Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Xuanyuan Qi Number One Of The Earth Leaderboard

Jiang Zhengdes farewell without saying goodbye had only made Jiang Feng much more suspicious.

Unfortunately, there was no one that could explain anything to him.

In order to learn more about where he went, Jiang Feng left the Ling Family Manor, and arrived at the Animal Arena in Suhai City. He went there to look for Sis Hua.

Sis Hua was already looking for Jiang Zhengdes traces even without him asking.

The Animal Arenas Managers looked like they were more anxious than him. It looked like his dad left too suddenly, and many of the managers knew nothing about his whereabouts.

Despite searching for him for two days, nothing. In the end, Jiang Feng ordered the thirty two managers to continue to investigate, while he himself stayed in the Suhai City Animal Arena.

The only ones left were Xiaohei, Ahuang, Leiya, Xiaohai, the fox family, Ling Feiyu and Su Qing. Even Lin Bao had disappeared.

After another day, he received another letter. It was from his dad. The letter was also very simple. His father told him that he will enter the game first. If he wanted to see him, find him in the game.

Jiang Feng did not know if he should laugh or cry.


Ding. Welcome back to the game. Hope you have a good time in the game.

Jiang Feng entered the game as he lay in the game terminal.

For the past few days, he had been looking for his dad and farming the dungeon. His level had already reached level 149, and he managed to get one part of the Sacred Artifact Set called "Dazzling Sun Set."

At this stage, the first and second group of players back on the Divine Dominion Continent had all reached level 150, and all of them came to Silvermoons nine main cities.

Some of the players that came earlier to the Starter Towns had also left, and were headed to the nine main cities.

Xiao Longnu, Heifeng, Yanhu, Guapi, and the Thunderclap Mantis had all reached level 150, and their Bloodline Purity was all full.

That was because when they farmed the "Battle of Chibi" dungeon and obtained a victory, there was a chance for them to obtain Sacred Blood when they unlock the chest. The Sacred Blood would boost their bloodline purity much faster, and that was why their bloodline purity was full.

As for Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, Nangong Muxi, and Nangong Tiaotiao, they had all reached level 150 and left the Starter Town.

It could be said that there were only very few players left behind at the Starter Village.

Ding. System Prompt. Congratulations. You have reached level 150. You received 10 free attribute points.

After farming a dungeon, Jiang Fengs level had also reached level 150.

"Whew Ive finally reached level 150. I can finally get to the main cities!"

After he left the dungeon, Jiang Feng was also not going to stay in the Starter Town for long. He was prepared to go to the Nine Main Cities and complete one of the Three Plot Quests, "Awaken the Qin."

Once he had reached level 150, he then looked for Xiao Longnu and the rest of his followers and put them into the Lianyao Flask. He then found the mayor, used his Polymorph skill to change his identity, used the Teleportation Circle, and teleported to the Royal Qin City.


Royal Qin City, one of the nine main cities on Silvermoon. It was located at the north of Silvermoon.

Jiang Feng teleported to the Royal Qin City. As soon as he appeared on the Royal Qin Citys Teleportation Circle, he saw the densely crowded players on the street.

Jiang Feng, as he had changed his identity, did not attract the attention of the other players.

The reason that Jiang Feng changed his identity was that he did not want to be swarmed by the players.

At this point in time, he was still extremely well known. There were plenty of female players that wanted to become the bosss wife to the Animal Arena.

It could also be said that other than Murong Bo, who was the best husband candidate, he would be number two.

And in contrast with Murong Bo, he was much more well-known reputation-wise.

Other than his identity as the only son of the Animal Arenas boss, he was also the games living legend, the Shifter Emperor.

"I finally feel like I am playing a game! I have stayed at the Starter Town for so long that I couldnt feel the games atmosphere anymore!"

All of the players in the Starter Town were all foreigners. And even then there were not that many of them and did not give him the feeling of playing a populated multiplayer game.

But when he came to the Royal Qin City and saw so many players here, with the shouting and the yelling from the players that were setting up stalls on the sides of the streets, he could feel a sense of familiarity.

"I should go to the Stewards Residence and ask him about the plots details!"

He mumbled to himself and then stepped out of the Teleportation Circle. As he walked into the group of players, he then headed toward the Stewards residence.

However, just after taking a few steps, there was a disturbance, and there was a discussion that began right next to his ears.

"Look, its the Earth 39th Xuanyuan Qi. Hes the player with the highest-ranking on the Earth Leaderboard. I heard that he killed a Sacred Beast on his own. He must be very powerful."

"It seems that a new generation of powerful players would be born in the new map. I remember that Xuanyuan Qi was pretty much unknown back in the Divine Dominion Continent. Very few have even heard of that name. I never thought that he would become so strong upon reaching Silvermoon. Its incredible!"

"Haha! Looks like the Shifter Emperor might not make it on Silvermoon. I heard that he hasnt left the Starter Town yet. Maybe even I can instantly kill him!"

Earth 39th?

There were 50 slots on the Earth Leaderboard. Both players and NPCs could get on the leaderboard. However, the prerequisites were that they needed to be between level 100 to 200 to be able to go up on the board.

Originally, all 50 slots were filled with NPCs. But he did not expect in just a few days, there were already players that could get up on the Earth Leaderboard.

Xuanyuan Qi? Seemed like he was from the Xuanyuan family. Those from the Xuanyuan family had finally started to make a move!

Jiang Feng quietly thought to himself and looked at the young man that was walking toward a restaurant.

The young man had an angled face with a tall nose, and there were three swords behind him.

He did not hide the stats of the three swords, and they were radiating red, orange, and blue lights. He looked very handsome in them.

Xuanyuan Qi did not put his weapons into his inventory and was somewhat showing off.

"Xuanyuan Qi, I challenge you! I hope that you will accept my challenge!"

At this time, a man walked out from the crowds. He was challenging Xuanyuan Qi.

"Wen Yan?"

The man was none other than the Inheritor of the Flames, Wen Yan.

While Wen Yan looked like he was a cultured man, he was in truth, a blood knight.

His challenge of Xuanyuan Qi was within his nature.

Jiang Feng smiled as he stood there crossed arms, and smiled as he looked at Xuanyuan Qi. He knew that he would no doubt accept Wen Yans challenge. A challenge from an inheritor was something those on a leaderboard rarely refused.

As a refusal meant that there was fear. But if he won, he would prove that he was much more powerful than an inheritor.

Xuanyuan Qi turned and looked at Wen Yan, then with a smile he said, "I accept your challenge. But, if you lose, leave your weapon behind!"

Wen Yan was excited, and his eyes were filled with the will to fight. He nodded, and said, "Alright!"

"Clear out!"

No one was sure who yelled that, but at the next moment, all the players spread out and left a very large space for Wen Yan and Xuanyuan Qi.

Xuanyuan Qi and Wen Yan walked to the middle of the clearing and took out their weapons.

Xuanyuan Qi took out his blue sword, while Wen Yan took out a fiery red sword.


After the two of them had finished their preparations, they called out at the same time.

In the next moment, a hemispherical barrier of light covered an area within 50 meters radius of them.

Jiang Feng knew that duels in the safe areas would cause level loss, but they could put down something as ante. If Wen Yan were to win, he could replace Xuanyuan Qis ranking on the Earth Leaderboard, as well as win Xuanyuan Qis weapon. Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Qis ranking would drop by one. On the other hand, if Xuanyuan Qi were to win, he could strengthen his ranking in the Earth Leaderboard as well as obtain Wen Yans weapon.

"Both of their levels are the same. Xuanyuan Qis stats are much lower than Wen Yans stats as an Inheritor. However, in these kinds of battles, stats are the only important thing. The equipment and skills they have would be decisive. If Xuanyuan Qi has Sacred Artifacts and Sacred Skills, and Wen Yan doesnt have Sacred Weapons and Sacred Skills, then he would be very easily defeated by Xuanyuan Qi. I wonder who will win!"

Jiang Feng mumbled as he stood with his arms folded, and looked at their duel with interest, as well as understanding the power of the number one player on the Earth Leaderboard.