Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 371

Chapter 371 What Happened 20 Years Ago?

Jiang Zhengde was followed by the managers of the 32 Animal Arenas.

Xiaohei and the fox family escorted him to his left and right, while Xiaohai stood on his shoulder. His imposition had shocked everyone.

One Animal Arena managers influence would roughly equal to one business group.

With all 32 managers, their total influence would almost be equal to that of the leader of the Five Great Families, the Xuanyuan family.

Jiang Feng looked at his resplendent father, his heart was thrilled!

He could not have built such a powerful faction in a short day.

But he did not understand. Why had they been living a life of poverty since he was young? They would eat nothing but buns and pickled vegetables, and would even be bullied by others.

The sudden change caused him to feel very complicated. Extremely complicated!

Originally, he thought that he was an entrepreneur. Suddenly, he became a rich second generation. The type that was extremely rich.

Just as he was still in shock, Jiang Zhengde came by his side and patted his shoulder with a smile. He then walked over to Ling Zhentian.

"Old Patriarch of the Ling family, does my son have the right to marry your granddaughter?"

Jiang Zhengde no longer called Ling Zhentian on friendly terms as he did before. That was because Jiang Feng was going to marry Ling Feiyu. If he continued to call him that, their familial hierarchy would be confusing.

When Ling Zhentian recovered, he could only give him a bitter smile and said, "You could have easily decided this with a word. Xiao Lin, I really wanted to know where you went after what happened twenty years ago. Come, let us find a place to talk. Let the youngsters handle this."

Jiang Zhengde said with a smile, "No rush. We should complete the engagement ceremony for the children."

Ling Zhentian nodded. "Alright!"

Next, Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu completed their engagement ceremony in confusion.

All the guests that were present had also joined a confusing engagement ceremony.

After exchanging their engagement rings, Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu then toasted everyone for coming.

Jiang Zhengde, Ling Zhentian as well as the other higher-ups in the Ling family left and went to discuss something.

After thanking all the guests, he then looked for Sis Hua and led her and Xiaohei into one of the rooms. He then asked the question that she had.

The reason that he looked for Sis Hua was that he felt that she knew something.

If not, Sis Hua would not treat him that well, tease him, and support him.

She must have known his identity in doing that.

As for Xiaohei, it probably knew bits and pieces. If not it would not have followed his dad to come all the way here.


Once he had Sis Hua and Xiaohei in the room, he closed the door.

"My, Young Master. Why did you drag me into this room and not accompany your fiance? What do you want to do?" Sis Hua gave her waist a twist, and then came close to Jiang Feng.

"Sis Hua, I have something I want to ask you!" Jiang Feng said in a very serious tone.

When she saw Jiang Feng put on his straight face, Sis Hua also stopped smiling and sat on the sofa and said, "I know what you want to ask. Ill tell you everything I know. But let me be clear, I dont know much about the boss too."

Next, Sis Hua told Jiang Feng a lot of things. After listening to Sis Huas explanation, the heavy mist in his heart began to disperse.

When he was born, Jiang Zhengde was heavily injured. He brought him along and lived in secrecy as well as changed his identity. According to Sis Hua, he might be avoiding those who had grudges against him.

In order to hide his identity, he could only live the life of a normal person and do what normal people did. For example, a cleaner. It was the most down-to-earth and least-noticed life.

In these twenty years, he had been taking care of him and expanding his own influence.

There was originally only one Animal Arena, and now he had thirty two.

The reason that he never told Jiang Feng about his identity and forced himself to eat plain buns and pickled vegetables as well as work as a cleaner was because he believed that a son that had grown up deprived would be successful in all walks of life. As for why he would become sick, that was because of his old injuries.

He knew that the path he took was tough, but he had never told Jiang Feng. However, he had never really let Jiang Feng face any suffering.

After giving it a thought, Jiang Feng understood many things.

For example, how Jiang Zhengde always managed to get some money every time they needed it urgently.

He also understood why someone like Sis Hua would be so close to Zheng Tao.

Zheng Tao was just a stepping stone set by Jiang Zhengde, forcing him to grow up quickly.

That would also explain why he would meet Sis Hua when he was going to tell him about paying him back the money. That was in preparation for what happened afterward. Later on, when Zheng Taos business was at a loss, other than the influence from the Divine Dominion, it was mostly because of Sis Huas little scheme, in preparation for him to pay back for the slap that his father had suffered.

After he bought the Tibetan Mastiff from Zheng Tao, he had completely disappeared from his view after taking that money. Since he had never heard anything about him again, he had either been cleaned up by Sis Hua, or he had gone bankrupt.

After that, it was some of the details that were not important.

For example, the nanny that he had before he had his memories was Sis Huas senior. However, she was killed on a job.

And then, there were still many questions remaining.

For example, his fathers past. Who was his mother? Who was his fathers enemy?

After asking Sis Hua about these, Sis Hua shook her head as she herself did not know that.

While Sis Hua and her peers had a lot of influence, they were all followers that his dad had raised since they were young. He would never tell them about some of the things that he needed to be cautious with.

According to Sis Hua, the younger Animal Arena managers were all orphans. Those who were older were those that were backed into a corner. It was his dad that gave them the power, social status, and wealth, so they were all like a family.

"Young Master, your dad has been leading a difficult life. He had given up many things to have his success today. However, he has exposed himself to danger just for you. That means that those people that have injured your dad have already noticed us. Your dad will be in grave danger after this!"

Sis Hua said to Jiang Feng patiently.

Jiang Feng nodded and said in earnest, "Dont worry. No one will hurt my dad. As for the enemy that has injured my dad, I will have my vengeance too!"

He was someone that abhorred evil. If he knew who hurt his dad, he would definitely have his payback. That was him.

After talking with Sis Hua, he then let her leave and talked with Xiaohei.

"Xiaohei, you have lived with dad in the same room. Did you get any information from him?" Jiang Feng asked Xiaohei.

After Ling Feiyu started staying together with Jiang Feng, he had then shooed Xiaohei away. Without a choice, Xiaohei slept with his dad in his room.

Xiaohei should know something about his dad.

"Woof I know! Dad will cry at night when he looks at a photo!" Xiaohei said.

"What photo?" Jiang Feng shuddered.

"Woof~ It was a very ugly woman!" Xiaohei thought about it and then said to Jiang Feng.

As per Jiang Fengs understanding of Xiaohei, Xiaohei and Heifengs aesthetics were quite similar and very distorted. That meant that his dad was looking at the photo of a very beautiful woman.

He did not even need to think to know that the woman should be his mother.

"Whos my mom? What else is dad hiding? Looks like I have to ask dad directly!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he led Xiaohei out of the room.

However, he did not know that everything that had happened in the Ling Family Manor tonight had shaken the entirety of China. All the factions and everyone else were astounded beyond belief.