Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 370

Chapter 370 The Mysterious Owner Of The Animal Arena Appears

"Impossible! Players cant possibly be that strong!"

Baili Shenye could not accept the truth and screamed at Jiang Feng as he stared at him.

If he was tortured by an NPC, he could still make an excuse and say that the NPC had its own buff or something.

However, being played by another player was an absolute humiliation toward him.


After Nangong Muxi had recovered from her shock, she laughed at herself. She should have realized that the Shifter Emperor was not an NPC.

Xue Yingqi said in astonishment, "Then he is really good! I thought Im already very powerful among the players. I didnt expect that the Shifter Emperor is also a player. But how could he take on the form of monsters? Is that because he is the Successor of the Shifters?"

"Shifter Emperor! Hes the Shifter Emperor from the Divine Dominion! My idol! Damn, I didnt realize that hes a player. If I knew, I would have found him and married him first!"

"The Shifter Emperor is really cool, leading a horde of monster followers. And in the real world, he also has a group of followers. How did he do it?"

"So what if he is the Shifter Emperor? Hes just a normal man. Baili Shenye is a master of the Ancient Martial Arts! He has a death wish by exposing himself like that!"


The celebrity Murong Xi blinked as he looked at Jiang Feng, and thought to herself, Shifter Emperor?

Ling Feiyus parents looked at each other. They never expected that the Shifter Emperor that they watched during the World War, the Shifter Emperor that would even make those of their age burn with passion, was Jiang Feng! A man that existed in the real world!

There were the sounds of shock, of astonishment, and of lamentation!

And they were coming from within the group of people.

A large group of people did not look positively on how Jiang Feng exposed himself.

He had a death wish for exposing himself like that!

Not to mention the number of people he offended within China would look for him. If this was spread to the other countries, the people from the other five countries would have their vengeance upon him.

Of course, some of these people were being melodramatic. In the end, that was just a game. No one would be crazy enough to commit murder in another country. That was really someone looking for a death wish.

Jiang Feng looked at Baili Shenye with a cold smile and walked toward him.

"Hmph So what if you are powerful in-game? I can destroy you in reality, so that you can never appear in the game again!"

Baili Shenye laughed violently as he raised the gun in his hand and shot at Jiang Feng.


Just as Baili Shenye raised his handgun, a gunshot could be heard first, striking the gun in his hand.

Everyone was slightly stunned and looked at Ahuang that was crouching on Leiya.

"Squeak I know how to use a gun, too!"

Ahuang stood up on Leiyas back, its two front paws holding the handgun that it had brought over and squeaked.

"I can kill you even without guns!"

Baili Shenye snorted coldly and quickly rushed toward Jiang Feng. He violently punched Jiang Fengs face.

"Watch out!" Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng worryingly.

Jiang Feng carried a faint smile and quietly looked at Baili Shenyes attack without avoiding it.

"Haha! Die, you scum!"

Baili Shenye roared out maddeningly when he saw that his attack had almost reached Jiang Feng.


His hand broke, and Baili Shenye let out a painful scream.


What happened had shocked everyone.

Baili Shenye had already reached Peak-Expert. He could easily lift several thousand kgs worth of weight, and could easily kill a wild beast. But Jiang Feng had easily broken through his punch and even broken his hand.

Some of those people that believed that Jiang Feng was going to die found it unbelievable.

"Ah Impossible!"

Baili Shenye held his broken palm, screamed out maddeningly, and quickly sprinted toward Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng sighed and rushed forward, and his fist struck at Baili Shenyes Energy Center.


Baili Shenye was thrown out, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. With his Energy Center shattered, he had lost all his power.

Martial Artists needed to focus their Chi in their Energy Center. The denser the Chi, the stronger ones physical fitness became. All men had Chi within them, and as long this Chi was not gone, then they would not truly die.

With Baili Shenyes Energy Center shattered, his Chi had completely dissipated. He would not die, but his life would be no different than that of a disabled man.

"Shenye!" When Baili Yuanqin saw his son being incapacitated, he still felt the pain in his heart. No matter what he did to him, he was still his own flesh and blood.


Baili Shenye stared at Jiang Feng with hatred and wanted to say something, but before he could, he had fainted.

When Baili Yuanqin saw what had happened, he walked over and said to Ling Zhentian, "While he is no longer a member of the Baili Family, he still used to be one of ours. Can I take him away?"

Ling Zhentian nodded with a frown.

"Thank you!"

Baili Yuanqin thanked him, and then carried Baili Shenye away. He glanced at Jiang Feng, then led the rest of the Baili family and left the Ling Family Manor.

"Little Feng!"

After the Baili Family had left, Ling Feiyu quickly ran toward Jiang Feng and hugged him.

"Its okay now."

Jiang Feng patted Ling Feiyus shoulder as he comforted her. He then let go of Ling Feiyu and walked straight to Ling Zhentian, "Great Grand Uncle Ling. I wish for Ling Feiyu to be my wife. I hope that you will allow our marriage!"

Ling Zhentian looked at Jiang Feng and said coldly, "You have stopped Baili Shenye. For that, the Ling family is in your debt. However, our tradition remains and shall not be broken. Come, and show me what right you have!"

Jiang Feng frowned and said, "I am"

Without waiting for Jiang Feng to finish, Ling Qianfeng quickly cut him off and said, "Even if you are the best player in the game, it is useless for you to talk about your influence in the game when we are here in reality!"

When ling Yuntian saw that, he stood up and announced, "Jiang Feng is the other person with the most shares in Lingtian Group other than Li Ran and I. Grandfather, is that enough?"

Ling Zhendong then frowned and looked at Ling Yuntian, "What? How did he get his hands on the shares?"

Ling Yuntian then smiled and said, "The Divine Medicine Tea is Jiang Fengs creation. He is also the only one that can make the Divine Medicine Tea!"


When Ling Yuntian said that, everyone present drew in a cold breath.

They did not expect that the Divine Medicine Tea that so many people from the top echelon of society were fighting for was created through the hands of a child.

If they were to include that, Jiang Fengs accomplishment would be quite high as well. Situ Hao would not be able to match him.

Ling Zhentian shook his head. "Not enough. While his accomplishment is quite high, when compared to Situ Haos background, it is still not enough."

"Will it be enough with the Nangong familys support?" Nangong Muxi stood up.

"Will it be enough with the Xue familys support?" Xue Yingqi stood up.

Nangong Muxi and Xue Yingqis action stunned Ling Zhentian.

The Nangong Family was a great family that was only second to the Xuanyuan family. With the Nangong familys support, helping Jiang Feng to build up his own influence in the real world in a short time would not be impossible.

The Xue family had a very high influence within the political realm. With the Xue familys help, if Jiang Feng were to build up his own forces, he would have a very easy time.

Originally, everyone thought that Jiang Feng would have enough to be able to marry Ling Feiyu. But what they did not expect was that Ling Zhentian still shook his head. "The support from outside is, in the end, from the outside. It cannot be depended on for a long amount of time. Not enough!"

"Great Grandfather, you are being impossible!" Ling Feiyu said to Ling Zhentian angrily.

"Indeed I am. But I am doing this for my entire family. I have to do this!" Ling Zhentian said.

"Haha~ Zhentian! Old man! You are making things too difficult for my son! Will my Animal Arenas be enough to help him marry your great-granddaughter?"

As soon as Ling Zhentian had finished speaking, a voice came from outside the door.

Next, a group of men and several beasts came in from the door.

Jiang Zhengde and Sis Hua and around thirty men, as well as Lin Bao, Xiaohei, Xiaohai, and the fox family slowly entered.

Jiang Zhengde had lost his scholastic aura, and he no longer looked like a sick man. Instead, he radiated the same kind of aura as Jiang Feng did, and it was so imposing that almost everyone present felt it was difficult to breathe.

"Dad?!" Jiang Feng looked at the vastly different Jiang Zhengde with astonishment.

"Uncle?!" Ling Feiyu was also shocked.

"Jiang Lin!" When Ling Zhentian saw Jiang Zhengde, his old body was so excited that it began to tremble.