are plenty of bows with the same name in the game. This one shouldn’t be the one you originally owned,” Zhi Qiubai said.

“You’re right,” Shen Ye nodded his head, then he thought of something. He then smiled at Zhi Qiubai and asked, “Since you’re the know-it-all in this game, do you know which players have the Donghuang Bell Fragments?”

“It seems you are quite keen on the secret class,” Zhi Qiubai remarked as he drank some more beer.

Shen Ye said with resolution in his keen eyes, “The secret class will be mine!”


“A secret class, is it? Chen Mo, go and buy the Donghuang Bell Fragments. We must take this secret class!” Ling Yun instructed Chen Mo who was close to him as he looked at the trading hall while they were at a monster spawning point near the Imperial Dragon City,


At the volcano, Mu Xi had just prepared to bring Nangong Tiaotiao to complete her class-change quest. She originally wanted to get some equipment for her first and opened the Trading Hall.


Looking at the first page of the Trading Hall, her eyes looked at disbelief. She quickly turned to Nangong Tiaotiao and said, “Tiaotiao, you have added Jiang Feng as a friend. Please tell him that I will want all the equipment that he had put on the Trading Hall. Ask him to save the Secret-Class Class Change Letter for me.”


Because of Jiang Feng’s departure, she wasn’t feeling that well. But she still nodded as she looked at Mu Xi.


While many players wanted to get the Secret-Class Class Change Letter and the few great pieces of equipment that Jiang Feng wanted to sell, he was leveling the Flaming Tiger King.

“Here I come, boss.”

After he had spent half an hour on Transmute Monster, the Flaming Tiger King’s power had greatly increased. After having a taste of it, he got even more excited about killing the monster. And now he had killed a Blackwind Tiger and dragged it to Jiang Feng who was also killing monsters.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

He used Transmute Monster on it, then continued to kill the monster without batting an eye at the Flaming Tiger King that was in the process of being fused.

The Flaming Tiger King and he did not have any sort of stress at all, so both of them killed monsters on their own so that their experience points could increase faster.

After he had killed another Blackwind Tiger, the system’s voice entered his ear.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 12. You have received 3 free attribute points.

And at this time, the Flaming Tiger King had also completed his fusion. A light glowed from him.

“Haha, I’ve leveled up!” The Tiger King excitedly roared out as soon as he had appeared, “Not only that, my Tiger race bloodline has reached 100%! I am just one step away from becoming a Rank 5 Flaming Tiger King!”

‘Rank 5? The same as I.’

Because he could only check the Flaming Tiger King’s basic attributes, he could not see the Flaming Tiger King’s base attributes. He could not see all the Flaming Tiger King’s stats. Once he heard it from the Flaming Tiger King, he only knew that the Flaming Tiger King was a Rank 4 monster. When his bloodline reached 100%, with one evolution pill he could then evolve to Rank 5, and his stats would be greatly increased. And he would become even more powerful.

‘Looks like I have to transmute the monsters next in order to get two evolution pills.”

His Skywind Dragon’s Bloodline had already reached 100%, and the Flaming Tiger King’s bloodline had also reached 100%. So, he needed the evolution pills urgently.

2“Your bloodline had already reached 100%, so there was no point in fusing anymore. Next, support me with all you can to kill the monsters, and I will grant you an evolution pill when the time comes. That will help you to evolve into Rank 5!” Jiang Feng said to the Flaming Tiger King.

“Thank you, boss. It was indeed a smart choice to have chosen to join you.” The Flaming Tiger King nodded passionately.

After a minute went by and when he was just ready to transmute a Blackwind Tiger’s corpse, his friend panel suddenly lit up. It was Nangong Tiaotiao’s message.

“Brother Jiang Feng, my big sis said that she wants the Secret-Class Class Change Letter and all the equipment. Can you not sell it?”

‘She wants all of it?’

With a smile, Jiang Feng messaged back, “I have added your big sis as a friend, I will talk to her.”

2He wouldn’t sell the Secret-Class Class Change Letter to Mu Xi. To him, money was important. But the Donghuang Bell Fragments were more so.

As for the equipment, if Mu Xi wanted to buy those for a high price he would be more than happy to oblige.