Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 372

Chapter 372 I Am With You

Many reporters had come to the Ling Family Manor.

What had happened in the engagement ball had been spread out by the reporters in less than two hours.

On Weibo, the first most searched topic was, "The Animal Arenas Boss Has Appeared, Supporting the Shifter Emperor Jiang Feng!"

And at a time, regardless if it was the business world or entertainment world, everyone was paying attention to the hot news.

And all the top searched results afterward were all related to the engagement ceremony at the Ling Family Manor.

Not only that, the news had even been broadcasted on television.

In less than five hours, the news that Jiang Feng was the Shifter Emperor had become known in the entirety of China. And the news that Jiang Fengs father was the boss of the Animal Arena had also caused another uproar.

"Damn, this is so cool! The Shifter Emperor is a player? And the son of the Animal Arena? I didnt expect that hes going to be another big boss!"

"Just as I thought, why would the Shifter Emperor simply be an amalgamation of data? I knew that he was a player. Come on, worship me!"

"Tch, Im already at level 150 and have reached Silvermoons main city, and he is still in the Starter Town. When he comes out, even I can beat him!"


A television was set in front of a food stall in the slums.

Many of the people here had the habit of watching the television when they were eating.

By the side of the road was a man wearing tattered clothes. After being beaten up, he finally managed to beg for a bowl of leftovers. He was swallowing them by the roadside as if he had not eaten for many days.

"Our next news, the Lingtian Group CEO Ling Yuntians daughter and Jiang Feng got engaged. It is said that Jiang Fengs ID in the game Divine Dominion is the "Shifter Emperor," a heroic character from the Huaxia Server. What made many of us even more surprised was that Jiang Feng has another identity and that he is the son of the Animal Arenas boss, Jiang Lin. Next, is a video recorded by one of our reporters from the scene"

The man who was eating the leftovers suddenly raised his head and looked at the television when he heard the news.

"Ah ah"

When the man saw Jiang Zhengde and Jiang Feng on the screen, he then suddenly cried.

That man was none other than Zheng Tao who was still wealthy three months ago.

Only after watching this video did Zheng Tao know what kind of people he had offended in the past, and he knew why he had lost everything.

And at this moment, he also felt wronged and hated himself for making an error in judgment. If he did not slap Jiang Zhengde, then maybe he would still be a wealthy man who could get whatever he wanted and he would not have ended up like this.


"Li Yi, you bastard! Im currently pregnant, and you brought another woman home right in front of me? Are you even human?!"

Qingyang City, within a mansion. Zhang Qian angrily yelled at Li Yi who was caressing a sexy woman in front of a pregnant Zhang Qian.

Li Yi was holding the buttocks of the woman within his embrace, and sneered at Zhang Qian, "Who knows if the baby in you is mine or not? Not to mention that were not even married, and I dont want any children. Get an abortion. If you dare to come look for trouble again, I will throw you out!"


After Li Yi finished saying that, he then pulled the woman that he was holding into the room next door. After a short while, erotic sighs came from within.

When she heard the sound coming from the room, Zhang Qian could only sit on the sofa with a face filled with despair.

"Our next news, the Lingtian Group CEO Ling Yuntians daughter and Jiang Feng got engaged. It is said that Jiang Fengs ID in the game Divine Dominion is the "Shifter Emperor," a heroic character from the Huaxia Server. What made many of us even more surprised was that Jiang Feng has another identity and that he is the son of the Animal Arenas boss, Jiang Lin"

At this time, the television that had originally been switched on was broadcasting a news piece.

"Ah I was wrong, I was really wrong. I regret it, I really regret it Ah"

Zhang Qian watched the news piece that was broadcasted on the television. When she saw the handsome Jiang Feng standing next to a silver wolf, she could not hold off her emotions anymore as her tears flowed, and she began to cry on the table.

Half a year ago, she decided to separate from Jiang Feng so that she could look for a richer man. She even sneered at Jiang Feng and chose Li Yi without looking back.

However, she did not expect Li Yi to be such an animal.

When she remembered how well Jiang Feng treated her, she felt very remorseful. She regretted pushing Jiang Feng away, a super-rich blueblood, to another woman.

Then, she began to recall that she had seen Jiang Feng in the game a few times. And each time his figure looked familiar.

That was not just a simple familiarity, because that man was Jiang Feng. And he had even killed her several times.


"Mutton skewers! Delicious mutton skewers!

In a newly opened grill in Qingyang City, a young man was yelling out, selling his mutton skewers in front of a smoky grill.

Every time a customer came, he would lower his head and flatter them, trying to sell out a few more mutton skewers.

"Xiao Wang! Give me 50 more mutton skewers!"

A customer said.

"50 mutton skewers, right? Alright, give me a minute"

Fifty mutton skewers was a big amount. If he could earn 1 RMB for each skewer, then he could earn 50 RMB for all 50 skewers. The young man was happy, but before he could even finish his sentence, he then saw the news piece that was broadcasted from his own television. Instantly, he could no longer say what he wanted to say as his body trembled.


A low sobbing could be heard from him. At this moment, he finally knew why his familys huge business would so easily crumble in such a short moment.

The young man was none other than Wang Wei, who constantly bullied Jiang Feng in university.

One month ago, Wang Weis father was caught for tax evasion and bribery. When he was being investigated, his father was assassinated by someone who was worried that his father might confess and incriminate that person, his assets were then seized.

Powerlessly, Wang Wei used the money he got from selling his game terminal and a shop that his relative lent him to build up his business.

Now, he finally knew the identity of the person that he kept on bullying.

He hated him, but there was nothing he could do. He wiped the tears from his eyes, and yelled out, "Brother Zhou! The mutton skewers are ready, just a second!"


Jiang Feng had never thought that those who had humiliated him, humiliated his dad or group, had all slowly disappeared from the eyes of the public and they would live the tough life of a normal civilian.

What came around, went around. Has God ever spared anyone?

Do not look down on anyone, because the person that you looked down on might become someone who would be out of your league!

Do not think that you can reap what you did not sow. Only through your own hard work would you receive the truest return!

Jiang Feng had taught a lesson to many.

Of course, there were those that said that Jiang Feng had depended on his father.

But those that knew Jiang Feng knew that everything Jiang Feng had, he fought tooth and nail for them in the game.


When Jiang Feng led Xiaohei to look for his dad, he was saddened when he was told that his dad and the 32 Animal Arena managers had all left. As for where they went, Ling Zhentian and the others had no knowledge of it.

"Why is my dad avoiding me?" Jiang Feng said as he frowned.

"Woof Boss, give!"

At this time, Xiaohei came over with a letter in its mouth and gave the letter to him.

He looked at it and recognized his fathers handwriting. He quickly took the letter and opened it.

"Little Feng, I still have scores that I must settle. The Animal Arenas and the managers are now yours to command. If you dont want to deal with them, then go play some games. The Divine Dominion is a very great game. Have fun, and dont worry if anyone is going to hurt you. Happy new year!"

Bang! Bang!

12 a.m., midnight. All the fireworks around the Ling Family Manor had been lighted up. As the bright, multicolored fireworks burst out in the sky, they invited the coming of a new year.

"Dad, are you avoiding me? Or am I still just a burden if I follow you?" Jiang Feng held the letter in his hand tightly and said with melancholy.

When Ling Feiyu saw that, she came over and gently held him from behind and said, "Dad has something to do on his own. But now, I am with you."